St. Ambrose's Church (Stanbury Village)

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St. Ambrose's Church
EHB, unlit
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St Ambrose's Church

Stanbury Village [53,53]

Lyman Square a junkyard Club Brine
Toms Road St Ambrose's Church a junkyard
the Modeford Building St Eusebius's Church Duffill Alley

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.


St Ambrose is no longer open for weddings.

A crumbling, ancient church built on sand. Now a derelict grey-stone building surrounded by lawns.


Dating back to the 4th century, St Ambrose's Church is one of the oldest churches in Malton, and is thought to have been constructed by St. Ambrose himself.

The patron saint of rice pudding, Ambrose was seriously lost while on a spiritual journey. Instead of Milan, he had wound up in Malton, and the dyslexic holy man prayed for guidance in this place. Hearing celestial GPS coordinates that would eventually lead him back to northern Italy, he fell to his knees and noisily declared he would construct a church on that very spot, with his bare hands.

Soon discovering that he had set himself quite a task, Ambrose quietly decided to make the church a manageable size, and it is also one of the smallest churches in Malton. Most people have to stoop to enter, and the tower is barely ten feet high, making services there somewhat uncomfortable. Nonetheless, under present circumstances the church has been able to provide shelter for unprecedentedly large crowds, both of survivors and zombies.

Ambrose had also omitted to consider that he had prayed in a sandy stretch of land, quite unsuitable for heavy masonry, and the church now leans 7 degrees off perpendicular as a result of subsidence and zombie desecrations.

Barricade Policy

Current Status

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