St. Jude's Cathedral

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[12,47] - [13,48] (bic) (statuses) (update)
St. Jude's Cathedral
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St. Jude's Cathedral

Molebank [12, 47] - [13, 48]

Jouxson Cinema
[11, 46]
Stallworthy Square
[12, 46]
a Factory
[13, 46]
The Farrant Monument
[14, 46]
The Hateley Arms
[11, 47]
St. Jude's Cathedral St. Jude's Cathedral Cape Towers
[14, 47]
Maishman Bank
[11, 48]
St. Jude's Cathedral St. Jude's Cathedral Copleston Library
[14, 48]
The Curme Building
[11, 49]
Coffins Lane School
[12, 49]
Donnan Alley
[13, 49]
Thorburn Way
[14, 49]

Basic Info:

  • Cathedrals are 2x2 square buildings. Although their doors can't be closed and secured, they can still be barricaded. Cathedrals are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from.

St. Jude's Cathedral is a four-block Christian Cathedral in the suburb of Molebank.

Coordinates: [12, 47], [12, 48], [13, 47], [13, 48]

Crucifixes, bottles of wine and first-aid kits can be found at St. Jude's Cathedral.

Tagging St. Jude's Cathedral earns no XP.

St.Jude's cathedral some time before the quarantine


Although it is commonly said that there are five cathedrals in Malton, this is something of an oversimplification. A cathedral is technically the seat of a bishop and as such there are only two true cathedrals in Malton: one of them, St. Luke’s in Gibsonton, serves the Anglican communion while another serves the Catholic communion. Just which location is the true seat of the bishop ordained by Rome is now a matter of some controversy. The controversies surrounding St Jude's, however, go beyond sectarianism and even over the edge of lunacy.

According to the Catholic tradition, Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost or hopeless causes, and of those who continue to persevere despite the apparent impossibility of their goal - a popular sphere for survivors who wish to see Malton restored. His iconography includes the club, the oar, and the Pentecost flame. The Catholic diocese of Malton was at first a parish of mainly economically disadvantaged folk. The tradition of Saint Jude and the local catholic enjoyment of the novel Jude The Obscure led the young diocese to choose to dedicate it's seat to Saint Jude the apostle.

According to the holy traditions of the Church of the Resurrection, St Jude was beatified by the Church for his miraculous ability to take sad songs and make them better, and the church of his namesake is considered particularly holy. On 16 October 2005, the Congregation commenced a holy Pilgrimage to cleanse and purify the area around the 13th century Gothic Cathedral, and to convert any heathens who may live there and bring them to New Life in the name of Sweet Zombie Jesus.

The response to this news on the part of Parson Johanas, the The Ecclesiarchy Militant, the Molebank Citizen Volunteers and the general populace of Molebank was a categoric "THE HELL YOU WILL!!!" None of the members of The Ecclesiarchy Militant in the area (under the apparent misapprehension that St. Jude was a woman) were willing to surrender "The Temple of Our Martyred Lady" without a fight. Munitions, first-aid supplies, food, and similar things were stockpiled in preparation for a long protracted siege. The conflict was expected to be VERY bloody for both sides. The Knights of St. Jude also pledged their support in resisting an atack.

However, when the attack did arrive in December of 2005, after a long delay while the Church went on a missionary crusade in the area of Caiger Mall, they quickly took over the Cathedral itself and met little resistance in the surrounding suburb. The Church of the Resurrection declared perpetual ownership of the Cathedral before starting its next Pilgrimage.

In early January, more than half of the Knights of St. Jude inhabited the Cathedral, along with a handful of independent survivors. Jonny America wass holding mass daily.

In mid-January, the Delicious Inquisition -- a branch of the Church of the Resurrection -- accomplished a two-night attack against the Cathedral, converting all survivors inside. These attacks met no resistance from any of the human groups who had declared themselves defenders of the Cathedral.

In mid-February, a former Knight of St. Jude member named Wandering Blane went berserk; he claimed that he had achived true enlightenment through a man named Crake. He slaughtered three fellow knights in their sleep, vandalized St. Jude's Cathedral and then fled without a trace. He claimed that he will continue to assassinate the Knights until they accept the "Will of Crake". Current whereabouts of Blane and this mysterious "Crake" are unknown.

In late-October, modifications to St. Jude's fountain have been completed. It now doubles as a hot tub. Work has begun on a water-side bar.

Things took a turn for the worse on July 26, 2007 when after a two week long siege, the cathedral and all within it were plundered by the Temple of Set. Many were dragged to the alters, screaming as their flesh was consumed in holy communion with the great Set. After the victory party, it took weeks to remove the shimmering bloodstained satin curtains and cheesy 1980's set design.

Control of the Cathedral has since gone back and forth between hordes of zombies and various survivor organizations. In September of 2007, the Feral Undead launched a major offensive against the Cathedral which overcame its defenses and scattered the drove many of the defenders out of Molebank. Since then, a determined effort by the Knights of St. Jude and their allies has reclaimed the Cathedral, and, as of the end of December 2007, the Cathedral was back in survivor possession, just to be reconcquered a couple of months ago by the Temple of Set. On February 19, 2009, the Cathedral once again fell to the Church of the Resurrection. Only time will tell if the various survivor groups may regain their hold on the Cathedral.


In times of emergency when molebank is under seige this is the survivors main stronghold since it is close to resources points around them.

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* VERY IMPORTANT one block of the cathedral is extremely dilapidated and requires 125 ap to repair, glitch?

  • The factory north of St. Jude's Cathedral holds the mobile phone mast for Molebank
  • The Cathedral is known in some circles as The Temple of Our Martyred Lady (under the apparent misapprehension that St. Jude was a woman).
  • The Church of the Resurrection has left the area of St. Jude's and Molebank, having declared perpetual ownership of the Cathedral.
  • The Knights of St. Jude have also claimed perpetual ownership/stewardship of the Cathedral. When the Cathedral is under survivor control, one can usually find a number of Knights in the Cathedral and the surrounding buildings.
  • Due to the presence of a police station, NecroTech building, and hospital all within a few blocks of the Cathedral, it is considered to be the Cathedral most likely to survive a siege.

The Holy Orders Militant of the Church see this place as their Holy Temple, and have been known to sing battle hymns inside when the Cathedral is sieged.