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Silent Free Runners Untied
Abbreviation: SFRU
Group Numbers: Low
Leadership: Achmed25,Bio-hazard Emo
Goals: To stay alive and protect members and keep a eye out to help survivors and kill zombies.
Recruitment Policy: anyone who can breathe

Silent Free Runners United

Silent Free Runners United is a group of Survivors trying to fight the masses of zombies to survive. we do all we can to protect generally all survivors.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.98 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Wray Heights/Weeks Auto Repair

we are currently slowly moving south west in a migration.

Group's history

HQ (weeks Auto repair)for any survivors who need a resting place, might need to be a free runner to get in due to barricades. we have running generator and radio with very heavily barricaded. we have 2 medics and two military members we have ammo and supplies for weary survivors.

So you want to join us?

Group is Recruiting, If you want to be a member of Silent free Runners United or SFRU You must:

  1. Despise zombies, unless its a fallen comrade then at all costs revive them
  2. Must not kill survivors or groups of survivor unless a member of ours has fallen to a PK, then we fight back or try to retrieve and revive our member
  3. If you need to be revived to join or someone else who wants to join who needs to be revived send a email and location and we will revive you

Rules for members.

  1. Revive fallen runners or survivors/zombies who request it
  2. Tag buildings That are safe with the tag "signs of life are near"
  3. Do not kill survivors or zombie SFRU members
  4. If you have the ability to barricade and are in a building with items and or lights then barricade it and message members of new location.
  5. Always stay within 6 squares of another SFRU member just in case issues arise. # If you stay at one of our safe homes , help keep it repaired and refueled
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