St. Matthew's Cathedral

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[81,26] - [82,27] (bic) (statuses) (update)
St. Matthew's Cathedral
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St. Matthew's Cathedral

Gibsonton [81,26], [82,26], [81,27], [82,27]

Sawday Bank the Cahill Building the Goulding Hotel Eelms Alley
Jermyn Lane St. Matthew's Cathedral St. Matthew's Cathedral Sprod Boulevard
a warehouse St. Matthew's Cathedral St. Matthew's Cathedral a factory
the Kebby Hotel the Burne Motel Churchey Road a warehouse

Basic Info:

  • Cathedrals are 2x2 square buildings. Although their doors can't be closed and secured, they can still be barricaded. Cathedrals are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from.


St. Matthew's Cathedral is a four-block Christian Cathedral in the suburb of Gibsonton. Coordinates: [81, 26], [81, 27], [82, 26], [82, 27]


St. Matthew's is named after and follows the gospel of the evangelical saint Matthew, one of Jesus' twelve apostles and traditionally believed to be the author of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. His symbols are the tax collector and the alms box. Matthew himself was originally a tax collector, and as such is the patron saint of accountants, taxmen, and the city of Salerno.

Although it is commonly said that there are five cathedrals in Malton, this is something of an oversimplification. A cathedral is technically the seat of a bishop and as such there are only two true cathedrals in Malton: one of them, St. Matthew’s in Gibsonton, serves the Anglican communion while another serves the Catholic communion.

Once home to The Imperium of Man, who used it as a place of worship for their God-Emperor.

The Cult of the Unseen Ones consider this to be their Temple of the Unseen and hold it as one of their most sacred sites.

Tambazi Ufu, Zombie Cult of the African Disease God, Sakpata; regularly defile St. Matthew's Cathedral as part of their rites to summon the Plague Father himself.

Barricade Policy