Steam Thralls

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Steam Thralls
Group Numbers: 17 [1]
Leadership: Loose federation
Goals: Establishing a local presence
Recruitment Policy: Contact us at the forum listed below
Contact: Privateer Press Forums UD thread [2]


The Steam Thralls are a small group of Warmachine players who were introduced to this game. Most of the current players are fairly dedicated players, some of whom had pretty much maxed out on levels.

The Steam Thralls are based in Lockettside but has been known to wander around the suburb exploring.

The name Steam Thralls came about after some discussion on the Privateer Press Forums UD thread. In the main, the name is chosen after the unique type of undead in the Iron Kingdoms RPG. It seems an appropriate name for a game about wandering undead, and has no bearings on the current life status of its members.

Current Status

05:35, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Folks, we do badly need help in Tompson Mall. I know a couple of us are there, but we need to reduce the Zombies from the outside and increase the barricades from the inside. Right now Zombies are using SE sector as a foothold in the Mall.
Once we have the Mall under control, we can start getting straightening out the situation in Guppey and Creeke.

05:04, 10 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Guppey is back in Survivor hands. Can someone retag the place please?
Swept through this afternoon. It's been retagged, for the moment, anyway. --Natalya Zveda 19:56, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)
Thanks for the update! Haven't been out of the Mall since the 14th. Appreciated. -- Lynx7725 01:33, 19 Jan 2006 (GMT)
the Cheeke Building (our Necrotech resource) is under seige. Anyone available?

06:44, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)

A major portion of the Steam Thralls' strength has returned to Lockettside to defend against the Undead incursion that is currently underway (in a disorganized manner). Our primary HQ is currently occupied by 11 Zombies, but personally that's a bonus and not a loss -- I know where there's a source of ready XP. :)
No need to get overly upset about the loss of Guppey -- it's not super-critical to our existance. We can get it back once the Zombies move over, or we can just hit-and-run until they die from it. -- Lynx7725 06:44, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Important Messages to Members

Proposed Group Locations

As per the PP Forums UD thread, I propose that we adopt the following:

  • Primary HQ: Guppey Place Railway Station (Currently occupied by Zombies)
  • Primary Resource Building: Tompson Mall (Too bloody secured)
  • Primary NecroTech Building: the Cheeke Building (Under siege/ breached)
  • Primary Triage Point: St John's Hospital (Status unknown)
  • Primary Group Revive Zone: Carpark 1 South of St John's (Status unknown)

  • Secondary HQ: Coe Bank (Status unknown)
  • Secondary Resource Building: Frossard Place Police Dept (Status unknown)
  • Secondary NecroTech Building: Undesignated
  • Secondary Triage Point: Undesignated; Suggest St Alexander's Hospital, but that's a bit far.
  • Secondar Group Revive Zone: Undesignated, but suggest Wasteland 1 SE of St John's

Below is a map of the proposed locations (inclusive of a 2-step Free Running zone from Primary HQ):

18 19 20 21 22 23
82 the Baillie Hotel the Cheeke Building
Primary Necrotech Building
Tompson Mall
(SW corner)
Primary Resource Building
Tompson Mall
(SE corner)
Primary Resource Building
St Irenaeus' Church Cookson Drive 82
83 Major Cinema Hinckesman Bank Butler Avenue wasteland Hind Crescent Railway Station Gilpin Row 83
84 Horditch Lane the Broadway Monument Guppey Place Railway Station
Primary HQ
Boteley Square the Craske Building Bridgewater Crescent Police Dept 84
85 Jerrad Park a factory Brooks Row Railway Station Tompsett Plaza Higgin Crescent Stowell Towers 85
86 wasteland Peppe Park Rodford Alley School St John's Hospital
Primary Triage Point
Connolly Park Coe Bank
Secondary HQ
87 the Shearn Building Argent Place Frossard Place Police Dept
Secondary Resource Building
a carpark
Primary Group Revive Point
Secondary Group Revive Point
Money Row Fire Station 87

18 19 20 21 22 23

Please give comments on this. Thanks in advance.


The Steam Thralls are a loose group of players who are in the game mainly to enjoy it. We don't really have a pro-Survivor or a pro-Zombie policy; some of us have multiple characters on both sides of the fence, or have characters who have skills from both side of the fence.

We do however, have a strict "No unprovoked PK" rule; we are not in the game to grief others. We do look out for one another and there are documented cases where one Steam Thrall was PK'ed and another removed the blight from Malton.

Should any player believe they have been PK'ed by one of us, please either contact us at the contact link above or leave a message in the Discussion page here. We will try to sort out the issue, but please understand that it is all too easy for any player to impersonate (or deny) involvement in such activities.


The Steam Thralls do not have a strict admittance policy; any Survivor or Zombie can join. We don't have rules that require you to be fight the Zombie Hordes (if they exist) or kill the Fleshies; we just expect you to play in the spirit of the game and have fun. Heck, we've gotten some accidental Blue-on-Blue before. :)

For those of you who are interested in us, please visit the contact link above.

List of Members

For security, we do not require our members to list their names here. Those of us who feels secure enough in their (wo)manhood will list their characters here, but there is no requirements to do so.