St. Helena's Hospital (Spicer Hills)

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St. Helena's Hospital
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St. Helena's Hospital

Spicer Hills [20, 99]

Dickin Park
(Old Arkham)
Bowring Way Police Department the Mallett Museum
Theobald Library
(Old Arkham)
St. Helena's Hospital House Auto Repair
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Basic Info:

  • Excellent place to find first aid kits. Zombies frequently check inside.
  • Portable Generators have a use other than powering the lights and increasing search probability in hospitals. Players with the Surgery Skill can heal for 15 HP if the Hospital has a fueled up Generator.
  • Hospitals can be barricaded normally.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in Hospitals:
    • "...its wards and corridors blackened with the soot of a recent fire"
    • "...its empty wards criss-crossed with snapped quarantine tape."
    • " of the city's psychiatric hospitals."
    • "...dark corridors leading through abandoned wards."
    • "...its emergency room in disarray."
    • "...its lobby covered with quarantine posters."
    • "...a children's hospital with bright murals across the walls. "
    • "The main lobby is riddled with bullet holes."
    • "It was one of the last to be evacuated, and seems to have been cleared out in a hurry."
    • "...a derelict hospital that was closed down years ago."

St. Helena's Hospital (Spicer Hills)

<math>Insert formula here</math>===Description===

About St. Helena Hospital St. Helena Hospital was a 181-bed full-service community hospital. It offering the latest in state-of-the-art medical, surgical and diagnostic services. It served as a regional center for cardiac services, outpatient surgery, obstetrics, occupational medicine, pain rehabilitation, plastic and reconstructive surgery, sleep diagnostics and home care services. A comprehensive range of acute care, behavioral health and wellness programs drew patients from all around the greater Malton area. --Phunkmeister 01:39, 2 June 2010 (BST)


Originally named the Rural Health Retreat, the facility opened its doors on June 8, 1878. Later known as the St. Helena Sanitarium and the St. Helena Hospital and Health Center, the organization has been providing healthcare to the residents of the malton and surrounding counties since its inception. In fact, St. Helena Hospital has one of the longest histories of complete medical service. It also holds the record as the oldest continuously operating Seventh-day Adventist healthcare facility in the world, providing for the medical needs of the community for the past 125 years. In 1874 J.N. Loughborough, the president of the California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, visited Malton looking for a building site for a new church. Loughborough had been involved in establishing the first Adventist healthcare facility Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan and hoped to start a similar facility in the greater Malton area. He came across an attractive piece of property on a hillside overlooking the Malton area. It was blessed with a lovely spring of pure, clear water and he thought it was an ideal location for a sanitarium. The property belonged to William Pratt, who had by then retired from his bricklaying business.

As Loughborough's other businesses became more and more sucessful, the nessisary $4.8 million was rasied in order to purchase the land, leading to the magestic albeit slightly war torn building today.--Phunkmeister 01:38, 2 June 2010 (BST)

Barricade Policy

According to the Spicer Hills Barricade Plan this building should be barricaded no more than VSB++, because is an entry point.

The Hospital is now very strongly barricaded, this building complies with barricade standards for a hospital.--Phunkmeister 01:41, 2 June 2010 (BST)

Current Status

July 7th, 2013 - Four zeds outside. 3 zeds inside. 2 dead bodies. 2 survivors inside, one wounded KylieMinogue (60HP) and MeatTank (33HP). Doors open. No cades. Genny is still running. --RoyKirk 23:50, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

In working condition, doctors and medics standing by, need more help for protection.

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