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You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

What is this...I don't even...

Ok, so what is this thing? I mean, WTF it's like some bizarre Star Wars, V for Vendetta, Quentin Tarantino mash up from hell. Well, yeah sort of. The Sith of November: Order 66 is part parody, part PKer party, part open mouth astonishment at recent survivor activities and all awesome. So how did this monstrosity of an event come into being? Well let me tell you a little story.

It all began when I was a little boy

If I were a little boy on November 5th, 2012, that is. There I was, browsing Facebook on the 5th. Many of my friends were posting pictures of Guy Fawkes and V for Vendetta stuff. It reminded me that it was that time of year again. Survivors would soon be gathering in Ridleybank for some mediocre, survivory type of function. I chuckled to myself and then, not wanting to be like everyone else, I reminded my Facebook friends to Remember, Remember the Sith of November. It got a few chuckles. I moved on. At some point later that day I decided to play Urban Dead.

But wait, what's this?

Whoah! So like the survivors totally did something for once. Look at all those people in Blackmore. Wow, that's so awesome. Finally some action around here. Say...that sure is a lot of people. Wouldn't it be great if...nah. We totally shouldn't go on a PKing frenzy. It would be fun, though I have to admit.

But then...

OMG survivors! You have got to be kidding me, right? You had THAT MANY people in one place and THIS happens? Were you TRYING to fail? Yes, that has to be it. You were trying to fail. My sensibilities wouldn't allow me to believe otherwise. My peers wouldn't be so sensible, of course. Or perhaps they were the sensible one. Anyhow, the only sensible thing to do would be to kill them all.

The 5th came and went and led to the 6th, which wasn't a good day for the survivors. DT was pissed. He was pissed and he let that be known. We were all shaking our heads, of course but DT and a few others were just really disgusted. And who can blame them, really.

Now it could have just ended there. It could have been just some well placed angst posted on the wiki and some paltry Ridleybank kills. But then I remembered my Facebook friends and my one-upping post to them. Well hell, I couldn't let an opportunity like this go. So with DT's words fueling my desire to kill every last mother fucker in the room, Sith of November: Order 66 was born. It was a magical time. I'll not soon forget The Empor...erm...DT executing the Order, that moment I put the finishing touches on the wiki page or gathering everyone together to join in the fun.

Bringing it all together

Because what this wiki page needed is more Pop culture mash-ups

So we had an awesome idea for a PKer event, a time, a place and, thanks to some recent events (TZH and Samhain Slaughter) we had the attention of several PKers. It still lacked a few things if it was going to be a successful event, though. It needed coordination. GASP Yep, coordination. You should try it some day, survivors. But coordinating PKers is a lot like cat herding. So how would we do it?

Several ideas were discussed and in the end, we decided we needed to make our intel public. Our public intel system functioned much like BB3 and MOB's locator. In addition, we made our contacts list public (big props to GC's THSB for making that happen). Finally, we made the slightly controversial decision to use the PKA forums for central planning and intelligence. The PKA had, after all been dead for quite some time. There had been some recent talk about rebooting the PKA, so the timing seemed right. It all worked out in the end and a bit of life was breathed back into the PKA.

We had scouts dedicated to bringing in intel from around the city, which proved paramount. We tracked our targets all over the city, even making a few kills way out from Central Malton in far off locations like Gatcombeton, Buttonville, and Darvall Heights. It just goes to show how long the arm of The Empire truly is. Amazingly, we had fresh targets all month long, and thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, we succeeded in the daunting task of tracking and killing multiple groups across multiple suburbs in a very short amount of time. Curious to see exactly how it all went down? Just keep reading.

The Imperial March

Below is the path which the Sith of November PKers traveled during their three-and-a-half week hunt for 5th of November survivors. Intel came in from many sources and for the most part, the PKers traveled together, hitting specific areas in which the targets clustered. At first, it was easy finding targets. In fact, it was much like shooting fish in a barrel. One could walk in nearly any direction from Blackmore and find low HP targets just blocks from the NT. Later, it began to become harder to find targets as more PKers joined in the hunt and target survivors scattered. Nevertheless, though Central Malton was a very dangerous place for Blackmore survivors to stay, we never had too much trouble finding clusters of them.


November 6-8

Naturally, we started things off in the heart of the city in Ridleybank. For a few days after the fall of Blackmore, survivors could be found near the NT and in the northern sections of the suburb. Since supply lines were broken and surviving in the b0nk was harsh, many of our targets were very low on health when found them. We scored about a dozen kills in these first few days of the event; each from different affiliated groups. This was, however the last time that we saw multiple groups in one area. It is also the last time we saw The Malton Rangers or DHPD in any large numbers. The leadership behind the 5th of November were also scarce after the first few days (tsk tsk).


November 8-9

Our first non-Ridleybank kills came out of Barrville. We encountered a few DEM people limping away to the west. We put them down, assuming that they'd continue heading westward, away from the chaos that was following the end of the Blackmore siege. We would not follow them, as reports from the surrounding central malls began to flood in.


November 8-10

Tynte Mall was our first mall target of the campaign. It was already in bad shape when we arrived but it appeared that The Fortress and a few Knights Templar were making an attempt to hold it against the RRF forces which were by now spreading out from Ridleybank. We made quick work of those that we found, scoring more than half a dozen kills in the area.

Stanbury Village

November 9-10

During our strike on Tynte Mall, a few affiliated killers were hitting up Nichols Mall, which was also being lazily defended. Nichols fell in rather short order, but it didn't stop us from getting in a few kills in the area on the 9th and the 10th.


November 10-16

We probably spent the most time in Roftwood out of all locations. For more than a week, survivors and PKers exchanged fire in and around Hildebrand Mall. Mostly, it was Army Control Corps, but also some Fortress and Knights Templar were in the vicinity. We got about 20 kills that week.


November 15-18

We spent a little bit of time in Tollyton after some reports that Woodroffe Mall had seen an increase in survivor activity. We found some unaffiliated targets in the area as well as more Knights Templar and Army Control Corps. At about this time, we saw a definite pattern emerging in our scouting reports. About half of the targets were going west and the other half were heading southwest. We'd needed to make a decision about the next two weeks.


November 15-18

While hitting Tollyton, a few people also wandered down to Kempsterbank where, predictably, we found loads of Knights Templar milling about. We made a few kills but decided it would be better to go after a less static target while we still had the oppurtunity. The Knights Templar could wait.


November 19-25

Some scouting reports led us over to Havercroft and Ackland Mall. DEM had apparently not gone very far west and several were just milling around Ackland Mall. Also here were some ACC members. We spent about a week on location and racked up another dozen or more kills while we moved into the final stretch.

Kempsterbank (again)

November 26-30

For our big finale, we made our way back down to Kempsterbank to do battle with Knights Templar. The Whitenoll Building, Jillard NT, Poll Mall and the many hospitals in Kempsterbank were targeted. After a few days there, the BHers closed in but not before we put down a bunch of KT. And thus, the Sith of November event had ended at the close of the month. May everyone remember the Sith of November, lest we need to send out reminders (hint: we will).

Campaign for the Empire 2012

The 6th of November was important for other reasons. It is the day that Emperor Palpatine should have become the 45th president of The United States of America. For reasons still bewildering to me, he of course was not elected that day, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Let's go ahead and recap, shall we, so we can better understand how we can Control TODAY for a darker TOMORROW.


Presidential Candidate Palpatine

Palpatine was born on the humble planet of Naboo. His rise to power was in no way mysterious or suspicious, nor was it riddled with the corpses of those who opposed him. After eradicating from the galaxy the scourge known as the Jedi, Palpatine humbly accepted the position of Emperor, which was freely offered by those who pledged fealty to the Emperor, and were totally not threatened in the slightest.

Vice Presidential Candidate Vader

Lord Darth Anakin Skywalker Vader was born to humble beginnings on the outer rim planet of Tattooine. Raised in a single-parent household, he never had a father. Like many disenfranchized younglings, Anakin Skywalker joined a violent gang; in this case, the Jedi. By the will of the Force, he was brought to the Dark Side by Darth Sidi- er, I mean, Chancellor Palpatine. From there, Lord Vader did the natural thing– he killed every last Jedi, thus bringing peace to the Galaxy.


Emperor Palpatine believes economic recovery of the United States can only come about with total and complete Imperial control of all corporate profits, commodities, goods, and services. Without control, the current economic chaos will continue to proliferate throughout both American and world markets.


The Emperor pledges not to merely reduce unemployment, but end it altogether by providing employment to every man, woman and child. Welfare will be a thing of the past, as the Emperor truly believes that every sentient being can be employed in some fashion or other. The EMPire will EMPloy!

National Defense

As part of the EMPire will EMPloy initiative, all citizens of weapon-bearing age will be required to honorably serve their country in the Imperial Army. Public transportation security will be elevated by placing Stormtroopers on all subway systems, lightspeed rails, and airlines. The TSA will be disbanded and replaced by the Stormtrooper Security Administration, for truly national security. Foreign security threats, both planetary and inter-galactic, will be dealt with swiftly and without mercy!

The current US strategic space defense program is a laughable farce. A vote for Palpatine / Vader is a vote to bring the most technologically advanced space weaponry in the known universe to the planet Earth, where it is desperately needed.


Under Palpatine/Vader, all farms and ranches will be united and operated under Imperial Meats and Produce, eliminating the current food caste system. All terrestrial foods will be labelled “organic,” while all extra-terrestrial foods will be labelled “extra-organic.” Citizens of the Empire will no longer need be concerned with the composition and nutritional content of their sustenance.


To accomplish his goal of bringing the United States of America to the advanced level of Imperial technology, the entire energy grid and all coal, oil, wood, nuclear, solar, wind and water power plants in the country will be demolished to provide room for a new modern networked system of hypermatter reactors which will be constructed across the nation.

Health Care

The health of the Empire is of the utmost importance to the Emperor. Only qualified Imperial-approved doctors will be authorized to administer healthcare services, guaranteeing all citizens the best care in the galaxy. Insurance will be made obsolete, as all healthcare services will be billed at the current standard, affordable Imperial rates. Citizens unable to pay for their incurred medical costs will be provided additional employment opportunities.

There is always 2016

Vader Despair.png

How could it have all gone wrong? The ever humble Darth Sideous was heard on Twiiter, saying these parting words after the end of the election:

Unless you live in a tree hut on Kashyyyk, or in a Rancor pit (or you’re a Rancor), you know by now that we didn’t win the Presidency. As least, not outwardly.

The Sith will continue, as we have for a thousand years, to work behind the scenes in all levels of your government. You’ve elected your muppet; know that it is the Emperor pulling the strings. We will continue to control the path of the Dark Side from behind the scenes. Like in North Korea, without being so damned *obvious* about it.

Unlike Romney, our political careers are not over; and like Obama, our evil has only just begun. Our campaign will lie in wait, building strength, until we are ready to return triumphant. In 2016.

Together, we will rule the galaxy!

Your candidates,

Palpatine Vader