St. Abraham's Church

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St. Abraham's Church
QSB, unlit
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St. Abraham's Church

Paynterton [91, 38]

the Thurtle Building the Bath Building Gamlen Row
wasteland St. Abraham's Church the Packe Building
Krinks Boulevard Garwood Way the Gracewood Building

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

St. Abraham's Church is a church located in the suburb of Paynterton, near the eastern border of Malton. Prior to the Malton Incident, this facility had a small local congregation, but now it is barely frequented by survivors nor zombies, who most of the time are only looking for valuable goods or to ransack the once sacred structure.

St. Abraham's Church


St. Abraham's Church is a small grey-stoned building located in the suburb of Paynterton. While lawns surround this sturdy, derelict structure, on almost every front, a few medium-sized trees offer a reasonable amount of cover and ambiance in the apocalyptic wasteland of Malton. Even after being constantly ransacked by zombies and raided by passing survivors, this small-town church still stands as one of the few remaining symbols of Malton culture in Paynterton.

Inside the church, a variety of goods can be found. The most common products being crucifixes and wine. Although first aid kits can be found inside, they are rare. A better place to search for medical supplies is in a hospital, the nearest two being Brendan General Hospital (seven blocks south and one block west) and St. Isidore's Hospital (seven blocks north and one block east).


Although the exact date is not known, St. Abraham's Church was built sometime in the late 18th century to the early 19th century by the local community in an attempt to bring religion to the people of Paynterton. It was originally lead by a Reverend going by the name of Joseph Mills, however, following his death in the 1930's, his son, Andrew Mills, took his place as head of the community until he died in 1974. By then the church was run by a high member of the congregation named Samson Williamson. The church remained mostly active until the Malton Incident. It should be noted that events following the Malton Incident are a mystery.

Barricade Policy

Very Securely Barricaded per Paynterton Barricade Plan.

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