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Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Slaves Of The Mistress
Abbreviation: Slaves Of The Mistress
Group Numbers: Aggressive zombies (female leaders), submissive humans (mostly "attractive" ones)
Leadership: MrAushvitz Character: Zombie Mistress
Goals: To crush humanity, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentaions of the living...
Recruitment Policy: All may join, but many are "unworthy"
Contact: email: in regards to joining, but just put "Slaves Of The Mistress" under your character's group & join us anyways, we're a bit "slutty" that way...

Zombie Mistress NT Casefile.jpg

Current Excursions/Executions

News Update
Feb 26th, 2007
Caiger is lost, Bale is overrun, we immortals are stronger than ever Hildebrand Mall is now to be re-taken, so Rotwood will be our zombie paradise, again.

SSZlogo.GIF SSV Despoiler
Zombie Mistress has claimed Hildebrand Mall as her personal property.


Much about the specifics of how this group came into being is still a mystery, it just happened. But it started around the same time Caiger was taken away from humanity... Some say the sheer amount of violence and blood spilled in and around Caiger Mall is somehow relevant to this change in zombie behaviour.

ZM comic.PNG

A special thanks to Lachryma for including Zombie Mistress in her ongoing adventures.


Dawn dead.gif Gangbang Policy
"Our interview process... can be rather, INTENSE. Bring lubricant."

Zombies of this faction act a little different than the other zombies in Malton, in that yes, they still hunger.. but they can fill that voracious appetite for human flesh with well...lust for human flesh.

This is not to say that zombies of this faction do not regularly feast on the living, but they prefer to do other things with the living, the ones that are willing.. and durable enough to survive such ordeals.

Somehow this trading of one kind of hunger for another (for a time) allows these zombies to be more intelligent, and imaginative. They still act like other zombies in most respects, but they can actually verbalize why they do what they do, and convert humans to their cause.

This faction also has a tendency to want to take and keep survivor churches and cathedrals.. as they have a number of beliefs that their immortality comes from a supernatural source.. specifically magic!

Between the sex and the magic, that is one reason why this faction is so perver.. er.. ritualistic in it's behaviour.

Current Enemies/Allies

  • We never get along well with any of the survivor religions, unless they are zombie friendly. Probably because our zombies tend to claim churches and cathedrals periodically. As well as large scale zombie love-ins on these grounds, as well as graveyards. (Do graveyard revives at your own risk, you may get stripped naked!)
  • We never get along well with any factions that rely heavily on revives and gunfire. NecroTech fears the existance of this horde, but also wishes to capture our lead zombie(s) for study.
  • We have been known to get along well with humans that use hand weapons in their fellow man, especially knives! Murderers are often recruited to be our slaves, if they're pretty enough.. and have a high tolerance for pain.
  • We get along well with any zombie faction, usually.. but we take slaves whenever we can.. if another zombie eats one of our slaves, well.. he should have been paying attention to who was his master, and who was just hungry.

Current Membership

Runningeddie1.gif Zombies On The Move Barhah + Appleflaven = Victory

Female Zombies

  1. Zombie Mistress (Horde Queen/Dominatrix, Absolute Despot,M.I.A.)
  2. Arson Lover Arson Lover
  3. Diskord23 (Paingiver/unknown)

Male Zombies Taking applications...

Human Slaves

  1. 6zed9 (Head Slave)

Knowing Your "Place"

The "Ranking" system of this zombie horde is very different from that of other zombie hordes. So listen up:

1. The Leaders of this group are always, always, always Female Zombie Characters!!!!! (Top level of leadership)

If you have a non-female zombie you may join this horde of course, but don't bother expecting to be one of the main leaders. If you want a character to become a leader of this horde... make a female zombie or take one of your female human survivor characters, and build up her zombie skills.

Most of this has to do with the "Hive Mentality" of our horde, as well as feminine sexual empowerment. It's all good.

  • Appearance: Oh, our Goddesses usually dress pretty damn slutty.. but that also involves a variety. Everything from platform hooker boots, to militant feminist uniform is all good. Our ladies show a lot of skin, even if it is mottled, it tends to distract male survivors long enough to get a good bite in!

2. All other male and (sex unknown, or not visible in zombie-form) zombies

Most of the main rank and file members of our horde.

Most males alternate between being a zombie killing machine, and being a willing human slave. The first outranks the latter, so depending on your current state, you can play your character very differently RP-wise. Going from fearless, to submissive.

  • Appearance: The tend to look a lot like other, regular zombies. But may have more "Easy Access" type of clothing. Many of our most attractive male zombies don't even wear shirts, at all.. and are occasionally oiled up. Possibly shaved bald (see human slaves.)

3. Human Slaves

We're very, very, very different from other zombie hordes in that human beings (some that survived anyways) actually willingly follow us. Obeying our every whim. Often, walking up to zombie hordes (and, using speech) asking to be beaten.. and tormented (and even killed..) so that their zombie masters can gain XP from them (and you usually scurry off to use FAK's on yourself) only to return and beg them to hurt you some more...

We keep human slaves as: willing sexual surrogates, to speak our message of lust and pain on the radio and to tag buildings with our message, to speak our message in person.. basically looking for human coverts to our faction.. in person.. just like the Mormons, but you aren't wearing as much..., and to mark our territory.

So in other words humans that do as they're told, and 'obey the mistress are useful to us. Any human who is not useful to us is killed, and made into a zombie.. it is a privilege to be chosen as one of our slaves.. even if you are low on the totem pole. You like it, being on the bottom is what you look forward to each and every day.. and you're just soo happy when some zombie comes by to beat you, but not eat you.

  • Appearance: Your character is probably severely under clothed, always shaved to some degree (possibly even shaved bald, er, above and below..) and if you are truly obedient you may even be wearing a collar. You probably carry your equipment in a sack or a backpack that you carry in your arms, and you never show a gun to a zombie.. because you are our slave.

If you wanted a zombie to notice you, you'd probably either bend over or spread your legs to show you are ready... Either way, they'd find a use for you.. if they have the time.. try not to cry too much if they don't use you right away though.. our masters can be very busy some days.

You may have shot human beings who tried to kill your favorite zombie masters (especially the most skilled and attractive ones!) But you try not to do it if a zombie sees you... unless you had no choice.

Many human slaves use hand weapons to destroy radios and generators and other human equipment.. but usually after they use them to spread the message of obedient servitude to the Mistress.

Our human slaves do not, however do zombie spy tactics.. not even one of our slaves walks into a building takes a headcount of the living, then tells zombies in person or on radio how many survivors are inside. That, gets you killed by a powerful female zombie.. you are insinuating that your masters "need" your help and that really pisses them off.

So you "help" the cause, but you leave most of the killing to the zombies (they need the XP.) You mainly get your XP from tagging, PK'ing humans that kill too many zombies (especially your lovers!) and of course you sacrifice your flesh to your zombie brothers allowing yourself to be killed so you can be a zombie yourself from time to time.

Basically human slaves are switch hitters while human you are a submissive subservient little toad, while a zombie you are a vicious killing machine.

Your dual personality is very different from one another, but you're still part of the same zombie group... now THAT is a fricking weird zombie horde.


Slaves Of The Mistress Logo 1.jpg

All human slaves are used to having sexual relations with zombie members of the horde on a regular basis. That is usually why they decided to join in the first place! Our horde doesn't engage in non-consensual sex with the living however... our horde wants only willing participants. Chances are they'd just rip out your throat if you're alive.. but if a zombie is looking at you like it's hungry.. for something else if you're smart you'll drop to your knees or find some other way to submit, right here, right now.. it just might save your life!

Our horde tends to keep humans that are: physically attractive, well groomed, athletic and/or very skilled in the forbidden arts.

Regular relations with our human slaves, either one on one or a horde on zombies on one human (usually a female one.. again an attractive one, with a good set of hips that doesn't break too easily) does a lot to create more of a bond between human and zombie. Strangely enough the "free love" ideals of the 60s are actually very much in regular day to day survival of our horde.. zombies even occasionally show tenderness and affection for humans slaves.. which is a hell of a lot more humanity, than humanity shows to itself. This entire society is one that is evolving, as are the zombies within this horde.. it's wierd.. but it appears to be nature is trying something.. er.. different and it's working.

Converting human beings to our way of thinking isn't easy, but zombies don't tire easily in the same manner that human beings do, they can go and go and go.. well, forever.

Many soccer moms and divorced women join our horde just for the regular "no holds barred" nookie.. and they are usually more than willing to tell us where to find their ex-husbands so we can take turns tearing them to shreds with our bare hands.

We're a very sexual horde... we are also a very unforgiving horde.. we are one of the only zombie hordes that go out of our way to dispense (literally) Hands-On Justice to human beings that never got what they deserved before the zombie phenomenon.

You don't even want to imagine what we do to rapists, child molesters and drug dealers. Most criminal organizations throughout Malton are very, very afraid of us..

Wouldn't you be? With a horde of zombies, that communicates with humans on a regular basis, and can find out any time they like all the people you've hurt and killed over the years.

Several politicians and even dirty cops are also very worried about this horde... they know too much! Possibly even the true origin of the zombie phenomenon.. many powerful people inside and outside of Malton want Zombie Mistress dead.. permenently.. somehow! It is rumoured that at least one government is involved in some kind of high powered laser strike from orbit project.. to pick off Zombie Mistress, and other leaders of her horde... from orbit. But thus far, they are having problems getting the science right.. and getting the funding.. just to kill 1 zombie.

NT does not like Zombie Mistress, at all.. but man they want to capture her and study what makes her so damn unique.

"Rules" (our ethics and ideals)

This strange amalgamation group is zombie dominated but humans are tolerated, if they submit and act accordingly.

We never use zombie spy tactics, and we kill our own human survivors if they are caught doing so (and/or remove them from our group entirely.)

But survivors are free to use their communications to help the cause by gathering new "slaves" to our cause. We're like a real perverted version of the Mormons, but not so door to door...

Our human slaves don't use firearms in front of another zombie, it's very rude.. but they do use hand weapons a lot (especially knives!) An effective slave is one who knows how to kill human threats without having to bother their "masters" to do so.

Infected human slaves (ones probably bitten by a zombie who is not yet self aware) usually try to make it to one of our zombie enclaves, to allow our brethren to finish the deed. Usually such a survivor says something like "I offer my flesh to thee, free me to be immortal, again..." ("hey guys, I'm infected so like, kill me and get some XP..")


  • Pain is a Gift..
  • Pain is Education..
  • Pain is Attention, and brings you to Attention..
  • Pain is the one language understood by all mankind..
  • Pain is a Gift.

Preferred Methods Of Spreading The Word...

Radio Conduct:

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.22 or 28.01 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: 0,0

  • We don't spam ~ That is for lame groups that suck. We make invitations to suffering/pleasure as well as threats (of death), periodically on the radio... but we allow the humans a chance to respond to those messages. We don't want our message to take away from the fun of the game, or even from the other factions playing their role. We allow for the use of radio as a game enhancement we don't just post a message: "Join the slaves of the mistress!" we put more imagination into it.

Common radio messages: (These are often spoken as well)

  • You will kneel at the feet of the Mistress.
  • Submit, or die.
  • If you crawl, she may save you.
  • If you want immortality, you only have to get on your knees, and beg for it.
  • Abandon your technology, immortality can only come from magic.
  • The only path to paradise is through lust, and obediance.
  • All will suffer, and you will thank us for it.

Verbal Conduct:

  • Our zombies are free to say whatever the hell the like (or can.) Our human slaves, it's a bit different.
  • Large Groups Of Humans ~ Speak once, of your total submission to the mistress/your conversion/telling them to convert or die, etc. Don't spam a safehouse, 1 message will do. Then it is usually a good idea to bugger off. Any time you make a message announcing you are a servant of the mistress, DO NOT DESTROY any equipment! our slaves tend to destroy equipment in buildings that don't have any survivors (generators radios, etc.) they don't need them. If you are trying to spread our message then smash the radio.. it just makes you a GK goon. Use the radio, then say something.. if noone else is around, then smash it. We have an image to maintain.

Tagging Conduct:

  • We use tagging to mark territory, record that we took a location, a major battle occurred here... etc. or to let other zombies know where we are or were.
  • We take full advantage of tagging indoors and outdoors, it is the only permanent way to show your presense (radio and spoken messages are cool, but less visible.)
  • Put some thought into your tagging, it may be up there for a while.. don't make spelling errors, please...

Common Tags: Pain was given here. Pleasure was given here. We converted 5 willing humans here. It only hurts, so you will remember... Lust, is the path to paradise. Submit. The Mistress Walked Here.

Building Tags:

Churches/Cathedrals: Where is your god, for ours fight alongside us! We enjoyed carnal bliss here Our converts scream for joy too... Yes, stay on your knees, if you must

NT Buildings/Police Stations Your weapons make you weak... Does a bullet love you? Pull your trigger until you are empty... Your perverted science is sick!!! Cast aside your weapons Submit, or die Your bullets tickle us

Preferred Banners

Generator.JPG Slaves Of The Mistress Technology Policy
Our human slaves destroy all mechanical devices that are found "abandoned". Immortals destroy anything living, or mechanical that displeases them.
Mistress2logo.jpg Witness To The Mistress
This user has seen actually SEEN the immortal goddess in Malton!
ZombieWalk54.jpg Slaves Of The Mistress Recruiter
"Girls gone wild" don't bite you to death if you won't party with them...
SSZlogo.GIF SSV Despoiler
Zombie Mistress has claimed Hildebrand Mall as her personal property.
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