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The character of a whale's vagina has been retired from the game & replaced by a new Philosophe Knight. It's true that there is an end to everything, to good things as that other good things can begin. Of course this happened in regards to "Whale" on March 9th of 2008. He was helping defend the Whale Building when he met his end.

Death of Sir WVpic.jpg

Every year on the anniversary of his death, I intend to have Le Penseur make a pilgrimage to Roftwood & visit the Whale Building.

Before retiring "Whale" perminently, I was able to take part in the following PKer Events

Idesofmarch.jpg CAVETE IDES MARTIAE!
This User or Group Participated In The Ides Of March Killings In Ackland Mall

151 Silent Night Slaughter
Ho!Ho!Ho!Ho!Ho! This user or group caroled and celebrated with the residents of Fort Creedy on Christmas Eve in December 2007!!!

Fortcreedyruined.PNG Destroyer Of Hope
a whale's vagina had a hand in the First Ruining of Fort Creedy since Kevan fixed the forts. 'Twas a great day. Survivors screamed, zombies feasted, and murderers bathed in the blood of the innocent. Barhah! Praise be to Zeko!

Cherub.gif I was a St. Valentine's Cherub
This user or group has been celebrating St. Valentine's Day at Bale Mall.

Samhain Slaughter pic 1.jpg Boo!
This user or group dressed up and trick-or-treated at Hildebrand Mall in Oct 2007.

Personal Kills

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
a whale's vagina has PKed over 150 people.

The following lost souls were found guilty of ignorance by a whale's vagina.

Record of Mall Kills & Awards

A whale's vagina Double Threat Award.jpg
A whale's vagina Kill on Sight Award.jpg
A whale's vagina Sharpshooter Award.jpg
Sharpshooter Nomination.jpg
100 Kills.jpg
Mall Kills:

1. Ackland - Havercroft

Documentation - Evidence

2. Bale - Yagoton

Documentation - Evidence

3. Blesley - Osmondville

Documentation -

4. Buckley - Wyke Hills

Documentation - Evidence

5. Caiger - Chudleyton / Darvall Heights

Documentation - Evidence

Documentation - Evidence

  • GomerPile
  • Altricious
  • Jerry Lundegaurd
  • TheBachelorOfScience
  • LL3

6. Calvert Mall - Quarlesbank / Gatcombeton

Documentation - Evidence

Documentation - Evidence

7. Dowdney - Santlerville

Documentation - Evidence

Documentation - Evidence

8. Giddings - Pitneybank

Documentation - Evidence

9. Hildebrand - Roftwood

Documentation - Evidence from Samhain Slaughter

10. Joachim - Penny Heights

Documentation - Evidence

11. Lumber - Penny Heights

Documentation - Evidence

12. Marven - South Blythville

Documentation - Evidence

13. Mitchem - Vinetown

Documentation - Evidence

14. Nichols - Stanbury Village

Documentation -

15. Pole - West Grayside

Documentation - Evidence

16. Stickling Mall - Shearbank

Documentation - Evidence

17. Tompson - Lockettside

Documentation - Evidence

18. Treweeke - Dulston

Documentation - Evidence

19. Tynte - Pimbank

Documentation - Evidence

20. Woodroffe - Tollyton

Documentation -

Notoriety and History

9th March 2008 - With great sorrow, I must tell you all that "a whale's vagina" was killed today while defending The Whale Building among friends from the QSG.

30th October 2007 - Philosophe Knights aided other member groups of the PKA with the Samhain Slaughter. Many eyewitnesses have since been heard to say that this was one of the biggest PKer activities to happen in Malton for quite some time.

18th June 2007 - Today is a landmark day for Sir WV! He has just educated his 100th citizen of Malton. After running solo for a time, he now begins his long trek back towards his fellow Knights.

7th June 2007 - I'm currently enjoying a "Mall Tour" around Malton. I plan on hooking back up with my comrads soon though.

8th April 2007 - After a quick revive, revenge was paid back to the DRRP with a lesson in "Gun Control". SkullOfficer & Dr Azathoth paid close attention to my lesson.

7th April 2007 - The Philosophe Knights enter Danversbank after answering a call for help by the DRRP. The DRRP immediately opened fire upon us and WV was the first to be taken by surprise and killed.

28th March 2007 - Packet Loss said "Hey! Stop Shooting" (10 seconds ago)

You fire at Packet Loss for 10 damage. They Die.

27th March 2007 - I reached the rank of Philosophe with the Philosophe Knights. This is the highest rank that can currently be achieved with the group.

18th February 2007 - Given the Kill on Sight Award by Red Rum for being wanted dead by the DEM!!!

17th February 2007 - JoseyWales: You are a Philosophe Knight and you kill survivors with no reason. I sentence you to death! *spit*......You were killed by JoseyWales

15th February 2007 - Philosophe Knights stands for PKers, hunt whale's. This graffiti tag was left in various buildings around Bale Mall.

5th February 2007 - Given the Sharpshooter Award by Red Rum for killing 4 players in one night.

4th February 2007 - Bounty on DEM's Brainstock board raised to 31!!!

30th January 2007 - Nominated by fellow Philosophe Knight SO for the Sharpshooter Award for my successful kill of 4 ignorant souls within Caiger Mall the night before. Subsequently, due to the previous nights' spectacular bounty with the DEM was raised to 18.

28th January 2007 - You are standing outside St Isidore's Church, a large white-stone building. The building has been very heavily barricaded. Somebody has spraypainted a whale's vagina is a PKer kill on sight onto a wall. - This spray was left near Caiger Mall. The fear is spreading out of control!

25th January 2007 - Given the Double Threat award by Red Rum for being wanted by both DEM & Rezzen's bounty hunters. It was a great honor.

10th January 2007 - Murdered Headland Jon in his sleep. I was reported to the DEM once again for this act and my bounty was increased to 4 there.

5th January 2007 - You are at the Boait Monument, a granite statue of a man with a book surrounded by grass. Somebody has spraypainted a whale's vagina onto the monument. - Graffiti on a monument located in Quarlesbank where I was helping to rid the inhabitants of the nearby mall of any foolish souls I could find. (It's not everyday that one gets a monument in their honor.)

30th December 2006 - Tracked Vainglory down a second time and killed him. My bounty was increased to 4 because of this.

28th December 2006 - Reported to the DEM's Brainstock board for PK'ing Aint Got Time 2Bleed (another Bounty Hunter). I was assigned a bounty of 2 there also.

26th December 2006 - Reported to Resensitized PK board for killing Vainglory (a known Bounty Hunter). I was given a bounty of 2.

25th November 2006 - Joined the Philosophe Knights

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