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Standing up is the action taken by dead characters when they wish to be undead (or alive, if they were revived with a Mark II NecroTech syringe). Originally, the "Stand up" action cost 1 Action Point (AP), but increased to 10 AP in August, 2005.

Characters can stand up for the reduced cost of 1 AP with the skill Ankle Grab, irrespective of whether they are rising as a zombie or survivor.

Zombies that have been Headshot must pay an additional 5 AP to rise, totaling at 6 AP with Ankle Grab or 15 AP without it.

The URL query string for this command is ?rise.

Summary of stand up cost

Headshot No Headshot
Ankle Grab 6 AP 1 AP
No Ankle Grab 15 AP 10 AP
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