St. Luke's Church (Pashenton)

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St. Luke's Church
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St. Luke's Church

Pashenton [76,14]

Curtice Avenue Perrot Cinema a warehouse
St. Mark's Church St. Luke's Church Mist Library
Bidgway Walk wasteland Marsh Alley

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

One of the few Protestant churches in Malton, St. Luke's Baptist Church was founded in 1843 by the Reverend Robert James. It maintained a heated rivalry with neighboring St. Mark's Church, and there was even rumor that St. Mark's parishioners had set the fire of 1927.


After its founding in 1843, St. Luke's served the minimal Baptist community of Pashenton, but the flock grew with a number disaffecting from the Church of England. In 1927 faulty wiring caused a fire that ravaged the old church. Unable to afford to construct a new building the congregation meet in private homes for nearly a year until enough money was raised to begin construction of a new church. The church would suffer no further catastrophe for the next 82 years, right up until the time of the outbreak.

As Pashenton started to become more industrialized in the late 1940's more land was needed on which to build. As the city began to close in around St. Luke's, the church was forced to give up more and more land. In time, despite much protest, even the old church cemetery had go in order to make room for what would one day become Curtice Avenue.

St. Luke's Baptist Church as it appeared in 1863. (pre-fire), note the old church cemetery
According to legend the former the deacons of the church secretly constructed an underground crypt directly beneath Curtice Avenue into which the corpses from the old cemetery were re-interned. It is said only the deacons and head-pastor know the exact location of the crypt entrance, hidden somewhere in the church cellar.

This rumor has been lain to rest since the Outbreak, and Curtice Avenue remains fully paved and no undead have been seen leaving the church since that time, aside the occasional zombie incursion. Reverend Trask was an avid decrier of the myth, taking tours to the basement and allowing the group to guide him wherever they thought the door might be.


St. Luke's just before the outbreak. (post-fire)

When the outbreak began the church's current pastor, Reverend Samuel Trask, was determined to get his wife and daughter out of the city. When they reached the city limits (before the quarantine) the good Reverend reluctantly bid his family farewell telling them he must stay in the city and tend to his flock. Even today the Reverend still holds sunday services for those who will listen while at the same time doing all he can to protect the citizens of Malton from the hoards of the undead.

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