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Archive 1

9 April 2008 Although Pole Mall is under siege and a considerable number of zombies are to be found especially in the West of Tapton, things seem to be under control. Unfortunately, Phil's Freaks seem to have found a new pub... In any case, we are now in the run-up to our second anniversary, and the Ständige Vertretung is flourishing!

Hello Everybody, A fine Sunday to You all. It's March 16, 2008, and Tapton is starting to recover. StäV members and allies have been working to restore the life to Tapton. Many buildings in the West are caded. Some sport lights and generators. The zombie population is still at dangerously high levels, although the total number appears to have decreased. The author's opinion is that most attacking zombies have moved south east. A working generator still draws the undead like a free kegger. But they can't be everywhere. Any ruined building should be assumed to have a Zed or two inside. Be careful. A RL friend's zon has been playing an independent Zed (Stone18) since last year. In exchange for some RL provisions, he's provided us a few screen captures today. Check them out at The kid says he feels slighted at not having gotten a taste of my brain. Everyone be careful out there. -Firestorm Steel

8 March 2008: Tapton is largely over run. Triggs Auto repair went down within the last hour. I ought to know- they Killed me while they were doing it. I'm currently at Dix Place. If there's revive capacity, great. If not, I'll charge up to 50 AP and start Z- K ing. That's clumsy, even for a zombie. Let's call it Zeaking. What can they do, kill me for it? I'll retire to the revive point after every hunt. In a related matter, the StäV forum is inoperative. -Firestorm Steel

29 February 2008: Unlife is back in Tapton, and the revive queue at Dix Place is long. Several key buildings were overrun by zombies in the last few days, but we are not letting things get out of hand! Luckily, our numbers are growing: in the last three days alone, monkey bum, Dr Ogun and Admiral Naxus joined the StäV.

10 February 2008: As of late, some of our members started dedicating their full attention to keeping Swithun General Hospital (Tapton) running and accessible for lower level characters.

14 August 2007: Our group keeps on growing! And Tapton can certainly do with more survivors as there is increased zombie activity as of late.

First Anniversary: On 20th April 2007, the Ständige Vertretung celebrated the first anniversary of the group and the Dix Place revive point.

--End Archive 1