St. Rosalia's Serenade

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Original Dispatch:

Over the past few days the zombie menace has been trying to desecrate the hallowed halls of St. Rosalia's Church. The SPD is on-site to restore order to this last bastion of hope for the citizens of Scarletwood.

Sergeant Arisugawa September 30, 2006, 23:41 (EST)

Post-Operation Report

In late September, 2006, the zombie hordes descended upon western Scarletwood. Their target? St. Rosalia's Church. Each night the moaning masses would hammer at the doors to the cathedral, leaving it up to the survivors within to reinforce the barricades sometimes several times an hour.

Police Chief Owen and Sergeant Arisugawa of the Scarletwood Police Department, along with a sizable number of the Garniss Border Patrol took turns sleeping in shifts to counter the undead menace. For two weeks the barricades were not only reinforced, but the daring defenders would leap outside at regular intervals to deliver complimentary lead and buckshot sandwiches to the rotters that lay in wait without the church.

At this time, the exact casualty count remains unclear, but it was estimated that around two hundred zombies were put out of their misery during the siege. Just how many were repeat offenders is impossible to calculate (due to the nasty habit of the corpsers to reanimate shortly after their death). Thankfully, civilian casualties were kept to a minimum due to the daring revive runs conducted by Sergeant Arisugawa and Dr Killdare of the GBP.

Eventually, the shambling masses grew tired of their fruitless struggle and headed east towards Pennville, making the SPD's trial by fire an overwhelming success.