St. Maria's Church

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St. Maria's Church
In ruins
Danger Updater MDUDC 18:21, 21 February 2019 (UTC)
St Maria's Church

Stanbury Village [53,57]

St Augustine's Church Dorey Walk wasteland
Dix Row St Maria's Church a cemetery
Rowson Cinema Daynes Alley Police Dept a warehouse

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.


A derelict yellow-stone building with boarded-up windows. It is on the southwestern side of the suburb and is one of three churches in the suburb. The two other churches are directly north of St. Maria's.


Please do not snipe at zombies from the rosary window.

An austere kirk in the Scots Gothic style.


Although built over a millennium later than the extraordinary St. Ambrose's Church, St. Maria's Church ultimately had far more influence on the history of the Village. Built with papal approval by the growing community of Scottish Catholic lairds in Stanbury in the 1600s (before the unpleasantness resulting from the 1745 uprising), the Church also owned extensive estates across the village, including the land now dedicated to its fascinating cemetery. This ensured that Stanbury was spared the encroachments of smoke-belching, disease-inducing heavy industry which spoilt other suburbs of central Malton.

Although the church is dedicated to Mary, it is best-known for its stained-glass window depicting St Maggie of May, the patron saint of tartan weavers.

St Maggie of May.

Formerly the site of a major revivification clinic, it was once almost completely overrun by zombies, particularly belonging to the Pwotters zombie group.

Barricade Policy

Following the Stanbury Village Barricade Plan this church should be barricaded to VSB++ to serve as an entry point for the surrounding buildings. The next nearest entry point is two blocks south of the church, at Johnstone Towers.

Current Status

10-6-2009 You are inside St Maria's Church. The building has been very heavily barricaded. Also here are Dr Allstop, Iceboxer, Nichtleben and Jaaaaaames2. A portable generator has been set up here. It is running. Somebody has spraypainted City Morgue - you kill em, we chill em! onto a wall. LtPebble 03:06, 7 October 2009 (BST)

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