Stambury Plaza School

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Stambury Plaza School
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Stambury Plaza School

Quarlesbank [28, 2]

the Evett Building the Yea Building The Haslock Building
Gully Walk Stambury Plaza School Pulling Road
Kembry Boulevard Fire Station the Bendall Building the Norcliffe Building

Basic Info:

  • Among the internal descriptions found in Schools:
    • "Half-finished work is scattered across the floor."
  • This building can be barricaded normally


Whilst once the pit patter of hurried feet filled the seemingly never ending halls, new sounds are now heard. Most common of these are the screams of survivors who didn't pay attention in class...


The Stambury Plaza School (formerly the Pulling Road School) was founded in 1900 as an alternative to traditional grade schools. Children were taught to express themselves through the visual arts, song, and dance. Very little time was dedicated to learning mathematics or science, as the school's administration preferred pseudoscience and Eastern superstition. Corporal punishment was forbidden. Instead, pupils were asked to "think about what they had done." Naturally, few students became benefits to society.

In 1968, an alumnus named Peter Stambury recorded a hit song, "Buddha Be Damned, Where's the Nuclear Physics?" He had written the song in 1965, when he was still a student of the Pulling Road School, out of sincere frustration with the curriculum. However, the song was interpreted by smelly hippies as a satirical anti-war ballad. Stambury and his representatives at the record company laughed their way to the bank. Stambury believed in credit where credit was due, and so proceeded to make a sizable donation the school and the park across the street (where the song had been penned during an afternoon self-expression break on an exceptionally beautiful spring day). The park and school were subsequently named for Stambury.

Notable Alumni

Peter Stambury (1948-1992, class of 1966)

Barricade Policy

Extremely heavily barricaded at all times.

Current Status

6/16/2009 You are inside Stambury Plaza School. Half-finished work is scattered across the floor. The building has been very strongly barricaded.Somebody has spraypainted onto a whiteboard.--Dr Mycroft Chris 03:48, 17 June 2009 (BST)

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