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Abbreviation: None
Group Numbers: 5+, Recruiting
Leadership: Regnikov/The Russian Bear[1]
Goals: Survive, and help others to survive, creating stable and peaceful areas in which to do so, and to have fun doing it.
Recruitment Policy: Minimum Requirements: Must be at least first level in one of the three Military classes.
Contact: Email: evilclown48@gmail.com

Why become a Spetsnaz?

If your tired of just running out on your own to kill the odd zombie, if you want to put those advanced Shotgun and Pistol skills to better use than picking off one or two stragglers every now and again and then spending your next two turns stocking up again, then you might want to consider the Spetsnaz! We offer an excellent and respectful team environment where the goal is to hold and protect ground and resources which can be used by lower level and otherwise general survivors. As well as protecting precious resources our comrades will be involved in large scale attacks on zombie groups, further insuring the protection of the common man. All this is done within a fun and team oriented environment!

Spetsnaz training snow.jpg

You can learn more about us in the sections below.

What are we doing here?

So before you jump to conclusions and immediately suspect a nuclear or biological attack is coming, let me tell you why the most elite among the sons of Mother Russia have come to this place.

Just before the outbreak of this hideous infection, the Spetsnaz were conducting a joint millitary exercise with acclaimed Delta special operations assaulters. When the country was placed under national emergency status, we and all other special operations units were ordered to defend and escort fleeing civilians out of the city of Malton. After the last trains left, we were then comissioned to clean the entire area of the infected, along with soldiers of the regular army, and the National Guard. Who knew that we, well trained and heavily armed could be dismantled into chaos by creatures possessing nothing more than their hands and their teeth. We were all scattered, my comrades and the Delta Forces; now we wander about the city using what weapons we can, our AK's have run dry, and we have been forced to use old shotguns and pistols; but we survive, or at least I survive. Communication is hard to come by in this place: I have only been able to locate a few of my soldiers. However, the time has come when we will reunite again, and make open war upon the vile plague that spreads it's insidious tendrils over the entire continent.

Kommander Regnikov

Our mission

Primary goal:

- To provide safe havens for newcomers and even experienced players to gather supplies and ammunition, to obtain medical attention or to heal themselves and to recover they're strength for the ongoing fight.

Secondary goals:

- To attack and eliminate zombie groups and hordes using unique tactics and strategems, not just for ourselves but to aid allies and groups similar to our own.

- Murderers are never acceptable in any society, and while the location and destruction of individual serial killers or, 'PKer's', is not the primary goal of the Spetsnaz, known murderous individuals that have been found in an area local to the Spetsnaz will be executed without hesitation. PKer groups depending on the threat they pose are also considered prime targets to be assaulted, and will be treated with the same disdain as the zombie horde.

- While gaining sidejobs and executing favours is not officialy a goal of the Spetsnaz, it may be relevant under certain circumstances however these favors will never violate treaties, the human rights of innocent individuals, and will never violate the Code of Conduct, if a member of the organisation is asked to do a favour for a specific person or party, the request will be reported to the appropriate group leader/s, so that it can be evaluated.


We are currently looking for military personnel of any level, whether your a Private, a Medic, or a Scout, we could use your help, send an email to the address in the contact section, or speak to any of the combatants listed in the section below. The Spetsnaz will gladly except your weapon in the service of Malton, and the Motherland!

When enough Spetsnaz combat units have been organized, recruitment will be broadened to include persons with medical and Necrotech experience, as well as to civilians.

There are no supply requirments either, though it is encouraged that you have a radio, and more so, a Mobile Phone.

Combat units

A list of Spetsnaz combatants.

The Russian Bear[2], Kommander

Regnikov, Kommander-Temporary Leave

Comrade Rohner-MIA


Recent events

This section is used to relate recent events and changes within the group, and events in Urban Dead that apply to the Spetsnaz.

I would like to announce that our Recruitment Policy has changed, it is less restrictive than our former policy so as to encourage continued expansion of our group.

Regnikov 00:23, 19 January 2010 (UTC)

I have added a roster so that our members can be recognized and contacted more easily.

Regnikov 17:48, 8 February 2010 (UTC)

Rifleman is now considered Missing in Action, and Orthodontist has been removed from the Roster. Also, Comrade Rohner and I have begun work on a plan of action to be carried out over the next month, possibley including a tour of Malton's Malls.

The Russian Bear 10:54, 6 April 2010 (UTC)

I took part in the first aftermath reorganizing of Caiger after the recent seige today, by barricading, lighting, and repairing all four corners and well as removing zombies.

The Russian Bear 23:22, 16 June 2010 (UTC)

Unfortunantly, Comrade Rohner is now officialy MIA. He was the last other active Spetsnaz, meaning our group number are now just me. This also means it will be impossible to go through with OP: Walking Lamb. I am at this time, becomeing slightly desperate. I am on my way to Fort Creedy to pick up emergency efforts on recruitment.

The Russian Bear 15:00, 24 June 2010 (UTC)

Spetsnaz Official Safehouses

Every organized group requires a safe house in wich it members can always be provided a safe feeling where you can rest. Currently we are working on organzing new safehouses to be used whenever a Spetsnaz combatant is in the area. These safehouses will be rather secluded yet strategic so that though there is little survivor and zombie traffic to worry about, they can still be used for something. They will also be equiped with a genny and a radio trannsmitter at all times, keeping the recomendation that Combatants should carry a fuel can. Safehouses should also always be kept at EHB, with a VSB entry point nearby. We encourage Spetsnaz units to decorate safehouses as they see fit, with museum pieces and other such items. We also encourage the our units spraypaint their name and date of visit before they leave the safehouse. If a combatant finds a safehouse to be in ruin we request that they spend the night in another safe house, and once rested, repair the safehouse, barricade it, and re supply it with a genny and radio transmitter, time permitting. There is one official safehouse in every 5 suburb district and one central safehouse, which is the the Spetsnaz HQ. Safehouse locations are as follows:

Operation Walking Lamb

Operation Walking Lamb is the newest undertaking of the current Spetsnaz forces. It is an expedition that is being conducted by The Russian Bear and Comrade Rohner. The goal is to visit every mall in Malton over a period of aproximently 1 1/2 to 2 months. Over this time, they will spread the word of and advertise the Spetsnaz. Why is it called operation Walking Lamb? Because we are traveling, or walking, around Malton. And Mall backwards is LLAM, which sounds like Lamb. So for the consideration of the public, I present to you, OP: WALKING LAMB

Code of Conduct

The members of the Spetsnaz hold to the following principles and standards:

That the act of PKing, without sufficient reason to do so is a murderous act and a violation of basic human rights, PKer's and PKer groups are strictly enemies and any and all found in the vicinity will be executed, if a Spetsnaz operative manifests himself to be a PKer he will have a limited amount of time to vacate the area, or face execution.

That Zombies and Zombie Groups are strictly enemies, and any communication between Zombies and Spetsnaz operatives is strictly prohibited.

That revivification in most cases should be carried out only if the victim is known to be a survivor, and in other cases such as mass revives the revivefied should be listed and kept under careful surveillance in case the individuals manifest themselves to be Zombie spies.

That Spetsnaz operatives are required follow orders at all times even if they seem questonable, except in cases where orders show blatant disregard for the Code of Conduct or chain of command, if certain orders appear questionable the operative may request an inquiry into motivation for said orders that will involve a board of all group leaders.

That Spetsnaz operatives are excpected to show respect and decency to there officers and fellow operatives, and to all survivors they may come into contact with, displaying an attitude of service toward the common man, for that is why all armies exist, to serve and protect!


Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.