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Sillence are a self-described "bluddnoiz-kore" band who grew up in Mockridge Heights, Malton. Since they were touring their hometown at the start of the outbreak, and their tour bus was not able to ram its way through the quarantine barricades surrounding the city even after forty three attempts, they have decided to stick around and see what happens, gigging wherever they can find a humming amplifier.

The frontman (see below for details) designed the disturbing, vaguely nausea-inducing Sillence Monument in Mockridge, funding it with money from Sillence's brief period of chart success with the catchy little number, "Puke My Boot Right Up [Viscera Series XDXVIII: Your Eyeballs]".


  • The only truly constant member of Sillence is the manager, Grizl. You see that name? 'Nuff said. It's recommended that you buy him a drink if you see him; sometimes it makes good things happen. Sometimes it just results in Sillence being booked to play a gig in your barricaded warehouse and a drunken guitarist letting the zombies in and, in the morning, if you're alive, you can't find any of your fuel (it's been drunk) or flak jackets (appropriated for moshing gear).
  • The other mostly-constant bandmember is the multi-talented frontman. Nobody (except Grizl) knows his name, because he always wears a studded and bolted leather gas-mask that looks very difficult to take off but is probably air tight and fairly indestructible. He "sings" and usually plays whatever stringed instrument he can get his hands on, preferably routed through as many bizarre effects pedals as he can wire up. His fingers are surprisingly nimble, despite the constant slight tremor shaking his scarred, emaciated frame.
  • Other bandmates come and go - often the bass guitarist Hookah will roll with them if he doesn't have any walks through the desert to go on or spirit tourists to follow. (It's not recommended that you ask him about those things). Other than that Sillence will usually pick up anyone capable of playing, or at least hitting, an instrument. If you're feeling brave, you can ask Grizl about a position in the band.

Tour Dates

Amazingly, Grizl has managed to appropriate a tour bus for Sillence, and it is mostly zombie proof. However, that doesn't make it a safe place to be: the frontman is fond of practising his drift turns through hordes of zombies, and they generally aren't too happy about it. Since the tour bus is undergoing technical difficulties about half the time, this means it is usually being clambered over by annoyed-looking zombies. Anyway, whenever the band need to make a chainsaw-assisted dash for shelter, that's probably where they'll be playing tonight.

Sillence are always happy to entertain at nearly any club or bar, but prefer to noiz out in gutted Police Stations, burning mansions, or zombie-infested malls. In fact, the band is particularly keen to play in front of hordes of zombies, who don't mind you moshing into them so hard their arms fly up into the stage lights with a shower of gore. Blood-noiz KORE!!