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Welcome to the PKer Alliances' latest bloodbath project:

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Christmas Carolling

Kill Reporting

Begin each kill report with a new number (#). Post the location and profile of your victim, then sign it using --~~~~ or the signature icon. This will assist us in keeping tabs on the running total of kills.

  • # Katthew, Stickling Mall (116418) --Headless gunner W! 18:03, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

Kills Christmas, 2007

  1. sniperking1168 got opened up by Sydney Floydd because he couldn't wait till christmas!
  2. Aelor gets blasted under the mistletoe by Sydney Floydd
  3. Skip Douglas laid to rest by Karth Salvage
  4. INTP wrapped and placed under the tree by Karth Salvage
  5. Vill Jalentine gets the boot from Karth Salvage for her awful play on words.
  6. Jonas Weaver smashed and broken by jaXstER
  7. OutoftheBox2 gets a lump of coal for Christmas. by jaXstER
  8. Officer DeathHammer smashed by Jesus FN Christ
  9. Chidar waxed by Jesus FN Christ
  10. Gorbochov taxed by Jesus FN Christ
  11. M16Carbine killed by madwench
  12. ljas killed by madwench
  13. Prepuse killed by madwench
  14. poXor killed by CyanEyed
  15. cillinj killed by CyanEyed
  16. Jooey killed by CyanEyed (Sorry!)
  17. ALC822 killed by CyanEyed
  18. Bufuman killed by GoreCorper
  19. Alexander Klein killed by GoreCorper
  20. Pelolep killed by Unhappydisgustingwow
  21. William Stokes killed by Unhappydisgustingwow
  22. scott tamms killed by gert rude
  23. Shikon Shikou killed by shackyosemite
  24. Sydney Floydd killed by shackyosemite (Sorry!)
  25. sRexroat's cutthroat was executed for Nalikill by Secruss.
  26. g12002 was killed by Secruss.
  27. SirBeanbag was sacrificed by Secruss.
  28. xalastor was blasted by Secruss.
  29. Taslan had a great night courtesy of PN Lenny.
  30. AgentJoneshad a great night courtesy of PN Lenny.
  31. chowda781 was educated by Sir WV in the gate house.
  32. Pvt Silvier was made to wear a dunce cap in the gate house by Sir WV.
  33. jesusowns finds prayers couldn't save him today from ZombiesAren'tDumb
  34. Angelus 12 is shown the Pearly Gates, courtesy of ZombiesAren'tDumb
  35. Daniel Dare got the truth from ZombiesAren'tDumb
  36. RockLee Power got turned into a red nosed reindeer by ZombiesAren'tDumb
  37. Ringler put in a box and wished a merry XMAS by ZombiesAren'tDumb
  38. PkWorld pulped by Neo Nazi
  39. Pipolaki reduced to shavings by Neo Nazi
  40. Eagle1296 lands in a tomb, courtesy of Neo Nazi
  41. Ashley Valentine shown no love by AlphaGun2
  42. Colonel Lee busted to private at the command of AlphaGun2
  43. SmellySheets fart and shat on by Lukepoker!
  44. Fooz Hammer dumber than a whole bag of hammers, so says Lukepoker
  45. Jimmy Jo Jo Johnson banged to rights by Lukepoker
  46. Super Star Stephen seeing more than stars tonight, courtesy of Hibernaculum
  47. Emma Lou slain by Hibernaculum
  48. Burning Love extinguished by Hibernaculum
  49. Alphonse Johnson hacked into various cuts of meat, courtesy of Hibernaculum's Axe.
  50. Suzie Kloves slain by Bootsy Funk
  51. A Land Shark devoured by the Krampus thanks to Vandr
  52. Honami got coal in her stocking and lead in her chest cavity, courtesy of Vandr
  53. Pest02 gets exterminated by Dr. Summeroff
  54. Alex Apple rots to the core at the sight of Dr. Summeroff
  55. Ice Cracker gets eaten with some cheese by Skilbey
  56. Gutless Wonder gets the hard goodbye from Skilbey
  57. FoxyVixen finished by Bruha
  58. AgentJones says goodbye to life and Bruha hears his last confession.
  59. YD Yorker finished by Bruha
  60. Cartmanz Beefcake! Done in by Bruha
  61. Backbraker snapped in two by Bruha
  62. telenti killed because he wouldn't stand still for a photo by the Photographer
  63. nom anor14 killed because he was making faces at the camera by an angry Photographer
  64. William Miel scolded because he forgot to set cookies out for Santa by Toothdecay
  65. Jessica M killed because she didn't have any holiday spirit by Toothdecay
  66. Ned Dred now Ned Dead because he couldn't remember the words to "Silent Night" by Toothdecay
  67. arbiter4567 killed because there can't be 4566 other arbiters out there by Toothdecay
  68. Danious was aced by Sarah Silverman because he reminded her of yoghurt.
  69. Capt John Smithsent to meet Pocahontas at the pow wow in the sky thanks to Sarah Silverman
  70. Doc Awesome was killed because he wasn't by Sarah Silverman
  71. Crosbye dropped on his head by Travdedo
  72. SPC Burlin killed by Travdedo
  73. Gunner2 slain by Hit That
  74. Lieutenant Wolf dances on glass as he is shot at by Hit That
  75. Rexroat's cutthroat bleeds from his windpipe after Redzamorak7 is finished with him.
  76. g12002 feels the wrath of the evil Redzamorak7
  77. SirBeanbag sacked by Redzamorak7
  78. Xalastor killed by Redzamorak7 because he has a stupid name.
  79. Pfcpathfinder hears the angels call after being blasted to bits by The Brigand
  80. Stewetheripper twists and shouts as he is slain by The Brigand
  81. Sylvok Veradere says hello to good kind wenceles on behalf of Strata
  82. Shecky Green took a pancake to the face, delivered by Duke D'oeuvre.
  83. bombidol wanted a list of PKers in the room – he can start with Duke D'oeuvre.
  84. Jacky Legs was mercifully murdered by Duke D'oeuvre.
  85. Mrs Patty Cake wondered if anyone had a FAK. Duke D'oeuvre didn't.
  86. Mazen It's a Bird! It's a plane! It's Knightmonger!
  87. Arthur Patstone pats the bottom of a casket, courtesy of Knightmonger
  88. Melody Winchester jams and is then shot by SharkskinMan
  89. Armoured Titan pierced by SharkskinMan
  90. Gel Shiftis slain by SharkskinMan
  91. OllieGSuS begins to decay in front of Mrs Flibble
  92. Aiace shizzle my Mrs Flibble
  93. driller411 gets a rusty bit because of Mrs Flibble
  94. Shocky Doc treated like one of Micheal Vick's dogs by Super Six One
  95. Wraidth does a jobber twitch, Iron Mike Sharpe Style and then dies at the feet of Super Six One
  96. Hwarang666 spontaneously combusts in front of Lezick
  97. M16 Carbine does a rave to the grave to escape Lezick
  98. Olivia Timmins stops, drops and rolls for Nergin
  99. Andrej Spasitel was scalped and had his brainpan dabbled in by Almighty Power
  100. Deathly Hollow had 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire' tenderly sung to him as he lay dying by Almighty Power
  101. Officer Raleigh exposed as a fraud by Almighty Power
  102. Raymond Freeman Not a soul loves this Raymond, or so says Almighty Power
  103. yellow sticky wouldn't shutup. He just kept going. So Toothdecay had to give him coal for Christmas, and by coal I mean lead, hot lead
  104. Poohby killed by Mr Jem
  105. Dave Rogers had a miserable day in the neighbourhood, courtesy of Theelz1020
  106. Jadinna dressed like an elf and taped to the tree by Theelz1020
  107. F Four Fifty One tarred and feathered by Theelz1020
  108. Bossk The Gecko slain by Theelz1020
  109. Army scout dishonorably discharged by Theelz1020
  110. Ophelia Moretti slain by SillyLillyPilly
  111. Obi'Wan Kenobi Tango12 shows Obi'Wan Kenobi the power of the dark side.
  112. Fleshgrind was ground to a pulp by Stephen Colbert DFA.
  113. Angelus12 was sent to fly with the angels by Stephen Colbert DFA.
  114. Heidegger felt the unholy wrath of Stephen Colbert DFA.
  115. samuraikitsunewas shown the way of the warrior by PN Lenny.
  116. OllieGSuSwas decapitated with a hacksaw because he had less HP than anyone else by PN Lenny.
  117. Colonel Neville torn a new one by Rajko
  118. eagle1296 again gets a hard landing, this time with the muzzle of a gun in his eye...Rajko's gun.
  119. gaz1983...when he was nothing left but blood, he Rajko
  120. Lizard E, this cold blooded fiend gets stepped on by Rajko
  121. Melodie Winchester is revived...only to meet her end again at the hands of Puki
  122. Duffman3009 find that not even all the power of apples could save him from Puki
  123. Gorbochov was placed in cement slippers and dumped into a lake by Puki
  124. Alendir socked in the groin and beheaded by Puki
  125. William Stokes succombs to the lead based paint on a toy given to him by Stephen Colbert DFA.
  126. Ellis Duban (grief stricken) throws himself into the line of fire after seeing his life-partner killed at the hands of Stephen Colbert DFA. He promptly dies.

Special thanks to Bruha for supplying many of the reports this list was derived from.

151 Silent Night Slaughter
Ho!Ho!Ho!Ho!Ho! This user or group caroled and celebrated with the residents of Fort Creedy on Christmas Eve in December 2007!!!