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Stribling Library
In ruins with zombies in the block
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Stribling Library

Stanbury Village [57,53]

Boyd Bank Brougham Way Nichols Mall
Brome Library Stribling Library Nichols Mall
Maxwell Walk a warehouse Hatwell Place

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.


People in glass safehouses shouldn't throw stones.

Stribling Library is an imposing concrete building split by a large, diagonal crack, housing millions of books and the occasional survivor and/or zombie.


The cafeteria and shop is still a popular meeting-and-eating place.

By the 1950s, the Brome Library was simply unable to store all of the books in its vast collection. Government Comptroller of Libraries Reginald Stribling was appointed to come up with a solution, and proposed that a vast extension be built on the land to the east.

Controversial Dutch architect Piet van de Merde was chosen, and created a memorable but impractical glasshouse (quite out of keeping with the medieval Brome) in which the books were to be kept. As the glass generated intense heat inside, enormous silenced AC units had to be installed to moderate the temperature; when the air-conditioning threatened to dry out the books, gigantic humidifiers were also installed, pushing the project grossly over budget. Van de Merde quit after two years, leaving the library in chaos, and the decision was then made to incorporate a cafe and shop in the ground floor area to recoup some of the millions spent. A month before the library opened, Stribling himself died of a stroke, and the grandiose extension was hurriedly renamed in his memory.

Local benefactor Sir Thomas, Lord Wymbourne declared his horror at the mismanaged scheme, and pointedly never gave a penny to it despite donating millions to the Brome Library.

Recent Events

It was once under control of the zombies shortly after the attack on the Nichols Mall but they soon deserted it leaving it empty and lifeless. Some survivors tried barricading the library for survival but on scouting missions they were killed once again abandoning the library. Systemerror2 found the powerless library and took advantage of it's barricades. Staying here systemerror2 created the now-defunct coalition of Stanbury Village. Survivors gathered in the library and began to join. Once a coalition was established a small scouting party gathered fuel and powered up the generator. The radio was retuned to 28.05 Mhz and the coalition became firmly established in Stanbury Village.

Barricade Policy

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