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Group Info

SMW Info
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Apocalyptic doom
To apply post in our applications section of the forum.

Announcement Section

  • Farewell everyone. The South Malton Watch is no longer an active group. Please drop by our forum and say your last goodbyes here:

Group Purpose

We are a designated group into human survival based in the suburb of West Grayside. In this light, we will fall to PK'ing, but will only kill PK'ers. We are here to protect. That is our sole purpose, other then having fun. Every once in a while, you will see one of our members stumble into a building a bit drunk...mumbling something, only to kill a PK'er, raise your 'cades, and warn/kill zombies in the area. Point being: We have fun. This is the group's main purpose.

The South Malton Watch is fiercely dedicated to the defense of West Grayside, but we will go wherever we're needed. We've ranged from suburbs as close as Wyke Hills to places as remote as East Becktown. If there is a need we'll fill it and have a great time doing so.


After touring Malton in all vestiges of life and undeath, we have returned to the suburb we designate as home. We look forward to helping new members of the game, as well as welcoming those of experience into the aspect of survival in whatever fashion it may take on. Come on in if you see our tag somewhere, and ask around. Chances are someone knows where we are, come, enjoy the game with us. We are a lively bunch. The group was formed after a minor threat pulled on S.T.A.R.S., and we all kind of banded together to eliminate the threat the best way we know how to: quick, fierce, unending determination and tactics. Since then, we have formed to protect people in the area, whether they are a larger group or not. Nothing compares to our planning, tactics, scouting, and ability to have fun whilst doing so.

On January 21st, 2010, exactly 3 years from the day the group was formed, it was decided that the South Malton Watch would no longer continue to function as a group.

Where to find us

Our group travels around a lot, but when we're relaxing at home, we're usually hanging out at the Sendell Arms. Feel free to drop by, whether you need assistance, or you simply want to hang out.

Group Rules

We don't have many rules but for the few we do have, we expect you to follow. Anyone who breaks the rules will be spanked vigorously.

  1. No zerging or cheating. We go by the definition of zerging off of the urbandead FAQ.
  2. You may not have more than one character in the group. No exceptions.
  3. Don't be an jerk. We're here to play a game and have fun, not be dicks to everyone. Play nice.
  4. Private information gathered in the SMW should not be shared with other groups and visa-versa.
  5. Act your age and be mature about things. Immaturity with be met with repeated floggings.

Things We Suggest You Try

These are just a few things that I encourage people to do to try and have some more fun with the game.

  1. Have a zombie or pker/bher character. Try out the other sides of the game, you may realize you enjoy them too!
  2. Have a wiki account. Some people like it, some hate it. We aren't expecting people to go around and make major edits but its nice to have people keep some pages up to date.
  3. Have a sense of humor. We don't want a bunch of stiff asses or party poopers in our group!

Recruitment and Joining

Open! It is open again, and we are always eager to have new members whether you're new to Urban Dead or a seasoned vet. Joining up is a simple three step process.

How to Join:

Joining up is a simple three step process. Here's what to do:

  1. Register on our forum
  2. Read the applications guideline post
  3. Post your application in a new topic in the applications section

Things to keep in mind

Remember, we travel a lot out of West Grayside. If for any reason you're uncomfortable with leaving the suburb, don't be discouraged to join us. The South Malton Watch needs people to stay back at home when we're away. As a matter of fact, you could be the most important member of our group!


Public Revive Point

We run a revive point for the general public at Bunstone Alley [56, 83]. Please keep Barter Road Fire Station to the west at VS+2 for an entry point. To find our revive point, you can use the map

Under no circumstances should anyone, member or not, kill any zombies at Bunstone, unless its a rotter. If it's a known PK'er, just don't revive them, unless they're a member of a greater threat. Also, please respect sacred ground.

You can now request a revive at our for. Just click on the link [1] and follow the instructions. Note: You MUST register an account on our forums to make a request. It is recommended that you register an account in advance as all new members must be approved by an admin before they can make post, as to prevent forum spam. It make take up to 24 hours for us to activate your account and another 24 to process your request.


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This user is a member of the South Malton Watch and protects South Malton with southern hospitality and class.
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This User or Groups fights to make the Southern Suburbs RISE again!
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This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.