Stanbury Mental Institute

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Stanbury Mental Institute
SMI Asylum.gif
Abbreviation: SMI
Membership: 25
Leadership: Fluid
Contact: Forums

Stanbury Mental Institute is a highly unorganized group of escaped mentally insane patients bent on city-wide popcorn domination and the global extermination of crumbs.


Stanbury Mental Institue was established as a ward for the mentally disturbed in the Catherine General Hospital medical facility years before the first outbreak in Malton. At first, both the patients and doctors got along relatively well. But soon, everything changed as the doctors started to experiment on the patients, severely altering both their minds and bodies until they managed to create a hollow husk resembling the descriptions of zeds in the city's modern urban myths. Upset about the disappearance of some of their friends, a group of disturbed individuals managed to escape from their rooms during nap time and ventured throughout the halls, eventually stumbling upon the operating room which housed all of these experimental monstrocities. Horrified, the patients vowed to end the doctors' reign of terror, and before too long, the zombie outbreak provided such a window of opportunity. In the chaos of it all, the psychotic patients ended up killing both zed and MD, living in the darkest wing in the unpowered hospital and living off of the leftover provisions. And it was good, for a time. But the supply rooms gradually ran dry and the cafeteria food remained cold and bland. The patients were restless, eager to get out and explore the world. Unfortunately, their wing of the hospital had been blocked off by surviving doctors as they retreated, scared for their lives. And so, the patients of the Stanbury Mental Institute remained locked up, until one day, a shadowy figure dressed in all black with a long black trenchcoat and black hair and a pair of black uzis and a shiny chrome desert eagle and black sunglasses managed to come across the forgotten psychotic ward. Not caring for the barricades, he cut the deadbolt fastening the chains to the doors. Immediately upon hearing the clang of cold hard metal upon dirty linoleum, the gang of insane patients stampeded out of the unlit corridor, trampling the dark, mysterious figure underneath the doors on the way out. Ready to conquer the world, the patients from Stanbury Mental Institute managed to find their way to Rowson Cinema, where they decided to set up their living space and watch their favorite movies all day long, living happy for the rest of their lives.



The mentally disturbed individuals compromising the refugees of Stanbury Mental Institute are rather carefree individuals. And as such, they prefer to disregard all rules and imposed establishments of structure. However, it is clear that there is a distinction between the patients and the caretakers who managed to stay behind, looking after the somewhat helpless oddballs as they attempted to carve out their own little piece of this new world.


Stanbury Mental Institute patients all contain a similar belief system including:

A fear of medicine. This stems from the "Bad Days" back in the psych ward of the hospital, where their doctors forced them to take their medicine each day, medicine that tasted bad and slowly turned them into giant magenta penguins.
A love for pills. Although most medicine is "bad," members worship certain types, often refered to as "pills," which either greatly ease their pain or calm their mind, unlike the previously mentioned "icky medicine."
A hatred of "intellectuals." Logically those that are "enlightened" and the mentally insane never manage to get along. Plus, smart people smell funy. (They can't smell colors.)
A respectful appreciation of stadiums. Because some patients are dillusional, they believe themselves to be "urkz." Consequently, "urks" "lub" "klompin'" and arenas, and especially "klompin'" in arenas.
A distrust of all cemeteries. being logical individuals, the patients from Stanbury Mental Institute realize that the dead are buried in cemeteries. They are also able to comprehend the fact that zeds rise from the dead. Capable of putting two and two together, they believe that cemetaries are the breeding grounds for zombies, and their leader has issued a declaration to "Klomp da buwnuzgz!" Such a truly outrageous idea, don't you think?

Those who are crazy and wish to join Stanbury Mental Institute may travel out to Stanbury Village and seek out the all-powerful, all-seeing Tim at Rowson Cinema.

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