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Father Abraham had many Sons

I am one of them, and so are you, so let's go kill some zeds!

This guide will help you survive in this horrid death plagued hellhole known as Malton. Whether you're new to the game and just linked up with us, or you've been playing for a while, this guide will have at least some useful information.

Just Dropped In?

More likely than not, you didn't fall right in Santlerville. First things first, figure out where you are, then use this map to plan your route to group HQ. Sooner or later you'll reach us.

Or, if you're heading for 2nd Squad search for Roftwood.


Remember, as a survivor, you will need to find cover. Once you are down to 15 AP, it is advised you find a suitable safehouse. The ideal shelter is a VS+2 building. Usually, resource buildings such as hospitals, police departments, and fire stations should be kept around this level. Be careful, though, these buildings literally scream "ATTACK HERE!" to zombies. If you cannot find any building at this level, take any building that is more heavily barricaded than lightly. If you can't find one, the neighborhood you're in is zmobie infested, and you'd die in a building anyway. Just keep heading towards Santlerville and spend the night on the streets. Give some noob zombies free experience. If you died en route to HQ, no worries, you may move slower, but you no longer need shelter, plus, you can gain experience faster this way. Once you reach Santlerville, sit in a revive point and wait. You should be revived by the next day.


So...what class did you choose?

Military is a very strong choice, as you can get Freerunning earlier. Now, being a soldier, it is your duty to fight. You have firearms training, plus a pistol. Use it. Medic or scout? Well, too bad, but these are not really good choices. If you wanted to heal, you should have been a doctor. Scouts are pretty much all around useless, as there is almost no way to gain experience, and you are easily labeled as a zombie spy.

Scientist is a support group, and not very easy to start with. If you wanted to fight, too bad. Doctors get to heal, lab assistants get to extract DNA. Lab assistants have a steady experience cow, as zombies are usually abundant, and extractions are easy and very safe. Only problem is you need 150 exp to get freerunning.

Civilians are the best choice due to their 100 exp flat rate. Firefighters are good starters because they start with a steady weapon and training, while cops are similar to the private. Unless you are a hardcore rper or a dumbass, don't be a consumer. They're even more useless than scouts.


Don't worry, just get to a revive point, and start attacking zombies there. More likely than not, you'll gain exp a lot faster as a zombie. Some may view this as "unsporting" but we view it as "easy exp." When you log back on and aren't revived, notice the actions done by the other zombies. Check out their profiles. Add any of them without body building and/or digestion to your contacts. This way, you can target that specific zombie instead of randomly attacking some. Remember, always keep 100 exp handy as a zombie to buy survivor skills.

Now, this rule doesn't apply to everybody. If you are a newb (not noob) that is stuck in a Dark Orange/Red suburb, or already have freerunning, it is better to buy zombie skills in this order:

1. Vigor Mortis

2. Death Grip

3. Rend Flesh

4. Lurching Gait

5. Ankle Grab

You will need those to gain exp faster.


These are skills you should get. And in this order unless otherwise stated.


1) Freerunning

2) Construction

Military or Cop

1) Pistol/Shotgun Training (Max it out)

Doctor or Medic

1) Diagnosis


1)Lab Experience

2)Necronet Access


1)Vigor Mortis

2)Death Grip

3)Rend Flesh

4)Lurching Gait

5)Ankle Grab

Siege Mode

Seeing that most people should already be more experienced than what we have here in this guide, I decided to add on an additional section. So, you're hanging out when suddenly...RRF ATTACK! (Or you know, some other zed group.) What now?

1. Barricade: This is the most important step. Doesn't matter if there's 100 zeds inside. If you barricade first, that means the other 300 outside cannot get in. Each level of cades take about 4 AP to take down ideally, and only 1 to put up until you reach the higher levels.

2. Heal: Each survivor has 50-60 HP. This means, for a maxed out zed fighting a full health survivor at 50 AP, it would take 17-20 AP (assuming all of their attacks hit, as they had the best day ever with the RNG.) to kill one. Now, throw a FAK into the mix. With first aid, each FAK deals at least a 4 AP hit on zeds.

3. Kill: Whether by shotgun or ax, pistol or knife, AK-47 or katana (trenchcoaters are people too, albeit very annoying ones.), killing zeds is only useful when you're keeping them out of a building. The only excuse you have for killing zeds outside is if you need xp. Otherwise, it is known as trenchcoaterism. Attempting to brag about the amount of zeds you killed outside will draw much insult.

4. Revive (NT only): What? But combat revives are bad! How dare we use syringes the way they were made to be used? Clear NTs at all cost. If that means you have to combat revive, so be it. It does have a 100% chance of working in a powered NT. Remember, it's better to lose a genny than an NT. For more info: Fertilize the Land

5. Dump: Hey, what's the use of killing zeds if you just leave the bodies to stand up again? Always dump the second after you kill, or you run the risk of having to take another full health enemy.

6. Revive: Well, cades are up, peeps healed, zeds killed. What now? If you answered "Jump outside and kill some zeds!" you must go die in a fire. Otherwise, the correct answer is to head to the nearest RP and revive up some fresh troops.

7. Meat Shield FTW!: We're all expendable, and you've just been expended. Sleep in the building you're defending, sleep in the corner of the mall with the least people. This means an extra-at-least 17-20 AP waste before ransack can be done. It's like throwing yourself on that grenade to save your friends. Except, in this situation, you can come back to life in a day or two, so how's it a bad thing? Of course, this is only useful against organized hordes, but when else would you be sieged?

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