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The Stanbury Monitor was once a proud, yet limited release Newspaper in the Malton Suburb of Stanbury Village. However just prior to the outbreak the paper was bought by a group of individuals who turned the paper into more of a Gossip magazine rather than an actual news paper, since the outbreak some of the surviving reporters and editors have managed to get out limited editions to help inform survivors of what is going on in the village.

Latest Headlines

June 17th 2006 The Secret Six is pleased to announce The First Annual Stanbury Village Talent Show and Benefit Dinner! On June 29th make your way to the NW Section of the Nichols Mall for drinks, dinner, and entertainment. The talent competition will be judged by our celebrity panel which includes: Denny Crane, Face from the A-Team, and more to be announced. If you would like to be a part of the show, just come down, sign up with The Secret Six by letting us know what your act will be. All proceeds will go to the Help Malton Fund, together we can find a cure...or enough shotgun shells.

June 14th 2006 The Secret Six is now maintaining Nichols Mall and survivors are slowing moving in.

June 11th 2006 The Malton Retirement Housing is still in Kersley Mansion and has it barricaded solid, with little-to-no zombie aggression against it beyond ferals.

June 7th 2006 After Stanbury Village being reported as Orange, The Ridleybank Resistance Front annexes the suburb into Greater Ridleybank. RRF member, and owner of Kersley Mansion, Sonny Corleone is appointed as head of Stanbury Village.

June 1st 2006 Kersley Mansion has been cleared by the Zombie Republic of Stanbury Village, made up of RRF pioneers and Stanbury zombies led by Sonny Corleone.

May 30th 2006 Nichols Mall fell overnight from extremely heavily barricaded on all sides. Most survivors that were inside have fled or been killed. A few have moved back in to rebuild. Needless to say, the gennies are out of commision. Kersley Mansion on the other hand is well barricaded, with many old people milling about complaining of how it used to be...

May 28th 2006 With the absense of a real zombie group in Stanbury Village the feral zombies and pioneers of the RRF secede Stanbury from the rest of Malton and wish it to be annexed by the RRF.

May 25th 2006 An unnamed Malton Retirement Housing member was put behind bars and his dentures were confiscated after he was found on the rooftop shouting "Beardos an' Pwotters! (editorial note: which are the same thing basically) You miss'd me walker! Com' back an' take yer beatin' like men!". The old man was apparently sleeping while the siege was on and when the other Malton Retirement Housing members showed him the news he went berserk. "That (the behavior) is understandable" said an eyewitness, "he was sleeping the whole time the siege was on and missed all the fun. We saw him take a leak in Roftwood though, but the streets there smell like piss anyway."

May 16th 2006 Kersley Mansion is empty.

May 01st 2006 The Black Rhinos arive to help cull the hordes and issue medical aid to the wounded. Said to be ordered by NecroTech HQ.

April 26th, 2006; Stanbury belongs to the dead. They shall make cemeteries their Cities and mausoleums their Cathedrals.

April 19th, 2006: Stanbury is currently crawling with zombies, who have opened and cleared out most of the safehouses.

March 22nd, 2006: A rumour has been spread that Stanbury is overrun. It is not.

March 10th, 2006: - By the evening, Nichols Mall had once again fallen to a group of yet unknown zombies. At the time of this report, there were no survivors within the complex and several remaining zombies were seen to be destroying the remaining barricades around the perimeter.

Pwotters aren't home right now, but if you leave your brain and number, they'll take care of you as soon as they can.

February 25th, 2006: - Human survivors, perhaps from Roftwood, continue to hold Nichols Mall in battle against the Undeadites.

January 18th, 2006: - After a somewhat uninspired attempt by local survivors to retake the DAPD, a gruesome addendum, written in gore, appeared on the an exit sign on the expressway leading into the suburb. It now reads: "Welcome to STANBURY VILLAGE - NO ONE LIVES HERE"

A matching sentiment could be seen downtown outside of the entrance to the Nichols Mall : StanburyVillageWelcomeNoOne.jpg

February 12th, 2006: - Increasing human activity around the mall has attracted a group of zombies known as the Undeadites into the suburb. The re-emergence of the MRH has signaled an early return from the groups winter vacation spot. More interested in finding stashes of Super Polygrip than revivification syringes, the MRH have been seen in various areas of the suburb navigating their walkers over the debris in the streets.

January 7rd, 2006: - The words "The Tynte Mall in Pimbank is next" were seen, spraypainted, within the mall and throughout the surburb.

January 3rd, 2006: - The barricades of the mall's southwest corner fell for more than a few moments soon after midnight, allowing a small army of zombies cut through the living defenders stationed there. By mid-morning, victory was certain and the survivors were in full retreat - or being devoured where they lay. That night, several Pwotters joined claws and moaned Gregorian chants. Zombie on the street Brawrmn'gr McGrerthraaa described the event:

"Graaaagh! BARHAH gramma gangbang!" Translation: "It was like cracking open a femur and sucking out the delicious marrow. Barhah."

December 31st, 2005: - After Destroying most of western Stanbury Village, the Pwotters begin the seige of Nichols Mall. Within days, they are joined by hundreds of other zombies eager to take part in the next great mall seige after the siege of Caiger Mall.

December 29th, 2005: - Daynes Alley Police Department falls to the Pwotters. The GolemLabs Centurions were successful in briefly liberating the police station, but within minutes the Pwotters had knocked the barricades down from very strongly barricaded to loosely barricaded. Ryan Wilson, the commanding officer of the GolemLabs Centurions, saw the futility of having his small group attempt to defend the PD, and ordered a strategic withdrawal from the area. He was killed while the rest of his men escaped.

December 19th, 2005: - Stanstock looks to become the biggest gathering of dead bodies ever to lie in Stanbury Village -- and perhaps all of Malton! Petrosjko and many members of The Ridleybank Resistance Front call for a general strike saying that enough is enough. A dozen zombie hordes, countless ferals and even the opposition, human survivors, converged for peaceful protest, revelry, kumbarhahya'ing, spamming, and inactivity in Whetcombe Park. Speak truth to power, leave guns and whining at home, and respect the fact that many of the bodies (formerly human or zombie) lying in Whetcombe Park have vowed never to stand up again until zombies get a fair shake. Harmanz and Zambahrz alike are joining in conversation as well, offering a temporary truce to the fighting in Malton. Many people took advantage of the ceasefire by killing strikers, and were extremely successful.

December 16th, 2005: - Petrosjko and other members of The Ridleybank Resistance Front cause mayhem in the warehouse south of Stribling Library; bargain shoppers in Nichols Mall load their shotguns and brace for possible assault.

December 14th, 2005: - Massive numbers of zombies have begun to mass north of the Bunney Street Police Department, just across the border in Ridleybank. It is recommended that survivors along the northern border sleep in low-key targets away from the border to avoid being attacked during the night. The group Fazed have also been seen implementing Project Mayhem against past aggressions and known enemies of Fazed and attacking survivors in the BSPD, whether they are aligned with the Bunney Street Police Force or not. The BSPF has asked that any survivors in the area willing to fight the 'Terrorist' group report to the BSPD and do what they can to help eliminate Fazed members while healing friendly survivors.

December 8th, 2005: - After an absence of two months from the suburb, the Stanbury Renegades are back. Saromu, the leader of the Renegades, is glad to be home. But there hasn't been any parades or celebrations for The Stanbury Renegades because of the lack of defense of Stanbury Village during repeated attacks by non-group specific swarms of Zombies for two months. Even though the Stanbury Renegades have stated that they "declared war on all zombies and zombie hordes in Stanbury Village," survivors of these attacks failed to find any of the Stanbury Renegades at hand to help with the defense of the assaults. With just a word of advice to "not stay in Stanbury Village overnight," the Stanbury Renegades retreated from their namesake village and left the remaining survivors to fend off all the attacks by themselves. With the stated objective of the zombie group Pwotters to assault soon, the concern of the Stanbury Village survivors ability to fend off such a plotted and organized attack is also hampered by the fact that the survivors of Stansbury Village cannot count on groups claiming loyalty to Stansbury Village.

Though the Renegades have not been in Stanbury since October, they have returned. There are about 15 of them in the suburb, all without the group's name in their bio. After inspecting the suburb for two days, they claim that the suburb is safe and that no one needs to leave for the night. The Renegades do not make their missions public until well after it is over. Both of these reasons would explain why no one knew where they were during the attacks by zombie hordes. The Renegades lost 10 men at Bunney Street Police Department and an additional 10 at Nichols Mall when they left. Saromu, the leader of the Renegades, apologizes for his absence and promises to help fight in Stanbury.

December 6th, 2005: - Something strange has happened in the last few days. Zombies had been seen in and outside St. Maria's church as long as anyone can remember with their numbers swelling to forty and sometimes fifty strong. This church had been designated a revive point in the past until the zombies there became hostile. Residents began to be advised to issue a headshot or a revive due to the increasing combativeness of the horde.

According to reports, the church has now been unbarricaded, and survivors and zombies alike have been spotted inside of it. Previous reports indicate that the body count outside of the church may range anywhere from 50 to 200 bodies.

Zombies continue to roam around in large groups around Stanbury Village and are concentrating once again on several blocks, though their numbers are significantly smaller than before. Caution is still advised when in this suburb.

November 29th, 2005: - In the true manic fashion characteristic of this suburb of Malton it now appears things may be safe in certain areas -- for now.

November 26th, 2005: - Word is spreading very slowly that the zombies at St. Maria's are mostly hostile. Many of them are known to be members of the Pwotters zombie legion. Several messages have been spotted on buildings suggesting a new policy has been implemented there; they read "headshot or revive." Either way it is a feeding frenzy for zombies and a test of skill for survivors. Many buildings are breached, reclaimed and repaired in a single day.

November 22nd, 2005: - Clusters of up to seven zombies have been spotted in the southern area of the suburb. St. Maria's Church was a designated revive point with the announcement sprayed on every available building. However, it is now known the zombies are exploiting this spot for their own agendas. Once everyone who came to the revive point wanted to live again. Survivors are now getting attacked by the zombies congregating at the church and often there are brain rot zombies milling around in the crowd that waste precious syringes.

Those without free running may find it hard to enter the more critical buildings but there are plenty of safehouses in which to be healed.

October 22nd, 2005: - After several losses in Stanbury Village, The Stanbury Renegades have retreated from their main safehouse to an undisclosed location. Saromu, the leader of the Renegades, has called for a guerilla war against the zombie menace. Do not stay in Stanbury Village overnight. Attack, run, and hide. With a Corn Cob Pipe in his mouth, Saromu was quoted saying "I came out of Stanbury Village and I shall return!"

October 14th, 2005: - At 7 pm EST, Operation Free Nichols was carried out. Mayo Row PD, which was used as a rendezvous point for the attack, contained well over 100 survivors at the time, though only a very small fraction participated. The lack of support given to the operation marked it as a failure in a short amount of time.

October 11th, 2005: - In response to the takeover of Nichols Mall, a coalition of The Stanbury Renegades, the PA Rebel Alliance, and VGCats Survivalist Union troops have coordinated to plan a retaliatory strike. They have advised all survivors in the neighboring suburbs that they are encouraged to join and help fight.

October 7th, 2005: - The Ridleybank Resistance Front besieged Nichols Mall as retribution for the mall's role as a base of operations for hostilities into the neighboring suburb of Ridleybank. Within 24 hours, the northern half of the mall had collapsed under the assault. Within 48 hours the entire mall and several surrounding buildings were firmly under zombie control.

Shortly after the assault began, the Blood Frenzy Death Cult announced its existence and its goal to take Nichols Mall for itself. The two groups worked in unison to capture the mall. The size of this new group or its relation to the RRF is unknown at the moment, though the two groups appear to coexist peacefully.

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