St. Juan's Church (Raines Hills)

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St. Juan's Church
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St. Juan's Church

Raines Hills [62, 13]

Mussabini Square The Harnett Building Bares Park
St Irenaeus's Church St. Juan's Church The Mansbridge Building
Farthing Way Club Markey The Vacher Building

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

St Juan's Church

St. Juan's Church is a single block Church in Raines Hills


Row upon row of bookshelves line every wall. Countless excavations have cleared the majority of the dust from the spines. Feel free to pick up a good book. Just don't expect to relax, the only furniture to be found are a few foot stools, wooden tables and beds that seem harder than the floor.

The church was founded by Juan Donius -- not to be confused with Rev. Juan who had frequent appearances on Malton's Public Access channel before the outbreak -- when he was only a year old. Don't you feel insignificant now? It was really a form of puritanical quarantine, but through years of religious revisions the story's been improved somewhat.

A friar, known only as Friar, found an abandoned child on the doorstep of what was once the Radical Minimalist East wing of St. Irenaeus's Church (Raines Hills). There's not much to say about him, save that he was a nuisance. As an avid reader, he'd been plagued by strict rules over his book shelving and the even stricter borrowing limits, so he devised a plan to split the knowledgeable members of his social circle from the masochistic kooks. The child was a perfect excuse for division and they soon found themselves in paradise, running out of shelves.

Juan Donius grew up to become a prolific leaflet printer and manifesto writer, the friar was killed in the great book collapse of 1693. --Father Bigley 19:46, 9 October 2007 (BST)

The underground stirs and the rumors continue to float around... was Saint Juan really a man deeply in touch with the evil energies in nature?? Was god really just something he used to make a living off of? Nothing can be proven yet but him being seen with shady groups of people in his lifetime have been almost certainly confirmed. No one knows where they went and if they're still possibly in Malton... somewhere... --Vantar 03:21, 28 January 2007 (BST)


Barricade Policy

Current Status

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