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Welcome you have reached the Special Zombie Extermination Squad log archive. This page will be the home of all previous logs made my SZES members. For more recent posts please go to the homepage.

Log Archive

April 2008

Apr 19: This is my first entry. This is the day when SZES is born! -Soldier

Apr 20: Those zeds have got me. I' am now one of them, a living dead. I'm outside a NecroTech building and I would like a revive please. -Soldier

Apr 20: Write down stuff on here. Also if you get revived write it down here and also more stuff here. -Soldier

Apr 21: I killed another zed today and I'm now level 5. Woohoo! -Ryan Shuck

Apr 21: We had to spread the word about are group. Find a spray can and spraypaint " Join the Special Zombie Extermination Squad" onto a wall. And also we can do Advertizement on the radio on 28.01 MHz about the group. -Soldier

Apr 21: Ryan Shuck, you are the first to join and you get the Lieutenant General Rank. This is a very High Rank. And you got it. Congratulations! -Soldier

Apr 21: Thanks for the rank! Killed another zed near Edward General Hospital. I'm now level 6! I have put a request out for members in the hospital. -Ryan Shuck

Apr 22: All SZES members must find a Mobile Phone. You can find Mobile Phones in Clubs. This way we can stay in contact. -Soldier

Apr 22: Ruddlebank has fallen. I killed another zed and now have the construction skill. The police station has 9 zombies in and 24 hours ago was EHB. I am currently in Puckard Bank which is EHB, but will be free-running to Sly Police Dpt every day to kill zeds and re-cade. Now level 7 -Ryan Shuck]

Apr 23: I had found the Special Zombie Extermination Squad Headquarters! Its called the Piggott Building, Coordenates: [24, 95], and at VSB, in Spicer Hills, and theres a few people here. Everyone, see if you can get here. -Soldier

Apr 24: I am now a zed I am trying to get a revive, but I will not be heading for the HQ yet as I intend to head bank into Ruddlebank once revived and repair the Police Depts then gather ammo. -Ryan Shuck

Apr 25: Requesting urgent revive. I am in the cemetery in Old Arkham grid co-ordinates 14,92 -Ryan Shuck

Apr 25: A Zombie Riot Watch has been issued to the following suburbs. Gatcombeton, Gibsonton, Starlington, Havercroft, Barrville Mockridge Heights, Dartside, and other suburbs who are touching the Hotzone. Also are News Reporter, Biohazard Control has been killed by the Living Dead and had gone temperarly off the Air. Folks, keep your buildings at EHB we have a zombie riot near the Piggott Building and also Wasteland 23, 97 is a Revive Point. -Soldier

Apr 26: The Piggott Building has been overruned. Anyone in Spicer Hills have the Construction Skill, Zombie Hunter Skill, or Basic Firearm Training please help out clear the living dead out of the ramsacked building and help repair the damage. The Piggott Building is an important safehouse and we need help here. -Soldier

Apr 27: I am still awaiting a revive. I believe it would be beneficial t othe group to have a HQ in more than one suburb for this reason once I have been revived and come to the main HQ to help clean up and remove zeds I shall be heading back to Ruddlebank to form a HQ. Please comment whether you believe this is a good action to make. -Ryan Shuck

Apr 28: I've got some Good news and some bad news. The good news is that the Humans are retaking the city. The bad news is that the zombies have taken the SW corner of the city including Spicer Hills. We need more members and if anyone is still alive please help make advertizements at the safe zone at Miltown, Fryerbank, Penny Heights, Houldenbank, and Vinetown. Also I' am planning on making a "SZES Outpost" in Miltown, see if anyone can get there. -Soldier

May 2008:

May 02: Sorry for being inactive, I've had soem account trouble. This is my new account. Unfortunately my status has not changed. I am still awaiting a revive. -Ryan Shuck

May 02: I have been revived and I' am infected. This is worse than watching bad cartoons. -Soldier

May 05: I HAVE BEEN REVIVED! Thank you Tommy Fierro! I am in Miltown, but will be making my way west soon. -Ryan Shuck

May 06: Everyone head to Fort Creedy, we will gather supplies there and also I would get someone to help out with our destroyed Headquarters. I have setted up an SZES Outpost near Fort Creedy. Its called the Lavor Alley School. -Soldier

May 07: I would like your dissision on what will are party be. Go to the Disscusion Page to vote on what type of party the Special Zombie Extermination Squad will be. -Soldier

May 10: I have the skill Free Running now and I have got new clothes. Whats your status Ryan? -Soldier

May 11: I am a zed again. I am in Penny Heights waiting for a revive -Ryan Shuck

May 16: I had found a toolbox, so now I'm gonna find a New HQ. When I do, I will tell you. ;) -Soldier

May 25: I have been revived! I celebrated by killing 2 zeds and I'm now level 13. I am in Pitneybank. I will also look for a HQ. I may head to one of teh ghost towns, as they will be easiest to set up in. -Ryan Shuck

August 2008:

Aug 23: Hey guys I'm back! I have been inactive for 4 months on vacation and I'm back in bussness. The bad news is that I'm a living dead so I will be looking for a revive point soon! -Soldier

Aug 24: I have been revived, I' am in a hospital right now and heading to Fort Creedy to get my clothes changed. -Soldier

Aug 27: Bad new guys, I have been killed by a zombie at Dulston and I have no idea where's the nearest revive point. -Soldier

Aug 27: Good news guys, I have been revived faster than I was zombified! I will be on my way to Fort Creedy tomorrow. -Soldier

Aug 29: I have made it to Fort Creedy. I' am going to stay in the Military base for 3 Days And I will be back on the road on Sunday. -Soldier

Aug 31: I have left Fort Creedy guys. Where I have gone is classified. -Soldier

September 2008:

Sep 01: Player Killer had killed me, now I'm a living dead again. Crap. -Soldier

Sep 03: We need to get the word out about the Special Zombie Extermination Squad. We need to advertize and encourage people to do so. We must prove are selves we are relliable. -Soldier

Sep 04: We've got an infected member at West Grayside that needs a First Aid Kit. If anyone has one and is nearby see if you can get there. -Soldier

Sep 05: A mysterious report that everyone must head to the Giddings Mall. Take caution when you get there, it could be a trap. -Soldier

Sep 06: The report is a trap! Pkr got me, crap. Keep an eye for them or you'll suffer the same fate. -Soldier

Sep 13: We are going to need more members, please ask other survivors. -Soldier

Sep 15: The Piggott building is going to be abandoned until a new SZES Headquarters is found. Once we've found a new HQ, it will be pernament. -Soldier

Sep 17: Check around E. Willianville or S. Dartside for LoRd gALtH0RnE because theirs a recent sighting of him. Lets show him we're not noobs! -Soldier

October 2008:

  • Oct 26: A Forum has been created for the Special Zombie Extermination Squad, please go check it out but only me can edit it.

-Soldier UDW

  • Oct 31: Happy Halloween everyone, today is going to be difficult today. This is ever zombie activity peaks and everybody be on the lookout.

-Soldier UDW

  • Oct 31: I have placed a Danger Map on the bottom of the Article, use it for your advantage.

-Soldier UDW

  • Oct 31: See if anyone can explore the map of Borehamwood. People will like to know more about it.

-Soldier UDW

November 2008:

  • Nov 01: We now have a designated Radio Frequency. It is 26.50, tune in to this radio station for news. But their is no coordenates yet so we will might need to get a Headquarters Building and I will pick one of the Safezones in the city.

-Soldier UDW

  • Nov 05: The group is now going to be taken part of the Malton Uprising, a city wide uprising of Surviving Humans in attempt to claim the city. Do your best out there, I wish you all good luck. :)

-Soldier UDW

  • Nov 05: We've got a situation, the zombies are begining to overrun the humans. The Hotzone is getting bigger every 48 Hours, we need to do something so kill any zombies in sight. I don't care what you use just get the job done.

-Soldier UDW

  • Nov 06: On it. Ive got a character stationed in North Blythville and one other in Dulston. Things are really getting rough out there.

- Ωmega360 Small septagon.gifT

  • Nov 07: I have found a safehouse, its called the Rutter Motel coordenates: 24,73. This SZES Safehouse has a potential of becoming a SZES Headquarters.

-Soldier UDW

  • Nov 08: A new page has been created for Advertizing about the SZES. Check out the Article by clicking here.

-Soldier UDW

  • Nov 09: Calling all SZES Officers, head to the Rutter Motel ASAP! Coordenates 24, 73. This is serious!

-Soldier UDW

  • Nov 11: Calling all SZES Officers, I have been trapped outside! I have been bitten and almost killed by a zombie. I' am at South Blythville: coordsinates 24, 74 outside the Dingley Library. Going to need help fast!

-Soldier UDW

  • Nov 11: Its okay guys, I'm at saftey again. No need further assistance.

-Soldier UDW

  • 11/11/08: A new policy has been issued to the Special Zombie Extermination Squad called the Player Killer Tracking Policy. Please read it so any of us will end up making mistakes.

-Soldier UDW 18:45, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/11/08: We are no longer part of the Malton Uprising because it is suspected of being involved in player killing. The Malton Uprising will be checked for signs of pking and we will be back in when there's proof that there are no pking involved.

-Soldier UDW 18:45, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/11/08: Now if I' am infected or killed don't worry about me. I don't want to drag any of you out of what your doing so if I ever get caught outside again or get murdered. You don't have to worry.

-Soldier UDW 01:51, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/11/08: A pker got me, I' am lying outside the Rutter Motel, dead. I will figure out something.

-Soldier UDW 02:50, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/12/08: Soldier, if you can get to a RP, I can revive you. I have some extra syringes handy. Also, I propose we help with the effort to reclaim The Nich Building.

- Ωmega360 Small septagon.gifT 12:54, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/12/08: I have been revived but I' am still dead as a dodo. I' am saving up the AP so I will be fine for now. Also see if anyone of you can make a SZES Safehouse in the suburb you're in.

-Soldier UDW 23:23, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/13/08: Currently trying to repair The Nich Building. Could use some help. 6 Zeds inside, the doors are closed.

-Shirax 12:13, 13 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/13/08: Okay, I'm up now! Lets see if we can take the Nich Building. But we have to do it on Nov 16 so thats are deadline. We are in South Blythville in the Rutter Motel. We could take part on reclaiming the Nich.

-Soldier UDW 13:21, 13 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/13/08: We have created the article for the AZS and SZES alliance. We need help on editting the article so if you do editted it, it has to be approved my me and Eric. Oh, Eric is the leader of the Anti-zombie squad.

-Soldier UDW 02:09, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/13/08: Can you post a linky to this new page, Soldier? I can help put it together. Also, what kind of contact methods will we be having with the AZS?

- Ωmega360 Small septagon.gifT 03:30, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/14/08: Go down below, there is a section called websites and it has the link on it.

-Soldier UDW 13:14, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

  • 11/17/08: I now have the Diagnosis skill but don't expect me to heal you if you're wounded yet because I do not have any First Aid Kits. I will probably get some tomorrow.

-Soldier UDW 02:10, 18 November 2008 (UTC)

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