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Help Wanted

The Special Zombie Extermination Squad is a Zombie Hunter Group whos job is to control the Zombie Population in Malton, Monroeville, and Borehamwood. The reason why we are here is because the zombies have taken over most of the survivor groups' Captials and suburbs. So we formed the group in order to "Exterminate" the Zombies. We also treat wounded survivors with care and we give are group members respect. Anyone can join exept Player Killers, Generator Killers, and Offensive Zombies. Any zombie who wants a revive can join. We are always accepting new recruits, so join us and we will wipe out the zombies in Malton. There is no leader at this time, anyone can announce themselves the leader of this group if they please.

We are based in all subrubs of Malton and also in Monroeville and Borehamwood.

The Special Zombie Extermination Squad's jobs:

  • Establish safehouses in multiple suburbs
  • Revive Neutral zombies at Revive Points
  • Protect Surviving Humans from the Living Dead
  • Heal survivors of their wounds
  • Gather supplies for safehouses
  • Exterminate Zombies and Player Killers

Hurry! Join us now! Malton and its surviving residents needs are help!

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