St. Mark's Cathedral

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[27,98] - [28,99] (bic) (statuses) (update)
St. Mark's Cathedral
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St. Mark's Cathedral

Spicer Hills [27,98], [27,99], [28,98], [28,99]

Locket Drive the Bennett Building Rosenhagen Auto Repair a factory
Ensor Cinema St Mark's Cathedral St Mark's Cathedral Ennitt Bank
a warehouse St Mark's Cathedral St Mark's Cathedral wasteland
Border Border Border Border

Basic Info:

  • Cathedrals are 2x2 square buildings. Although their doors can't be closed and secured, they can still be barricaded. Cathedrals are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from.

St. Mark's Cathedral before the outbreak.

St. Mark's Cathedral is a four-block Christian cathedral in the suburb of Spicer Hills.

Coordinates: [27, 98], [27, 99], [28, 98], [28, 99]

Crucifixes, bottles of wine and first-aid kits can be found at St. Mark's Cathedral.

Tagging St. Mark's Cathedral earns no XP.

The Cathedral is to EHB at all times, although the SW corner can be VSB if the suburb is relatively safe.


April 10th 2021

Cathedral is barricaded at VHB, and deserted.

December 7th 2009

During the Repopulation of New Arkham, The Survivor's Republic went through some negotiations that gave them control of this building. It is still open to the public, it just has a better security detail now.

August 2009

As of August 2009, the Cathedral is maintaned and protected by a small group of individuals who offer healing services to those in need.


St. Mark's is named after and follows the gospel of the evangelical saint Mark, noted as author of the gospel book of Mark. He is the patron of barristers, bishops, and the City of Venice. His symbol is the lion.

Although it is commonly said that there are five cathedrals in Malton, this is something of an oversimplification. A cathedral is technically the seat of a bishop and as such there are only two true cathedrals in Malton: one of them, St. Matthew’s in Gibsonton, serves the Anglican communion while another serves the Catholic communion.


  • Visitors are welcomed in to the Cathedral for healing or just to rest for the night.
  • There are no locations south of St. Mark's Cathedral because it touches the Quarantine Zone.