St. Lazarus's Church (Gulsonside)

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St. Lazarus's Church
VSB, unlit
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St. Lazarus's Church

Gulsonside [71, 72]

Spire Cinema Cundham Drive McInerney Avenue School
the Belbin Arms St. Lazarus's Church Minall Square
Gurney Park wasteland Dinovan Alley

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

St. Lazarus's Church (Gulsonside)


Just a small, quaint church, little more than a small concrete building, its windows missing and broken. Dedicated to the patron saint of zombies, St. Lazarus who rose from the dead, it is a holy site of the zombie group Rise of Khaos. Services are held at least once a week, barricades permitting.

This is also the primary site of worship within Gulsonside of the Unseen Ones. The White Mantle was founded here and it is the first Church dedicated to the Unseen Ones by Saul D'Alessio himself. It is said that the architecture of the Church was similar to the buildings that Saul saw upon discovering the Unseen. Praise the Unseen. This and Gurney Park are two of the most sacred locations to the Cult of the Unseen Ones.


St. Lazarus's church holds special meaning to Minions of the Apocalypse members as the home to Kanga and the multitude of rodent offspring. They once saw a structure dedicated to the one who died and lived again and drew inspiration for their mission to see that all the living would die and come back again as well. A living presence and their worship of NecroTech revivification is therefore seen as sacriligous toward the Saint to which this structure is named after.

Barricade Policy


Current Status

8 May, 2011 In hands of the Minions of the Apocalypse for several weeks now.

9 May, 2009 The Rise of Khaos is making a trip to celebrate the liberation of St. Francis' Church and hoping for a weekend service. Food will hopefully be served, assuming it doesn't flee or fight back.

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