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Sons of Abraham
Th SoA.jpg
Abbreviation: SoA
Group Numbers: 15-20. I'm not sure anymore.
Leadership: crazylilvietguy[1]
Goals: Kill or revive all zombies, pkers, and dumbasses.
Recruitment Policy: Find us in-game. Further directions follow.
Contact: We've got a talk page. We just don't check often. And by that I mean never.

The Sons of Abraham was founded on July 29th, 2006, when a group of friends decided to band together in a common area. Group is tasked to defend the Santlerville area, the wonderous Dowdney Mall, and the surrounding SE corner of Santlerville.

The SoA Citadel contains St. Boniface's Hospital as the Infirmary, St. Wilfrid's Church as command center, Popham Auto Repair as our own private oil field. All survivors, except for pkers and death cultists, of course, are welcome to stay. Just...Try not to screw with the tags. It gets annoying whenever people flock to our hospital seeking a falsely advertised "free" colonic irrigation. Sorry, but our doctors just aren't trained in this fine art.

The SoA's 2nd Squad is dispersed throughout the SSZ, with one or two members at each mall.

You can check the status of suburbs by glancing at their colors here: Suburb

Don't forget to check the Santlerville Guide Book.


Keep only the newest 10 posts.

July 19th, 2007<b> Very late, but nobody checks here anyway. The mall. Defend it. LUE. Coming. Bad.

<b>June 27th, 2007 To Huntley Heights? Yes!

May 25th, 2007 VICTOLY! The Battle of Santlerville I have also just complained about us not being credited. That should be fixed soon, I presume.

May 3rd, 2007 Squad system restructured. Please report to the forums to receive assignment.

April 27, 2007 RRF is pounding Dewes, but other than that, we're pretty fine. Everybody back to the forums! Quick!

The Ides of March, 2007 Oh yeah, huh. The Angels of Mercy pretty much declared war on Santlerville. Let's execute them SoA style. (That's with a flaregun up the ass or knife in the eye. Flaming crowbars also permitted.)

February 25th, 2007 Wiki brought up to date.

January 30th, 2007 Station 1, pull out of Huntley. Everybody return to the Citadel, fortify the area, gather supplies, and prepare for Mall Tour '07. Also, get on the forums. We will coordinate everything from there.

January 23rd, 2007 We are pulling certain SoA members out of Huntley to lower our strike team presence. We will be instituting Station 1 in Notley Walk Fire Station. We are now turning our lowly HQ into a Citadel, eating up the surrounding buildings and turning them into SoA protected territory. One medic, one soldier, and one revivor are to stay in the 4-H Citadel, and with their permission, set up Station 1. All else fall back and begin super-fortification.


I stopped caring.

Seriously. If you find one of us, good job.


Operation Some Sort of Witty Name or Something

Santlerville is now split up into 3 points of interest to us.

1: SoA Citadel. Protect Boniface, Wilfrid's, Popham, a warehouse, and Kebby at all costs.

2: Dewes/Dowdney. Protect the mall, its EPs, and the Dewes NT.

3: Hall/Columbanus. Help out the Beavers in defending center Santlerville.

These positionings may very well be permanent, remaining in place even after the RRF moves on.


Human: "This survivor is wearing a black (white if medic) military uniform with a flak jacket with the Holy Cross, Star of David, and the Cresent Star on it."

Note - Captains, add: "There is a white sash draped over his/her shoulder."

- Lieutenants, add: "He/She is wearing a white armband."

Designate your squad and position at the bottom of the profile.

Zombie: "This zmobie is wearing a IF FOUND UNDEAD, PLEASE REVIVE sticker."


The Dribbling Beavers: Hell, they are Santlerville.

The 4-H: Great help when we tried to green up Huntley Heights. They also gave us the idea for a Citadel.

Five Critics: We're out to do the same thing. Except now, we can do it together!

SSZlogo2.jpg Survivor Security Zone
The SoA helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.


- Angels of Mercy

Wanted for: Known pk group. They're in Santlerville, and being quite mean.

Fair Game

Players on the Fair Game list are, well, fair game. The people on this list have attacked/killed SoA members or innocents, are GKers, are confirmed zombie spies, or have been seen attacking/killing other survivors without provokation. Kill on sight.

Squad Sytem

Citadel - 1st Squad

Commander: Crazylilvietguy

Captain: thetrenchcoater

Lieutenant: Keaira

Soldiers: ilostmycharmander, cruelworld, eightslidesix, Vietboi530, ilostmypikachu (Not an alt of Charmander, not even in same suburb most of the time, in fact.), riceXballs, eightslidesix

Medics: nojustno, lilaznmedic

Revivers: DrMcScientist, Hinderlopen

Total Numbers: 14

SSZ - 2nd Squad

Captain: BitchpantsMcCrabby

Lieutenant: durnt

Soldiers: Arbitter

Medics: MedOfficerDufrense

Revivers: KarelJRobotRevivor

Total Numbers: 5


We now broadcast on the frequency 26.06. Set your radios to that frequency. (Previously 27.72)


Can be found by clicking here.

A good mall defense guide: The Mall Defence Manifesto
Guides:The Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide
Distributed Defense

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