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The Suburb Construction Project is a project being done by John Ibans in an attempt to rebuild, as accuratly as possible, the City of Malton using Sim City 4.

Difference with the City of Malton

For obvious reasons, I cannot completly rebuild Malton with perfect accuracy, so I have had to adapt a bit. Some buildings will not be present at all, others will be moved to the left, rather than being above the building, but I strived for the closest accuracy possible.

Furthermore, there are rails in Malton, and I have included them even they don't "show up" on the map.

Above all else, I have added buildings where there would otherwise be streets, filling in blank spots in Malton as I build.

Another big difference will be Fort Creedy and Fort Perryn, Creedy will be the conventional military base in Sim City 4. Fort Perryn... well, I think you will like the way it looks ;)

The standard 10*10 map of Malton has been discarded for a more dynamic city. Some buildings that are in other "Suburbs" will stick into another one.

The large amount of pubs, auto repair shops, Arms, and other buildings have been replaced with generic buildings, usually commercial buildings.

A "factory" is taken to be an industrial building in an area zoned as such.


3/2/09 - morning
Just finished building Penny Heights, but had to get to work on my academics. I am running very low on churches, so I will be scouring the internet for more, as well as cemeterys. The city has been developing for five "years" now, and its "population" from just eight complete suburbs is about 15,000. By the fifth, you can expect me to be done with Osmondville, and upload more developed pictures (and higher quality!) of Malton001 and Malton002.
3/2/09 - afternoon
Well, Osmondville is coming along alright. The lack of police stations, hospitals, and fire departments has made Osmondville into mostly a low rise section, and I have included a lot of parks to attract rich people to this section to get the described "brick pathways". I have also downloaded no fewer than 10 churches, 3 cathedrals, a ruined church, and 5 different graveyards in my attempt to keep up with the churches. URGH.
2/15/09 - morning
I am having a deal of difficulty again with the churches. I have finished that area around Malton002, but have found that the Peppardville/ surrounding area is in entirely the wrong place, and needs to be demolished and re-moved. Regardless, plowing ahead. I will soon upload a picture of the new Malton002 when the zones finish developing.


Building Scarletwood and Danversbank.