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Fort Perryn

Fort Perryn, survivors staying in that fort, rarely venturing outside, cowering when there was a couple of zombies at the gates even though they are numbered in the hundreds in there fort....Pathetic. On the 27th and 28th of November a joint effort between the Sociopath Apostles and the Flowers of Disease, the two groups killed 28 in Fort Perryn, hoping to teach them a lesson that they should get off there fucking asses , hopefully they will learn it........ if not hopefully the Horde will.....

Here is a list of the Body Count (Thanks to the Fod for compiling the list)-

  1. Shiro WolfFur
  2. Hunter Hallis
  3. Captain Dougal
  4. DDoctor
  5. Jacko Hike
  6. Allison Reynolds
  7. Gryphon480
  8. TrueCarnage
  9. winkalt
  10. 3 Legged Freak
  11. DDR Guru
  12. John 0221
  13. SGT Forde
  14. TheForkofJustice
  15. Lobomau
  16. Metroid Master
  17. Captain G.
  18. Dierin
  19. Cinna Chevalier
  20. LightSpeedTaco
  21. Margaret Red
  22. Alvin Davenport
  23. Craigslist Stalker
  24. HoneyDewMcfig
  25. Elliot House
  26. L. Johnson
  27. theReaper Killer
  28. BrandonFuzzleFace

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