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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

St. Valentine's Cherubs
Abbreviation: none
Group Numbers: The Stats Page
Leadership: No single person: 10+ Hallowed Murderers
Goals: Celebrate murder with the populace of Malton
Recruitment Policy: One Character per Player
Contact: The PKA forums or Karloth Vois' talk page


Harman info min.jpg

It's about time we set the record straight. Any rumours of the 'Cherubs celebrating murder are just that: Rumours.

It's all a big conspiracy theory cooked up by the quackpots of Malton. The 'Cherubs are a group small in number: comprised largely of pacifists with no desire to fight, let alone shoot zombies. In fact, St. Valentine's Cherubs are far more preoccupied with helping various survivors throughout Malton.

N.B. The St. Valentine's Cherubs had nothing to do with the assassination of JFK, development of Area 51 and most certainly are not masterminding a nefarious scheme to attack Malton.

Original Plans

St. Valentine's Cherubs were a vast coalition of PKers drawn from the most notorious of PKer groups accross Malton, through varying alliances, cajoling and downright threats by Karloth Vois of Red Rum, helped in no small way by the leaders of most prominent PKer groups- particularly the members of the PKA. They came together with one aim: to celebrate PKing at Caiger Mall. However, zombies somewhat inconveniently crushed the mall whilst the PKers were stocking, leaving them without a target. Given both Bale's proximity, Valentine's history and status as a retreat for Caiger Survivors, it was the obvious choice.

The Fall of Bale

Gathering in the surrounding blocks, the killers readied themselves for an entire day's celebration. Bale stood tall with a relatively busy population of well over 200 survivors inside, and only minor zombie break-ins to deal with.

The attack commenced on the 14th of February, and immediately took its toll. PKers armed with weeks of shotgun stocking caused mass casualties- so much so, three corners were cleared almost immediately. Small numbers of zombies broke in, but were unable to gain a foothold, leaving the heavily populated (150+) SW corner the last bastion of hope. However, the final assault of the day swiftly ended any dreams of survival.

On the 15th, Bale Mall stood barricaded and empty of survivor life, with only 40 zombies congregated inside the SW corner. Its fall stands as a testament to the sheer power of Malton's Player Killers.

The Aftermath

An empty Bale Mall was easily taken by the zombies- following in Caiger's wake, the entire NW was unstabilised. Yagoton itself failed to recover over the next month, resulting in the fall of the YRC- the city's prime revive centre. Whilst only the fall of a single mall, the repercussions were felt across the city, and it stood to strengthen bonds throughout the PKer community. It took several months and many individuals (led by the Channel Four News Team) to valiantly wrest it from the hands of the undead, bringing a measure of stability into the NW once more.

Groups who took Part

The 15th Black Crusade

The Amish Liberation Front

The Brotherhood of the Reckoning

Creedy Guerilla Raiders

Cybele's Children

Escendo Numerus


Iocaine Powder

Knights of the Temple of the Shrike

The Maltonian Inquisition

Pathetic Bill

Philosophe Knights

Red Rum, scoring 130+ kills- a new record for the group.

Individuals who took part



Covert Ops Wizard, scoring a mediocre 1 kill before falling victim to a pain in the ass survivor with a bunch of medkits.



54 Cherubs on the Stats Page

The Aftermath: An empty (barricaded) Mall

The attack begins

Red Rum's Photographers catching various people in action:

NW: The fall to PKers begins

NE: post NW fall

NE: The Fall

SW: Early Afternoon

SW: Late Afternoon

SW: Slightly Later

SW: Evening Strike

SW: The End of Bale

Pathetic Bill in Action

SE: Quite the feat!

Proof zombies were not the killers

SW: Screenshot courtesy of Escendo Numerus

Images (courtesy of Pathetic Bill)

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