Sons of Liberty

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Sons of Liberty
Abbreviation: SOL
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Malton Mob & Gehennanow
Goals: To save mankind
Recruitment Policy: Contact SOL

Under Protection
This group is under the protection of the Malton Mob

Malton has grown darker as the zombie hordes continue to topple malls and suburbs. When will it end? Rogue survivor groups need to be unified. The time has come for the dawn of a new day. The Sons of Liberty is a fighting force dedicated to the liberation of human cities and the destruction of the undead.

Malton Mob

This group works under the direct control of the Malton Mob


April 5, 2007 A manhunt has been called on the dirty GKers known as the Knights of the New Order

April 1, 2007 The Hot Gates are in place

March 23, 2007 Joint Shackleville and Kemspterbank effort.

Winter 2006 Members that would become the Sons of Liberty appeared on the streets of Malton


It all began with the vision of one man, Gehennanow a.k.a. Bloodbath4. He dreamed of restoring order by leading the largest group ever to grace the streets of Malton. In the winter of 2006, he formed the Hellfighters. They became a respectable Pker group. But, Gehennanow had a revelation when he and his warriors arrived at Stickling Mall. He had entered a zombie wasteland where there were no survivors in sight. If survivors didn't work together, all of Malton would rot in the hands of the zombies. Gehennanow chose not to PK anymore, and formed the Sons of Liberty to annihilate the zombie horde.

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Malton Mob

the Hellfighters

Ghetto Cow


Red Rum


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Snake.gif Sons of Liberty
This user/group is an affiliate of the Sons of Liberty
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