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Sociopath Apostles

Shopping at Woodroffe Mall

On January the 8th, revitalized from their participation at the SNS, the apostles decided to go shopping at Woodroffe mall. Harassed by one to many salespeople, they cleared out the corner in typical Apostle fashion.

Buckley Mall Kills

On the 24th of October several members of the participated in a strike on Buckley mall, piling up a total of 12 bodies in the strike. Even though the strike went mainly unnoticed it proved that the Sociopath Apostle's can do what it takes to get the job done.

Lumber Mall Kill's

The Sociopath Apostles have recently been conducting their killing in and around the Lumber Mall. Fortunately for the all the Lumber Mall inhabitants the Sociopath Apostles will be taking a break from killing these pathetic excuses for life. The Sociopath Apostles have changed targets, but don't worry. We will be returning very shortly to reclaim our territory.

Fort Perryn kill's

On the 28th & 29th of November the Sociopath Apostles conducted joint strikes with the FOD claiming 28 unfortunate souls.

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