Stanbury Place

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Stanbury Place

Stanbury Village [51,53]

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Basic Info:

  • A Street is a city block containing no buildings or monuments. There are a variety of other names besides Street including Alley, Avenue, Boulevard, Drive, Grove, Lane, Row, Square, Walk, Place, etc.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


Stansbury House: please wipe your feet, including any you are carrying with you.


Named after Sir Francis Stansbury, who lived here during the Henrician period, and after whom the Village itself was named in 1609. The Place was designed by Fitzhugh Grosvenor, the esteemed architect, and looks especially fine when viewed through the trees of Sheil Park: if you close your ears to the dreadful moans of nearby zombies, you can imagine yourself stepping back in time. Don't close your ears for too long, however, or that feeding groan will be your own.

A zombie's-eye view of the Place.

The Stansbury family's genteel, stuccoed residence still stands, and welcomes visitors who are prepared to respect the fixtures and fittings: formerly these included antiques and oil paintings, but have since been replaced by Portable Generators: the Museum Pieces have long since gone. A statue of Sir Francis can still be seen in the grounds of the house, although the marble is now somewhat bloodstained.

Snooty residents still pointedly pronounce the 's' in Stan(s)bury Place, as if to hint that their families have lived here for the past four or five generations. In fact, few current residents have been here for more than a few hours: the Place is a highly dangerous place to idle out in, given the presence of decidedly infra dig lower-class zombie vagrants from the sink suburbs Ridleybank and Barrville.

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