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The Order of the Valorous Heart are seen as the exemplars of what a Sister of Battle is to be. Founded by the martyred Companion of Sister Dominica, Sister Lucia, the Order of the Valorous Heart is known for their unceasing devotion to the Emperor and their Sisters. Currently being regrouped by Canoness Commander Wendy Testaburger, the Sisters are seeking new women to join their ranks in the fight for the Imperium of Man. Like the Imperium this is a Warhammer 40k-based RP group.

Recruitment Video

We serve the Imperium of Man not holding the line in safehouses and strongholds but in launching new attacks against the enemies of the Emperor. We are a force based on the squad system that believes in taking the fight to the enemy. We are all women and welcome any woman who wishes to join our Sisterhood in battle against the mutant hordes of Malton, all we seek is you be willing to serve the Emperor without question and take the fight to the enemy without mercy or remorse!

We are currently seeking new Sisters to rally to the Order and fight in His Name for Hive Malton and the citizens within, any women seeking Sisterhood and feeling a higher calling report here, register, and declare your desire to join this most righteous band of warrior women!

Forward Sisters, for the Emperor!

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