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The Spice Girls!
Abbreviation: TSG
Group Numbers: DISBANDED!
Leadership: Our manager, when we decide on one.
Goals: To tour Malton, and cause confusingly sexy chaos
Recruitment Policy: Provide us with a good reason and a good spice character (do so on our talk page) and you will be considered!
Contact: talk page

A Brief History of.....

The Spice Girls

Although the detailed and extended history of 'The Spice Girls' can be explained in the previous passage, there is need for some filler on this page.

'The Spice Girls' are a group of middle aged men who dress as their pop starlet heroes, The Spice Girls.

In more peaceful times in Malton, these men were all best friends with a deathly secret. Despite all being married, with children, these men would all play a weekly game of "tennis" at the local indoor courts.

While their wives saw this as good old healthy exercise, the men used the after game shower time to indulge in sweet man on man action.

Unlike many survivors in Malton, the apocalypse was actually a good thing for these men. Now, with the obliteration of their wives and children, these men are free to roam Malton dressed as their favourite singing superstarts, The Spice Girls

Be on the lookout, and be sure to applaud the soothing siren songs of 'The Spice Girls', or you may end up a heaping pile of lifeless limbs on your local mall floor!

As of late, the members of the Spice Girls are on a hiatus, citing family commitments.--MichaelRead 11:12, 18 February 2008 (UTC)

Colours of the world!
Spice up your life!
Every boy and every girl!
Spice up your life!
People of the world!
Spice up your life!
Aaaahh!!! '


PowerOf5.jpg People Of The World!
This user Loves The Spice Girls fo' evaah!. Spice Up Your Life!.
PowerOf5.jpg People Of The World!
This user was an outrageously sexy member of The Spice Girls. Spice Up Your Life!.
Beatbox.jpg Beatbox Kid
These users were all proud Beatbox Kids. BBK fo' lyf biatches.
Gayforstarwars.jpg GAY FOR STAR WARS!
This user thinks thatFinis Valorum is gay for Star Wars characters, and lumberjacks
ALiM contrib.jpg Amusing Locations Contributor
This user or group helps compile the list of Amusing Locations in Malton

Current Aims

This is a list of The Spice Girls' most sexy aims.

1. Kill any player or zombie who ends up on our 'Mystery Hit List'.

2. Kill anybody from the group The Revolution as they are lame.

3. Bring cheap concerts to the Malls of Malton.

4. On occasion, kill any radio that does no play our music. Or anyone who tells us to stop playing our music.

5. Broadcast a Spice Girls weekly radio show. On any frequency we find, depending on where we are.

Spice Girls, LIVE!!

We often perform concerts in various buildings. Whether it be a mall for the tired shoppers or a hospital for terminally ill child cancer patients, The Spice Girls guarantee you one heck of a performance!

Shows so far!!

1. On the 7th Of November, 2007, at 9:30 PM (AEST), The Spice Girls performed their smash hit, 'Spice Up Your Life!' to the lucky patrons of Dowdney Malls NE corner. The Show was broadcast on 26.06 MHz and set the bar high for Spice Girls shows to come.

2. On the 25th of November, 2007, at 9:30 PM (AEST), The Spice Girls were back in the NE wing of Dowdney Mall, belting out a hearty rendition of 'Wannabe', the song that had previously shot them into the pop music stratosphere. Once again, the show was once again broadcast for all to hear over Santlerville's 26.06 Frequency.

To view LIVE photography of these shows, click here!

Current Members

Sporty Spice - run by Tim - GomerPyle41
Sporty spice is so buff, that some say she bought body building twice.
Her weapons of choice include hockey sticks, cricket bats and golf clubs.
She is as swift as she is deadly and it has been said by a couple of
old guys that she can out run a mountain goat...
p.s. Shes into angry sex.

Posh Spice is Dandy - Dandy 69
Posh spice grew up on the streets of Malton before the outbreak and it
is there where she aquired her killer instinct. Ironically Posh is a
master of disguise although she always dress's in a low cut dress and
black stilettos. Always.

Baby Spice is Nick - Nallan
Dont under estimate this spice, she's as deadly as she is cute and has
lured many a survivor to certain death with her siren song. She was formly
known as 'whore' spice due to her sleeping around.

Ginger Spice is Michael - MichaelRead
Although having hair that sticks out like a high visibility jacket, this red
haired fox is the stealthy spice. If you can see Ginger, she can see you,
if you cant see Ginger you may only be seconds away from death. Ginger also
does not believe in Germany and loves chuck norris jokes.

Scary Spice is Luke - mr hubertcumberdale
Her heart is as black as her skin and her eyes as wild as her hair. The
least is known about this spice, but it is known that she aquired the taste for blood
when the old manager of the band sugested that she changed her name to 'slave' spice and
in a fit of rage she ate his face clean of his skull in 3.6 seconds, a world record.

Asian Spice is Wilson - Wilsonzmb918
Despite lacking the ability to look both upwards or downwards, Asian spice is a master of mathematical equASIANS, Tae Kwon Do and dancing the Yatta.
Once just a small town Malaysian street hooker and Spice Girls Fanatic, Asian Spice is now a welcomed and feared member of the group.
Without even having to dress up she can trick you into thinking she is someone else.
All she has to do is stand next to someone of similar ethnicity. Good luck guessing which one is her.
Asian spice is known across Malton due to her being the victim of the stalker like antics of the worlds most obsessive Asian 'enthusiast' Tim Abel.

Silent Kill/Hit List

The idea of our silent hit list, is not to expose who we are going to kill, until after they have been killed by us once. If we don't like you enough, you may stay on this list until we are bored with you. The number next to each persons name, is the amount of times they have been killed by a Spice Girls Member.


0. PLAYER NAME - Number of Times Killed - Reason.........USE THIS TEMPLATE!

1. Sexy Rexy Grossman - 2 - well known figure in and around Santlerville. This isn't personal. We love the Sex Cannon! But to get known, you must go big. And Rexy is the biggest there is.

2. Scurley7 - 2 - Pker and part of the seemingly one man "Revolution". Plus he likes Linkin Park

3. ????? ??????? - 0 - Total lamewad. Anus of Santlerville.

4. Philip the Pole Man - 5 - Tries very hard to be a myspace whore, yet fails miserably. Has erectile disfunction, however about six months ago he threatened to kill one of us. He finally did it about a week ago. Now he must die, repeatedly. (Might receive sympathy from GomerPyle41)

5. ??????????????????? - 0 - Once a friend, now a friendly enemy.

6. ??? - 0 - See Above. He thinks he knows that this is him, but what if it isn't?.......

7. Kurrilove - 5 - Member of PKers The Revolution who are ghey.

8. EvDaddio - 1 - Member of PKers The Revolution as above.

9. Shakey60 - 11 - The new Finis. With even SMALLER genitals.

10. Raistlyn - 5 - Killed me while waiting for a revive, twice. Then killed me again, after I was left for dead by a zombie raid. Proceeded to call me 'spice bitch'. This has earnt him the title of, quite simply, "faggot"

11. Any of the Dark Hideous Alts - 1 - Lame Finis Valorum alts.

12. CounterStruck - 2 - Exceeding UD weight limit.

13. Omegabeetron - 1 - For being a gigantic manly man. Supports the Cleveland Browns and looks like the eventual outcome of a night of hot sex between Macauly Culkin (circa Home Alone One) and Casper, The Friendly Ghost.

Recruitment policy

The Spice Girls like to get new members. Simply, our pimp makes more money this way.
HOWEVER in order to join our crew, you must come up with your own original Spice Girl description and name. You do not need to make a new UD character, just a new description. For example, the Spice Girl "Asian Spice" is run by the UD character Wilsonzmb918. All you have to do is dress the way you feel your Spice Girl would dress, and place a good thorough description of your Spice Girl character in your UD profile. You must also add your Spice Girl name to your profile.

Song Parodies

This is a section in which any member of the wiki community can have their Spice Girls parodies published. All you have to do is post your parody on our talk page, and we will consider if it is worthy of main page promotion.
Obviously make it better than Lukes feeble attempt.

So here's the story from A-Z, six slutty trannies from across the sea
We've got baby over here, who likes it up the rear
We got G like MC who are both easy
V doesn't come free, shes worth $5.70
Then theres Asian, shes a bit slopey
And as for me... they call me, blacky
Mr hubertcumberdale 02:52, 31 October 2007 (UTC)

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