St. Gall's Church (Pennville)

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St. Gall's Church

Pennville [85,85]

Sears Park St. Louis's Church Sellers Bank
Dufferin Grove St. Gall's Church the Colsworthy Arms
Surtees Cinema a cemetery a factory

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.



St. Gall's Church
EthrDemon (talk) 21:56, 7 April 2020 (UTC)

St. Galls Church is one of three churches within the suburb of Pennville. Located in the very central parts of the suburb, but slightly towards the east side, St. Galls Church is found at the coordinates [85,85]. It is also located just south of one of the other churches in the suburb - St. Louis's Church. Originally, the two churches had been part of St. Gall's Seminary, but because of doctrinal disagreement, the ministerial training college was closed and split into two congregations. Later, their differences were settled. Before the outbreak, both St. Galls and St. Louis's churches teamed up to offer better service to Pennville. They offered group services with more congregants than any church in Malton and even offered discounts at the local cemetery. Since then, it has become a safehold to survivors hiding from zombies and a source of communication via mobile phones.

The Building...

This building has the only Mobile Phone Mast in Pennville on top of it. To keep communications up, please do not destroy the generator. Top it up with fuel if necessary.

Because of this, the building should be barricaded to an extremely heavily barricaded level at all times to ensure communications have a better chance of survival. The nearest entry points are the pub east of the church and the Surtees Cinema west of the church.

St Gall.jpg


The Church was founded in 613 and named after Gallus, an Irishman. Saint Gallus was a disciple and companion of Saint Columbanus, and died in 646. Under abbot Pius a printing press was started. In 2005, a great change came to St. Gall with the pillage by the Zombies. Most of the books and manuscripts were destroyed or otherwise ruined. The remaining manuscripts were taken to Pasker_Library for safe keeping.

St. Gall's Seminary Dissension

Some 100 years ago, St. Louis's Church had been part of St. Gall's seminary. The seminary became endangered when dissensions in the church doctrine of fellowship arose amongst the faculty and student body. No one can be certain who started the whole thing anymore, but we do know Rev. Dr. Eckhart Rexworth and Rev. Dr. Ivan Colsworth had a dispute over dogma that escalated until the school was forced to suspend all classes until it could be resolved. Further dissatisfaction with the administration led the faculty and attending ministers to go their separate ways.

Opposing Churches

Although the seminary dissolved, a conservative group led by Prof. Ivan Colsworth remained at St. Gall's chapel, evangelizing the community in hopes to gather support from them. An opposing group led by Prof. Eckhart Rexworth were unwilling to give up the seminary campus or the doctrinal fight; they converted the library across the street from the seminary into a chapel and did the same evangelizing of the community. Because of resulting financial trouble from the church split, both factions agreed to sell the other buildings. The dormitory was sold to a local banker, who built it into Sellers Bank. the Colsworthy Arms and the Rexworthy Arms had both been used as classrooms and Faculty housing (Rexworth and Colsworth had been two fiery opposing faculty members). After being sold were home to various businesses, becoming two local pubs in the end (Rexworthy burned to the ground after the local firefighters were busy saving a cat, not looking next-door, but was rebuilt into a pub by a former monk and student of Ivan Colsworth).

Rev. Dr. Eckhard Rexworth
Rev. Dr. Ivan Colsworth

Modern St. Gall's Church

The two churches settled their differences over beer and brats one evening at Colsworthy Arms; noted theologian and head minister of St. Galls, Anton Steinbrecher, invited all the members of both congregations to a Bible study and open discussion. Both churches stubbornly felt it was doomed, but after hearing the ministers of each congregation speak, the church leaders resolved the differences, surprisingly without compromise. From then on, the congregations worked jointly for the good of the community. They offered group services with more congregants than any church in Malton and even offered discounts at the local cemetery. Since the outbreaks, both churches have become safeholds to survivors hiding from zombies and a source of communication via mobile phones. The original seminary tunnels built underneath and between the buildings were dug open again for safety and running supply-lines.

The Fall of St. Gall's

Rev. Anton Steinbrecher

Anton Steinbrecher, the famous peacemaker and head minister at St. Gall's fell ill one Sunday, forcing his protege and vicar, Ilia Sparovich, to take over all the duties of head minister for a time. At this time, the outbreaks had just begun, but few knew anything about them. After Steinbrecher died, the associate minister of St. Louis's Church was appointed the new head minister of St. Gall's. His first duty was to preside over Steinbrecher's funeral. During the service, the old head minister shocked the nearly 500+ gathering of congregants by reanimating mid-prayer and partially devouring St. Gall's new head minister. Amid screams and panic, Vicar Ilia Sparovich shocked the crowd by beating and incapacitating the zombie Steinbrecher with a silver crucifix. Shortly thereafter, he buried the head and torso in separate locations of the cemetery. The new head minister survived, but fell comatose and died that afternoon. With the churches in disarray, and the city amid massive outbreaks, the the remaining ministers did their best to create a safehaven for the people of Malton, especially those on the way to the Military base to the south.

Ilia Sparovich

Almost ceaselessly attending to every trouble amongst the people staying in his church, Sparovich was growing weary of the heresy and atheism that was growing in his church. Yet, he left to travel across town for supplies when no one else would. While gone, the crowd of zombies invaded and destroyed most of the church, devouring or fatally infecting almost all the families and groups resting therein. Returning to a church filled with death, Sparovich left on a mission swelling with spiritual turmoil and personal vendetta. Even in his absence, the church has been repaired and well-cared for by the people of Malton. Sparovich has since been rumored to have returned and is watching over the people of Pennville as he once had; however, some say he is a changed man-- although very gentle and kind, he is now terribly paranoid, holds a deep and passionate grudge against the undead, and shows signs of delusion and hallucination from time-to-time.

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