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last updated: Monday 24th May 2010 (20:00 GMT)

Current Squad Cool HQ - the Buckrell Building, Shuttlebank [35,16], we maintain barricades @ EHB, keep powered and lit in good times, no generator in bad.

Our Dive - Club Brookeman, Shuttlebank [34,17], keep dark, should be VSB or above (1SW of Buckrell). Also see: 'tactically advantageous' island Club Cust.

Entry point - Bu Crescent Railway Station, Shuttlebank [35,15], we help maintain barricades @ VSB, (1N of Buckrell)

Back up entry point - the Darknell Museum, Shuttlebank [35,14] (2N of Buckrell)/(any ruined building)

Nearest Police Dept - Wild Walk Police Department, Shuttlebank [35,17], should be EHB, (1S of Buckrell)

Nearest Hospital - Fabian General Hospital, Shuttlebank [34,16], maintained by Tikhon Medical, likely to be EHB, (1W of Buckrell)

Nearest NT - the Marfell Building, Shuttlebank [33,15] (1W, 1NW of Buckrell)

Nearest Factory - a factory, Shuttlebank [36,15], we help maintain at EHB as it's easily the closest source of both generators and fuel, (1NE of Buckrell)

Nearest Auto-Repair - Pippen Auto Repair, Yagoton [43,16], (6E, 1SE, 1NE of Buckrell)

Nearest Mall - Bale Mall, East Boundwood & Yagoton [43,9]-[44,10] (8 Block Free Run From Buckrell Building: 5NE, 2E, 1NE). If you have Shopping, and especially with Bargain Hunter, this is your best place for guns, ammo, generators, radio transmitters, tech items, everything except FAKs, revive needles and fuel. We're also close to three other Malls, see: Calvert Mall, Caiger Mall, Stickling Mall.

Please search a Police Dept/Fire Dept for a radio and tune it to 28.58 MHz - Squad Cool Radio!

Useful links and resources

DiS thread: http://drownedinsound.com/community/boards/social/4252393

Suburb Danger Map: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Suburb

Map (with search location): http://map.aypok.co.uk/

Meta-map (awesome!): http://gribligs.net/UDmetatac/

A note on buildings and their value: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Tactical_Resource_Point

I Heard It Through The Grapevine


Zombie numbers finally look like they may rise and rise from here. If Escape gets smashed in the next week or two, and effectively becomes a zombie group, it'll be able to destroy suburbs with a ferocity not seen in six months at least. Let's hope so.

Also, please give me suggestions, ideas and questions about the direction you would like Squad Cool to take in the next three-six months!!


Ackland Mall, which is around 10 blocks South-West of Squad Cool HQ, has fallen to a mob of zombies. How many, we don't know, I estimate between 30-50, but we're going to have a scout around tonight!

Almost everyone is starting to level up quicker and quicker as they gain the more advanced combat skills, keep it up! We still need another two people with Construction, someone else to help with Diagnosis, two people to get the NecroTech Employment skills, and we'll really start to be a potent force! Everyone will have all the same skills in the end, but if some people can specialise and prioritise to acquire certain skills during the next month or so, we'll have a much better chance of surviving any coming zombie horde.

Rogues Gallery, the database of player killer reports, has gone down. So I won't be able to check people for recent sins they may have committed. In these situations, best to add PKers to your Contacts list when you see them carrying out grim deeds (and highlight them red). You may avoid sleeping in the same building as them in future (or discover an opportunity for revenge!).

Also, looking for a more permanent home for Squad Cool! Not sure where yet, but once we're all at a decent standard (levels 6, 7?), we can migrate! Look at the various maps and help work out a great area to get stuck into! We want resource buildings and minimal survivor group presence ideally, so that we quickly become a vital and powerful gang within whichever suburb we pick.

Thought for the day

"Not many cars to nick here; so instead they hijack pedestrians and run them around at terrifying leg-speeds. It's called "git surfing"; all too often, the "git" is one of their own mothers. The latest trick - catapult them into a shop - and force them to steal booze, fags and mags."

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