St. Gelasius's Church

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St. Gelasius's Church
Freshly Ruined
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St. Gelasius's Church

Greentown [35, 78]

a warehouse Ainslie Row Railway Station Hames Drive
St. Etheldreda's Church St. Gelasius's Church Daley Street
Tomlin Crescent Dibsdall Grove a carpark

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.
St. Gelasius's Church



St. Gelasius's Church had a reputation of being the more liberal of the three churches before the outbreak. They still, however engaged in the attempts to shut down Greentown's clubs, and in several conservative actions throughout the town. They also had the smallest congregation, numbering only 100 people per week (by Greentown's standards, quite small.)

Barricade Policy

Because churches in Greentown are considered entry points, it should be barricaded to Very Strongly Barricaded +2 (which means, barricade it up unto the point where it says "further barricading will prevent people from entering" and stop so that people without free running can still enter). Survivors who fear for their safety and have free running can move next door to an EHB building.

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