Sith of November: Order 66

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Blackmore NT, Ridleybank. November, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 5th of November, the Philosophe Knights greet you. You may have already seen us in Blackmore, punishing the ignorant on either side of this conflict, and you may have wondered whose side we are on.
We are on the side of Humanity. But you, so-called Survivors of Blackmore — Blackmore Brigade, Team Survivor, call yourselves what you will — are very obviously not.
We watched, with open-mouthed astonishment, as you flailed helplessly against a numerically inferior force of corpses. You, loaded with weaponry and ammunition, DNA extractors and radios, fire axes and crowbars, could not hold Blackmore for a week. And why?
Incompetence held you in its grip from the first planning stages of this operation. Incompetence ruled your thoughts and your tongues through every discussion of strategy you had. Incompetence held your hands and guided you into Ridleybank, and Incompetence held the door open for the RRF.
To the Fortress: You disappoint me. You are better than this. Much better than this. To the BAR and the Knights Templar, you sadden me. I thought you better than this. To the DEM, to the DHPD, to the ACC, and to all the rest of the disparate groups clinging to the last shred of relevance and respectability: You have performed worse than even we expected.

I name each and every one of you a Traitor to Humanity. You have betrayed the living through your actions, and through your criminal lack of thought. Such a failure of concept and purpose can only be attributed to a conscious decision to undermine the very side you are sworn to.

To the Killers. To the Murderers. To the joyriding savages of our wasteland. I tell you this:
The Blackmore Brigade has betrayed us. Execute Order 66.

-Professor DT, Philosophe Knight, on the eve of the Sixth of November


Order 66

Contingency Orders for the Grand Army of the Player Killers Alliance: Order Initiation, Orders 1 through 150, G.A.P.K. Document CO(CL) 56-95: In the event of survivor officers acting against the interests of the City, and after receiving specific orders verified as coming directly from the Supreme Commanders (Chancellors), PKA commanders will remove those officers by lethal force, and command will revert to the Supreme Commanders (Chancellors) until a new command structure is established.

Herafter this day, and until the new command structure is established, PKA forces and their associates are to eliminate the Team Survivor threat. Herein, there is no proviso. Team Survivor members are not to be detained and should only be met with lethal force. Period.