St. Aelred's Church

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St. Aelred's Church
VSB and powered but empty. Access point
Mafiamanz (talk) 09:54, 20 April 2020 (UTC)
St. Aelred's Church

Foulkes Village [5, 82]

Raines Grove the Potter Monument Wimbridge Crescent
Fyfhyde Plaza St. Aelred's Church a factory
a factory Paget Auto Repair Reakes Grove

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

St Aelreds.jpg


An old church with hand-fitted masonry. Its solid walls have aged into dappled shades of grey and amber. It appears to have been pieced together over the decades. The clock tower still functions. The church is believed to still be the home of the priceless St Aelred's Jewel, which topped St Aelred's wooden crozier, but its precise location is now lost to history.


St. Aelred, the patron saint of integrity, died in 1167. Some 950 years later the old Potter Hill church was renamed in his honor, to spread the virtue of integrity throughout Foulkes Village. In the days before the quarantine the Feast of Aelred was celebrated in the eponymous church every January the 12th. Even now, some of Crew Avenue Police Department's finest can be found paying their respects there by indulging in their traditional feast - the jelly filled donut.
Being the only traditional church in Foulkes Village it remains a spiritual center for a handful of citizens and was recently incorporated into the CAPD compound to provide added security. From March 28-29, 2009, the Church of the Resurrection preached on the church grounds and sanctified St. Aelred's Church in Sweet Zombie Jesus' name.

Barricade Policy

Serving as an entry point to the old Fyfhyde Iron Works, the barricades should always be kept at very strong. It also serves as a respite for the revive-weary traveler who may have just risen from nearby Fyfhyde Plaza.

You are inside St Aelred's Church. The building has been very strongly barricaded

Current Status

Services are held at eventide each day, ravenousness of congregation permitting. A collection plate is passed round afterwards. Please do not chug the communion wine or eat the choristers. The aisles of the church have been been decorated with an abstract painting.

20th April 2020 - VSB with power, but empty. Mafiamanz (talk) 09:54, 20 April 2020 (UTC)

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