Sisters of Death

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Sisters of Death
Abbreviation: none
Group Numbers: not published
Leadership: Sister Mary Elephant
Goals: To lovingly slaughter you and everyone you love, including your yippie nasty little ankle biting dog!
Recruitment Policy: By Invitation Only
Contact: talk page

We're Back!

We've come out of retirement to resume their wicked ways

Who Are the Sisters of Death?

The Sisters of Death (formerly the Sisters of Divine Mercy) are a group of nuns that were seduced by the Dark Side after the fall of Malton. Once closely affiliated with Cobra,the sisters have separated to pursue their own goals.

Our Wicked Ways

We live for spilling the blood of the weak. We thrive on it, are empowered by it, and are consumed by an insatiable lust for it. We believe that the weak and helpless in Malton are the reason the zombie plague continues. Every human killed by a zombie becomes a zombie. The weak and helpless provide a never ending supply of easy meat to swell the ranks of the undead.

Kill Count

Slashernun.jpg Victim Count
The Sisters of Death have killed 704 pitifully defenseless survivors.

Kill List

List of people we've killed . . .


The Sisters recruit by invitation only.


300px-Cobra logo.jpg Cobra

EvilSkull.jpg EVIL


The Sisters have made many enemies, but more importantly, we have also chosen some. You probably don't want to be on this list. Some seem to like it though.

Enemy Groups

Individuals to be Killed On Sight

Thurston Mallrat
Mick McManix
Wilfrid Foulkes
Hermann Munster
  • Malodorous Monk
  • Armando DeSantos
  • Jayfox
  • Sundy

Respected Enemies

To date there is only one group to have earned this honorable status.

The Sisters of Death declare, by official proclamation, that The Abandoned have earned "Respected Enemy" status and will no longer be specifically targeted.

well . . .Except maybe Liquidicon, because he made us think of things our mothers would never approve of. *wink*

Policies Supported and Things We Like

Mpd.png Report Bounty Hunters!
Don't let them get away with hypocrisy! Report them to the The Streltsy!

Bounty Hunters Suck: Reporting them doesn't

Honor Among Thieves Policy

The Sisters of Death no longer participate in this policy.

Stuff that Sucks

This list is not all inclusive


Naughtynun.jpg The Sisters of Death do not zerg. Those that accuse us of doing so can kiss our little white asses!

The Feral Undead

Vulture.jpg Feral UnCOOL
This user or group believes the Feral Undead kinda suck since Bullgod left.

Text Rape

Skinned.jpg Just Say No To Text Rape!
Text rapists are idiots! Skin them alive and feed them to the zombies!

Known Text Rapists and what you should do about them (aside from hunting them down and killing them)

Our Templates

Naughtynun.jpg Zerg?
This user says her accusers can kiss her little white ASS!
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