St. Marcellin's Church (Quarlesbank)

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St. Marcellin's Church


St. Marcellin's Church
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St. Marcellin's Church

Quarlesbank [20,7]

Copless Lane School Pittey Way Mounter Cinema
the Crang Hotel St. Marcellin's Church Club Beauchamp
Hogue Street wasteland a cemetery

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.


A Church that has been standing since the later 1900's, Blackened by fires that swept through the city during the early stages of the outbreak.

St. Marcellin's Church is now the home of "The First Satanic Church of Malton" and as a Satanic Church located on the Western Border of Quarlesbank, west of Club Beauchamp at the coordinates [21,7]. The First Satanic Church of Malton is also home to the Malton Satanists.

Our Private cemetery is located just one block away to the south-east.


From its birth to i's death, and now its resurrection,

Built in 1898 and opened in the spring of the same year by a young Minister who had just graduated seminary. Rev. Benjamin J. Dover reached out to the community by giving food to the poor and words of wisdom to the lost. And only after a short time he amassed a huge following.

Rev. Dover helped many small businesses in Quarlesbank and many other close townships and also opened many businesses of his own. Many of the older buildings in north western Malton that are standing today were once his property or were affiliated with him in some way.

By the Mid 1900's a good deal of his flock had disappeared from Malton or had fleed from the city without even packing as much as one suitcase. Over a time, a small portion of neighboring Jensentown accused Dover of witchcraft. But the consensus of many was that the backwoods hicks of this suburb were merely jealous of the wealth that Dover and his followers had because of the many businesses they owned in their district. Causing more and more of the Wealthy and Greedy crowd of Malton to come to seek advice, and perhaps a bit of the good Reverend's money.

But after decades of regular use by the followers of St. Marcellins' and the cream of Malton society, many church members began to disappear yet again. Rumors that Rev. Dover had been involved with Occult activity and ritual sacrifice now spread across Malton like wild fire causing an uproar across the city. Civic leaders began an investigation of the Reverend and church members and there holdings. The findings were never officially released to the public. Shortly after people from all across the town were arrested and removed from Malton. Entire families were captured by the police and F.B.I. and unnamed government agencies never to be heard from again.

The official investigation results were never released. But according to a report that was leaked to the press some years after the event. When the police and other agencies had finally opened the church doors and gained entrance they found what is described as "A black mass".

Here is a short excerpt from this report:

"Upon entrance into St. Marcellins' we saw many Hooded figures in grotesque masks that were chanting in some strange almost hauting way. There were about 50 people standing in the pews wearing dark grey "robes" and around 10 others circled around an alter that was compriced of a nude woman believed to be [name withheld] laying on her back. Standing above this female was Reverend Dover holding a long strangly curved blade and in the other hand a long silver chalice.

[name withheld] then approached the gathering of individuals, but by the time he had gone past the first pew a odd fire seemed to begin to drip from the ceiling and run down the walls.

At this time said participants began to flea from the church. The only that stayed inside and did not seem to notice the events were the central figures. [name withheld] began to shout for them to exit the building but it is not known if they had heard the officers over the roar of the increasingly growing flames that were know spreading across the main room.

Officers who had know fled the building heard screams and yelling from inside of the building but were unable to reach the victims. By the time the fire trucks had arrived the entire church was an inferno."

After the fire had died out law enforcement entered the building. Much of the outside was completely blackened but the interior seemed to have somehow escaped the flames. But no trace of the victims was ever found. Apparently there were miles of catacombs under the church that lead to secret rooms and chambers underneath Malton but many have collapsed in on themselves and left buried.

After a time, the story of the church and the reverend passed into legend. by the 80's most thought that the entire incident was just urban legend or some story told around campfires to scare children.

No one has ever found out what happened to all the missing people. To why or what purpose were the tunnels. And to what exactly Rev. Dover was doing inside the walls of this supposed church.

In 2001 the Reverend Draven777 came to Malton and found the decrepit old church and began rebuilding it and holding community meetings. Many loved Rev. Draven but because of his outspoken views on religion and politics and being Malton's first publicly open Satanist, The Reverend and many church members were unlawfully prosecuted by local law enforcement and town inhabitants.

Rev Draven preached of the dangers of Nero techs involment in local disappearances and rumored animal experimentation. Being the first church in Malton to warn other citizens of the Impending genocide of the populace. Many of the group were believed by townspeople to have caused the outbreak of the undead because of there protests of warnings for almost two years prior to the outbreak. Hence the Group were Hunted and murdered by many of Malton's panicky populace and furthermore many of them became the first to come back from the dead and begin the massacre and rape of the city.

St. Marcellin's Church has now become a place of refuge and pilgrimage for all Who Seek The Truth.

Barricade Policy

The Reverend asks that survivors who take shelter here do their part to keep the barricades at Extremely Heavily Barricaded.

The Rules of The Church

  1. Please be respectful of your fellow man.
  2. The discharge of firearms is prohibited. (Unless absolutely neccesary)
  3. Guests should not Tag inside of the building. The Message should remain "Welcome to the First Satanic Church of Malton."
  4. Attendance at the Reverend's Meetings are free of charge. But a small donation to the unfortunats of Malton is always appriciated.
  5. Church dinners are held monthly. Formal dress not required but we do ask that you dress somewhat respectably, that means no ripped jeans and wife beaters on gentlemen and no tube tops and daisy dukes on ladies. etc...
  6. Do not re-tune the transmitter from 26.02.
  7. Food and drink are permitted in the church. Please restrict consumption of such things to the kitchen or dining room by the fireplace.
  8. Because these times are so tramatic on all of us, wine is always available. But please keep alcoholic consumtion to safe levels.
  9. Keep radio transmitter set 27.48 MHz.


Please place the latest updates at the top.

6/29/2009 You are inside St Marcellin's Church. The building has been very strongly barricaded. Also here is Groundpounder (50HP).Somebody has spraypainted Welcome to the First Satanic Church of Malton onto a wall.--Dr Mycroft Chris 20:55, 29 June 2009 (BST)

June 23rd, 2009 5:03. St. Marcellin's Church has been officially been reinstated as the First Satanic Church of Malton by Groundpounder.

June 14th, 2007 12:03. wiki Page finished

june 12th, 2007 11.09. Generator Finally set up and running, and we have pleanty of Wine and First Aid Kits for all.

May 2nd, 2007. Rev Draven777 Returns home.

November 16th, 2006 The Head of THe Church leads to find provisions and help followers in Stanbury Village

September 23th, 2006. The Head Reverend Draven777 of The First Satanic Church of Malton returns to St. Marcellin's