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Sigma Platoon
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Umbrella's Sigma Platoon
Abbreviation: SP
Group Numbers: See Roster
Leadership: Fanglord2 (Platoon commander), Chairman LSU (CEO of Umbrella)
Goals: Executing combat-missions for the Umbrella Corporation
Recruitment Policy: Whiskey Graduates or being above level 10
Contact: Forum


  • William Roy: Second-In-Command

General info

1. We are a part of Umbrella and take our orders directly from them.

2. We are Umbrella's newest fully Operational Platoon.

3. For the Operations, we will break away from Umbrella's main forces to challenge our own tactical prowess without the need for backup. However we have Reinforcements standing by.

4. Sigma was formed in February 2009 when Omega and Victor Platoon were to small to stay active. In early June 2009 Victor was reactivated because Sigma was grow very large.


Sigma Squad Members Position
Fanglord2 Commanding Officer
William Roy Executive Officer
ChrisGreene Field Operative
Linda Arnborg Field Operative
BigBjorn Field Operative
Coven Field Operative
Tota Field Operative
Jackie Kennedy Field Operative
channman allen Field Operative

Recruitment Policy

These are our general rules for application.

  • The player must intend on playing as a survivor.
  • The player must not be part of another group.
  • A player that was part of a GK'er or PK'er group must declare his/her hostilities to them and stop participating in the group's activities.
  • A player that was a zombie spy must cease such activities.
    • A player caught relaying information from this group to another without consent can find himself/herself put on a hit list. Accidents may happen but we will judge according to the circumstances.

If these rules are to your liking and you have a general interest in the operations of the Umbrella Corporation, then send your application here at our forums.

Umbrella Corp.gif Umbrella Employee
Our Business Is Life Itself!

To use this template, use the code: {{UCEmployee}}

Umbrella Corp.gif Sigma Platoon Soldier SPUC.jpg
This User is in the Umbrella Corporation’s

Sigma Platoon.

To use this template, use the code: {{SigmaPlatoon}}

Recent Operations in Malton

Operation: Greedy at Creedy:

Coming soon!

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