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This page is for the storage of Suggestions that have failed Peer Review and have been considered Poor and Unworthy Suggestions. This is not the place to put new Suggestions. The Suggestions Page is the queue for new Suggestions to be voted on and suggested. Any Suggestions that have not been voted on will be removed from this page.

Peer Rejected Suggestions

1st October 2006

Samurai Edge gun and skill

Timestamp: Sept 30, 2006 11:AM
Type: Skill, and New Weapon.
Scope: Survivors .
Description: The Samurai Edge would be Just like a pistol, only instead of doing 5 damage it would do 7 damage. It also takes 2 AP to use. It Can be found at Forts 1% and PD’s 1%. Here’s the catch you would need the Samurai Edge skill to use it, other wise it’s useless

The Samurai Edge Skill would be a Zombie Hunter Skill, Instead of taking 100 EP to buy, it would take 150 EP to buy. And you would need to be level 25 to buy it.

Left Queue: 08:29, 1 October 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: 03:13 CDT, October 1st, 2006
Type: Zombie Skill
Scope: The zombie's stench overpowers survivors' senses.
Description: Survivors getting too close are distracted by your stench, and suffer a flat penalty (-10% tops, more likely -5%) to hit with melee attacks, to a minimum of the weapon's base hit percentage. This would be non-cumulative, and would provide little to no penalty to a new survivor character, while still allowing for elder survivors to have some of their earned bonuses from combat skills. It'd also giving new zeds more reason to horde and more protection in it. As a possible additional effect, perhaps zombies can smell the rough direction of the nearest zombie in their suburb with this skill, as an additional hint to new players.
Left Queue: Kestrel 13:29, 1 October 2006 (BST)

Option to Show Donation Status on Profile Page

Timestamp: Jehrenzweig 00:46, 1 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Cosmetic; Public Profile; Profile Editing Page
Scope: All Characters
Description: If a user has donated to Urban Dead (via Paypal or otherwise), add a checkbox to the profile edit page ( ) that allows them to display so on their public profile page.

I posted this suggestion earlier, but it got shot down for a few reasons. I'd like to address those concerns here:

  • Make It Optional - Many voters thought contributors (i.e. people whose characters can access the main game script more than 160x per day) should have the option of not displaying this info on their public profile. I wholly agree with this idea, which is why I'm resubmitting this amended suggestion. If a person hasn't contributed anything, the profile editing page would appear to them exactly as it does now.
  • Elitism - My suggestion isn't meant to be elitist. The manner in which this information is (optionally) displayed on a person's profile could take any number of minimalist forms: a small icon somewhere on the page, an underlined name, a tiny-text message at the bottom of the page, or any other idea you guys can think of. It doesn't need to be, nor should it be, gaudy or ostentatious.
  • Donation Amount Is Not Shown - Under no circumstances do I think the amount donated should be shown; THAT is what could rightfully be considered elitism, in my opinion. I didn't address this at all in my original suggestion, but after somebody brought it up, I thought I'd explicitly state that nothing about what a user contributed should be displayed.
  • Same As IP Unlocked Status - This is really just another way of saying a user is not subject to the 160 hits-per-day, because they've contributed $5 or more. Can displaying that fact be considered elitist, anymore than displaying a person's level or group name?
Left Queue: 21:32, 15 October 2006 (BST)

Critical Mass

Timestamp: Patrucio 05:34, 1 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Advanced level of Ransack
Scope: Zombies; Building Defenders
Description: Proposing a new skill for the Memories of Life tree, to be placed under the Ransack skill. It would allow zombies to ransack buildings with humans still inside it. Skill would cost a number of AP equal to the number of humans in a given building divided by the number of zombies present to use. Zombies would not be able to use the skill unless the cost to use it was 25 AP or less. There would, in any case, need to be at least two other zombies in the room. This skill would represent the difficulty in shoving plastic trees in front of a door when a large number of zombies were bursting through, and would also allow zombies to capitalize on breeches in large-scale sieges. This would also requre defenders to focus more on active zombies rather than afore-mentioned christmas trees, which would add more depth to the current large-scale siege considerations humans consider.
Left Queue: 21:32, 15 October 2006 (BST)

2nd October 2006

Safe area in NT Buildings

Timestamp: Brownst 08:15, 2 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Survivors and Zombies
Description: This skill makes 2 sections in all the NT buildings one being the normal section and one being the Safe Room the Safe Room being treated like a new building (more barricades) but you can't find anything on the safe room or do anything exept enter, barricade, leave. You can only enter the saferoom from inside the NT building and need a new skill Safe House to enter it. This would make it possible for zombies who hgave made the mistake of brain rot to be revived without the risk of death of everyone inside the NT building. If this idea has already been done please tell me! I am also open for improvments
Left Queue: 15:59, 2 October 2006 (BST)

NT/Mall gameplay

Timestamp: Labine50 MHG|MalTel 15:49, 2 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: Well, I think we've all heard a few complaints about gameplay revolving around malls and NT buildings, and I have an idea to solve that. It nerfs a few mall features to gently encourage people to move away from malls and go somewhere else for a change. What it basically does is makes malls slowly run out of some of the more important items. First to go would either be the highly used Ammo or FAK's, Then the actualal guns, and generators. It doesn't all go "poof!" all at once, but look at the mall nearest to you. Does it look like it could supply hundreds of people for over a year without any form of restocking? That pharmacy near the food court would eventually run out of Centrum Multi-Vitamins.
Left Queue: 16:46, 2 October 2006 (BST)

Mindless Rampage

Timestamp: Basil 20:24, 2 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies.
Description: Purchasable after brain rot on the zombie skill tree. Completely nullifies Headshot. The zombie's brain has rotted and has been damaged enough that at this point the zombie is a rampaging, unthinking killing machine.
Left Queue: 21:42, 2 October 2006 (BST)

Enhanced Endurance

Timestamp: Moan4 19:49, 2 October 2006 (BST)
Type: {{{suggest_type}}}
Scope: Zombie hunters
Description: This is a skill to represent the physical improvement that zombie hunters have gone through because of all the zombie killing a player has done in order to become a hunter. This skill would allow a player to recover at a slightly increased rate of 1 additional AP every 2 hours, this would also rase the AP cap to 60 (it could stay at 50 if this seems unbalanced). This skill would require someone to be at the zombie hunter level, and cost 200 XP and first require body building and posibly head shot if that seems apropriet.
Left Queue: 21:44, 2 October 2006 (BST)

Objectives 2.0

Timestamp: October 2, 2006 5:15 (EST)
Type: Event
Scope: All Players
Description: After studying the areas within Malton, the military has found several ideal key observation areas useful for the zombie resistance, and has sent a message to all players requesting that they quickly secure the area. As an added incentive, the military is organizing caches of supplies to be air-dropped on the roof of the buildings in two weeks. Unfortunatly, since there is too much fog and debris in the city, the helicopters dropping the supplies will likely be unable to distinguish survivors from zombies, so the pilots will drop the supplies regardless of who is currently controlling the objective.

Every two weeks, 2-6 random buildings will be chosen as an objective in the city of Malton. Players will fight to control the building, so this may lead to large 50+ player battles. At the end of the two week period, a cache of supplies will be dropped on the building. These caches will function similarly to supply crates, in which survivors will get items and zombies will get XP except the supplies/xp will be shared among all those who are currently inside the objective, even the ones who are sleeping, except those who have not been in the building (square) for longer than a day. Because the items/xp will be shared, players will receive less then one whole supply crate, but still a good amount to be suggested by people voting "keep" To notify players of an objective change, A banner will be placed at the top of the news page listing the names and towns of the current objectives. A 2x2 building will count as 4 objectives, and this will not force people to go places as there are only 2-6 buildings every 2 weeks. Malton is HUGE people. No one would waste days of AP trying to get there.

Left Queue: 22:18, 16 October 2006 (BST)

3rd October 2006

The Games

Timestamp: Kestrel 19:56, 3 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Environment
Scope: Stadiums.
Description: While on a stadium square, all XP gains are increased by 50%. Bodies are dumped outside the stadium as they fall, and characters may only enter once a week. I'm not sure of the numbers, but after seeing Land of the Dead and reading the latest Walking Dead trade paperback, I think we need something along these lines for the stadiums.
Left Queue: 04:02, 4 October 2006 (BST)

Carrion's Kiss

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 18:52, 3 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Zombie Bite Skill
Scope: Infection Enhancement
Description: Carrion's Kiss:

Of the many changes to zombie physiology to enhance their combat effectiveness one of the most important weapons at their disposal is their bite. Moisture is drawn away from the rest of the body, and collects in the mouth and jaws to keep them well lubricated and mobile just for this purpouse. Possibly to keep what few teeth remain intact.. it is ironic that this serves as a bacterial breeding ground for the infectious bite... more funding may be needed to study these adaptations. ~ Dr Nichol Kiabolas, NecroTech Biomedical

Zombie sub-skill of infectious bite, adds no benefits to your human character.

Your mouth oozes this dark crimson-red drool. Your infectious bite is even worse to living survivors.

Game Mechanics:

  • You are capable of dealing a much worse infectious bite when you successfully bite living survivors. If you bite a zombie, you only deal a regular infectious bite.. which will have no effect until they are revived.
  • This infection acts exactly the same as infectious bite, and can be cured in the same manner but it also causes halucination, nausea, vomitting.
  • Great physical exertion is bad while suffering from this infection, you will lose 1 additional life per AP you spend, for the following actions: Removing bodies from a building, errecting a barricade.
  • Infected survivors are still able to speak but 10% of the letters in each sentence will be mispronounced (zombified) as the infection swells the tongue making communication difficult.
  • If a survivor infected with this 2nd stage infection dies of infection damage it drops down to a regular infection after they die.

It's made to avoid griefing, but it sure is unpleasant for survivors. It can add to the fun due to the speech gibble, but it certainly puts more bite back into infectious bite. It also makes perfect sense that dumping bodies and moving furniture is not a good idea for someone severely infected.. it limits your safehouse defense options.. but you did get infected after all, take a breather.

Left Queue: 15:27, 4 October 2006 (BST)

New Zombie Skill: Feral

Timestamp: Reaper with no name 17:08, 3 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Zombie gets +15% to hit for all attacks when there are no other zombies around.

For zombies, being alone just isn't much fun. Since zombies can only gain XP through combat and survivors spend most of their time behind nigh-invincible barricades, feral zombies are left virtually helpless. Think about it: What can a lone zombie really do? The only way for them to gain XP is to go to a building, smash at the barricades, hope they get lucky and tear them down before running out of AP (remember, it takes an average of more than 50 AP to tear down extremely heavily barricaded buildings), go inside, and attack a random survivor a couple of times before inevitably running out of AP. Doesn't sound like much fun, does it? The only exceptions to this are when the zombie works as part of a horde, which can allow them to actually get through barricades with enough AP left to do some real damage. But survivors don't have this problem. A lone survivor can create and maintain their own safehouse while going out and launching attacks on zombies for XP.

So, there is a clear difference in the capabilities of a lone zombie versus that of a lone survivor. Problem is, how do you give a lone zombie more of a chance without making hordes stronger, bypassing barricades, or otherwise unbalancing the game? This suggestion is the answer I came up with. Without any other zombies in the block to worry about, the zombie is able to swing it's claws and gnash it's jaws to it's heart's content without fear of accidentally biting or slashing it's allies. A 15% buff to attack accuracy will increase a lone zombie's ability to take down barricades, but not by much (a little over 30% versus 25% for a fully leveled zombie) and their ability to gather XP once they manage to start attacking survivors. However, this isn't overpowering because a group of even 2 zombies can still take down barricades and do damage faster than a zombie with this skill. What this does do is give players who like playing as feral zombies somewhat of a shot at getting into lightly barricaded buildings and getting in a decent amount of attacks before they run out of AP.

Left Queue: 10:51, 4 October 2006 (BST)

4th October 2006


5th October 2006

Generator Explosion

Timestamp: =Monicle 10:38, 5 October 2006 (BST)
Type: improvement
Scope: Anyone
Description: Basicly make a 2% chance that when a generator is destroyed that it explodes. It would damage anyone in the building by 1HP however noone would be awarded with XP for the damage. However if one or multiple players dies as a result of the 1hp damage the zombie would be awarded with a single kill XP increase reguardless of the number of deaths. This would give Zombies more incentive to attack Generators. Obviously this would not affect multi block buildings such as malls or large churches and the like, as they are too large for anyone to be greatly affected by a small explosion. edit: this is basically used to give some reason behind destroying a generator besides simply annoying the survivors search abilities. might even make destroying a generator fun.
Left Queue: 20:47, 5 October 2006 (BST)

Location Device

Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 21:02, 5 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Item.
Scope: better friend, bounty, or victim location.
Description: This would add the "Location Tracker" to Malton. It's 1 inventory space, found at 3% Mall Tech Stores, 3% Armories, and 1% Zoo's. It requires you have a GPS for it to work. What happens is this; If someone on your contacts list has a GPS unit and a Location Device on them, then when you go into a suburb they are also in the Location Device "Pings" Like what sound SONAR makes. When your within a 4X4 block of the person it begins "Pinging Violently." This does not show you exactly where the person is, it doesn't even tell you the specific person. What this does tell you, however, where a friend or target is generally at. For example, it could help people that don't use the Wiki to find someone, or find a friend at a revive point. What this also does is a PKer hunting a specific Quarry would use this to track down his prey, while the flipside is a Bounty Hunter can use on to hunt down a PKer. Zombies can use this, however, because a "Ping" is still a "Ping"
Left Queue: 22:34, 19 October 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: Seloth 23:07, 5 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Map Extension.
Scope: All.
Description: The Map is extended at any side revile a sea,the reason being would be up to kevin but for example"Military offical incharge of the Malton Disaster have decided to open up a section of the sea next to malotn for surviours trapped inside,reason being is people do not have acces to hygenic facilitys,The quarentined sea will have nets guarding the bottom and Navy ships guarding the top"

The quarentined sea will have a 4 to 6 square iseland as well as 1 navy ships which will act like the forts,and will be 3 squares long,3 large ships such as a tanker,Cruise ships,cargo and transport ship will also be there and be at varity of lenght such as 6 squares long for a tanker which would contain items such as beer and wine,FAKS Gens and fuel,gps units ect.There would also be other boats doted around with such ones as pleaser and fishing boats that are 1 or 2 square long.


There would be two ways for suvivours to get around,One is to swim which would take 3 or 2 ap a move((Maby implement a skill making it 1 or 2 ap))and a rowboat or a small rubber boat containing a small engine and would need a fuel can to start or a row boat with oars,each move would be 1 ap.

Barricading would be the usuual except it would be based around area such as weak hulls or port holes on the ships,on the boats it would be placing or locking a door of a cabin.

For acces around a ship/boat it would be like this

"You are on the Cargo ships deck,you see blah blah blah"

"enter Cargo hold" "enter Ship living space" "enter bridge" "jump into water" "take a row boat/ruuber boat"->((if availble))

on a boat you would see

" you are standing on a weather beaten fishing boat,Miscluse rops and nets cover the ground"

"Enter cabin" "'jump into water"

and for the rubber/row boats you would have options such as these

"Climb onto boat/ship" "Jump into water" "take a row boat/ruber boat"->((if availble))

For boats,if you find a boat and it say something like"A large gaping hole is at the side of the boat,water is flooding in"then you can repair it((explains why down below))

If a survivour swims and rests tin the water then they will drown.

If a survivour wishes to sleep on just a rubber/row boat then it would be similar to sleeping on dry land outside,suicidle((explain further down.


It will take zombie 3 ap to move under water.they would travel by the ground under the sea.If zombie wanted to reach a boat or ships then a skill called "great inhale" or something like that will let the zombie float up to try and attack the boat or ships

For boats there are two ways to gain acces to it,one by clim ing over the side via a ladder hanging of the side or by smashing at the hull.Smashing at the hull will be twice as hard as smashing barricades,it wouldcrack the hull and let the zombie cling through or swim in and then attack the survivour.

For Ships it would be attacking the port holes or a crack in the ship which would have cades on them

for the iseland,zeds can simply walk up it

Im sorry for the spelling mistakess and other mistake but Im tired and I was rushing this. Now this is just a start off idea,it can be changed or what ever if put into the game,this is just a basic.

Left Queue: 22:32, 19 October 2006 (BST)

6th October 2006

Other Firearms

Timestamp: Bloodkiller 05:09, 6 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New weapons.
Scope: Survivors
Description: New weapons. Period.

Urban Undead has a limited number of firearms. These are a few that could possibly improve the game.


4.5mm Magnum Revolver


With Basic Firearms Training: 10%

With Pistol Training: 35%

With Advanced Pistol Training: 45%

Locations: Mall Gun Store (4%)

Damage:16, 13 against player with a flak jacket.

Takes up same ammount of space as pistol.

4.5mm Magnum Ammo

Locations: Mall Gun Store (6%)

Found in groups of 2.

The 4.5mm Magnum is very powerful, but extremely rare. Only experienced players can find it from a mall, and you must have Basic Firearms Training to be able to use it. It holds up to 6 shots, and you can only find ammo in groups of two. The recoil from the gun causes it to be relatively inaccurate.




With Basic Firearms Training: 55%

Locations: Mall Sports Store (4%), Museums: (2%)

Damage:5, 4 against player with a flak jacket.

Takes up 3 inventory spaces, but shows as one.

Crossbow Bolts

Locations: Mall Sports Store (6%), Museums: (4%)

Found in groups of 5. Automatically added to Crossbow, which has a quiver with a 50 bolt holding cabability.

Special Effects: If you have a crossbow and are inside a barricaded building, the extra option "Look outside window" will appear. When you select it, you will see outside through a window, but it costs 5 XP to choose to look out the window. If you have bolts, you can choose to fire at survivors or zombies that are outside. When you run out of bolts or AP, you will automatically be reset into the regular building. The accuracy of attacking this way is subtracted by 15%, but you get 1 more XP per hit than normally attacking. Survivors who find you firing at the people and zombies on the streets who have ranged weapons can fire at you. If you are hit, you automatically fall out of the window and die, ending up on the street. The accuracy of the person firing at you is subtracted by 20% due to being below you and farther away than normal.

Notes: Crossbows can be found in Museums because many museums have weapons exhibits. Crossbows and their ammunition (bolts) are usually found there. The crossbow and bolts are found in sports stores instead of gun stores because crossbows are only used for hunting. You don't see a guy doing a drive-by shooting with a crossbow, do you?

Left Queue: 16:45, 6 October 2006 (BST)

Totality in another Malton

Timestamp: Ron Burgundy 03:03, 6 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Something else, Spam fodder, Not spam, Musing, Serious suggestion, Perhaps the prompt for another game
Scope: Anyone and everyone but probably no one.
Description: Know what happens in zombie apocalypses? They have a beginning which all the protagonists tend to miss (sleeping through it, being in the middle of nowhere when it starts) and they have an end that's usually not so hot (get eaten). Urban Dead is a video game, so it has neither and is eternal.

It doesn't have to be that way, though! Suppose there were another version of UD run side by side with the current one that features several mini-UD games in which there are no revives and which reset themselves after a previously specified amount of time (maybe something like two weeks). I think that would really add another level to things. People would have to play both sides, survivors would have to run, groups would have to reorganize again and again- we could start a cult, preparing for the apocalypse!

To keep people from idling out and then reappearing in the last few days, the game could make idling out the same as leaving the two week long round (and it basically would be, at 5/14 days). There could be several of these games running side by side, given server space. Hit limits shouldn't carry over from one UD to the other to prevent a migration of players. Character skill trees should reset but not characters themselves, who could be carried over (it's my suggestion and I like it that way). Ideally, PKing should still be allowed and people could still choose whether they want to start as zombies or survivors (hence the in medias res thing). Everything should be the same, except for the removal of revives and the addition of a server reset.

This suggestion does nothing to UD as it stands, it just creates a parallel game that might be more interesting for the old players and would probably increase UD's player retention rate. Please don't vote spam just because this is a wild idea that could never work in the current game- it couldn't and it doesn't depend on the current game.

Left Queue: 09:22, 21 October 2006 (BST)

Zombie Tagging

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 05:55, 6 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Tagging Skill Modification
Scope: Zombies with Tagging & Memories Of Life skills can tag locations
Description: No, this is not about tagging your favorite 4 letter words onto zombies.. but what if zombies could tag locations?

Why? Currently the only way you can tag anything is if you're a living survivor.. it kind of goes against your dual nature to be a zombie sympathizer/zombie spy even if all you want to do is mark some territory. It also wastes a lot of AP to bring a survivor you control into hostile zombie territory just to mark specific buildings. Could give your zombie something important to do while wandering around looking for a much needed revive!

Game Mechanics: In order to be able to do tagging as a zombie you must posess both the Tagging & Memories Of Life skills. No "new" skill is required.

  • You will still need at least 1 spraycan in your inventory to do so.
  • Zombies doing tagging still recieve the full benefits of the tagging skill for increased tag duration and spray cans wear out less often.
  • Zombies can gain the same XP grants for tagging certain buildings as do survivors, plus there is a 1 XP grant for zombies that tag graveyards.


  • A zombie doing tagging must pay 3 AP each time to do so. If you meet the prerequisites and have at least one spray can you will see the Grafitti box as though a survivor.
  • Zombie messages can be misspelled. On average 15% of the letters of your message will be "zombified" like enhanced zombie speech. So there is a chance your message won't quite be what you wrote.
  • Once you're out of spraycans you will have to spend time as a living survivor to get any more. Zombies experience greater difficulties entering buildings, and lack free running.. so most zombie tagging will be outdoors or probably in defeated and ransacked buildings.

Intended RP Benefits: Strangely enough tagging would now be a crossover skill! It's still a weak skill, but it would help both sides of the Dual nature, and permit zombies to mark territory.. paint warnings and threats as well as add to the "feel" of a suburb based on THEIR message. Only a small % of zombies would currently meet these prerequisites, but many factionalized zombies may buy tagging to mark their suburb, or mark another suburb for destruction! And of course, mark a building that was a recent slaughterhouse!!!

Zombies would be able to tag messages, but in all seriousness they wouldn't be very good at it so that could add a bit of fun and amusement to the game.

"What the hell was this zombie trying to say?"

"I dunno man.. let's just get the hell out of here!"

Left Queue: 09:25, 21 October 2006 (BST)

Advanced Infection

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 13:15, 6 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Repeated treatment is making the zombie virus resistant to antibiotics. Quickly treating someone else may not be enough to cure them. Someone bitten by a zombie with Advanced Infection cannot have their infection cured by another person unless the healer restores their health fully. Healing someone say from 35 to 45 would no longer cure their infection. Curing them to 50 (or 60 with bodybuilding) would. It does not affect the player's ability to cure themselves. If you treat yourself a single FAK at any time will cure your disease, the same as now. The purpose of this skill would be to ensure that infections aren't easily wiped out before having any effect and to encourage survivors to carry at least one FAK on them. People bitten can't luck out by getting a single random heal. Not a problem if they carry an FAK but makes infections actually do something beyond harm newly revived folks.
Left Queue: 09:25, 21 October 2006 (BST)

7th October 2006

Group Call

Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 00:47, 7 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Item Addition.
Scope: Saves AP and IP for calling multiple people.
Description: Sometimes you need to just contact, say, 4 people on your contacts list, and they have cell phones. Why waste 5 AP and 5 IP hits calling them all individually for the same message? This would add, upon clicking the Cell Phone, a "Group call" on the dropdown menu. When you click it it shows everyone on your contacts list that has a cell phone and has a check box next to each. Then you just type in the text you want and then check the boxes of the people you want to send the message to. All in all it would be 2 or 3 AP and 2 or 3 IP hits. Would be useful. Spam's not really an issue, as Radio's are more of the target of 1337-sp33k spammers.
Left Queue: 02:13, 22 October 2006 (BST)

Church Bells Ringing

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 14:39, 7 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Church Bells Ringing
Scope: Churches & Cathedrals with running generators "ring those bells" every noon-hour!
Description: Church Bells Ringing:

All human beings, dwelling in all stages of belief and unbelief. Know the booming peal of the church bell as an acknowledgement of man's defiance, man's final stand against the living dead. To hear the sweet bell's cry every day at noon, is to know that we will not go quietly, into the dark, still, night...

We have churches, we have cathedrals.. and man it sure is fun to have a decent down and dirty desperate fight between survivors and zombies in any of them. But, we lack a reason to fight more often in these sacred places. Something worth fighting for, is needed.. a symbol. Sound versus Silence.

Game Mechanics:

  • Every noon hour (noon, Malton time) every Church and Cathedral in Malton will try to ring it's bells (automated bell ringing system, not done by hand.)
  • Right at noon hour, every Church and Cathedral will ring their bells IF they have a running generator at that time to do so. (No power, no sound)
  • The bell ringing message will be "You recognize (Church/Cathedral's Name)'s bells ringing in the distance.." This will be heard by every survivor and zombie within the bell's range. This sound is penetrating, even those indoors will hear it if within range.
  • Bell's Range: Churches 6 Blocks, Cathedrals 9 Blocks

Cathedral Power Requirements: Cathedrals (being a large building) are a little different than your basic church. They require at least 2 running generators at noon hour to ring their bells. (They have a greater variety of bell sizes, all ringing at different times.. more musical.)

Ransack Effects: These buildings' bells are part of the top of the buildings themselves, quite large.. very heavy, and basically impossible to destroy with the exception of a wrecking ball or an artillery round. So, they can't be destroyed and are a permanent building feature. If a Church or Cathedral is ransacked, it does nothing to stop the bells from ringing (if this building still has power.) But zombies are free to control their own Churches/Cathedrals, and leave generators in them if they wish, to them "their" bells ringing may have a different meaning (Hell's Bells?)

Intended Effects: It adds to the feel of Malton. It has nothing to do with combat or XP, or what your character is about or anything else relevant to gameplay and individual character development. But it is a sense of community, a reminder of the shattered past, and a symbol of the struggle that is being waged.. us versus them. Until the last bell sounds...

Kevan could allow certain holidays to be special in some way for this bell sounding (ex. christmas.. perhaps an increased ringing range.. or maybe every church & cathedral in Malton rings.. even if they don't have a generator.. or fuel! But only on Christmas day..)

Left Queue: 02:13, 22 October 2006 (BST)

Street 'Cades v2.0

Timestamp: 15:15, 7 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Location Alteration
Scope: Street Locations.
Description: With more and more blocks becoming heavily fortified, desperate survivors stuck outside set up ramshackle barricades in the street to try and protect themselves.
  • Any street location will have a button "Construct Barricades".
  • If 'cades are successfully constructed, then the description changes; "There is a ramshackle fortification in this street", and a button will be added to "Enter ramshackle fortification" (survivors only).
  • A street location can be barricaded up to VS+2, representing a makeshift barricade akin to circling the wagons: survivors have used vehicles, park benches, public 'phone booths, barbed wire, fencing and whatever else they can find.
  • Building a barricade in the street takes time and effort, and 2AP for each press of the "Construct Barricades" button.
  • There are no doors, but a generator can be set up to power a radio transmittor.
  • If the 'cades are broken, the ramshackle fortification is destroyed, as are any contents (generators and radios). Therefore, there is no way to ransack or repair this type of "building".
  • Movement through the street square is still available to anyone (as with any square). This does not create an impassable square.
  • Attack through the 'cades, in either direction, with any weapon type, is allowed, but at a reduced three quarter chance to hit.
  • Population outside and inside the 'cades can always be seen, from either side. A note must be added to the display to indicate inside fortification and outside fortification numbers of survivors and zombies.
  • Free Running into or out of these locations is not possible. You always end up outside the 'cades on entering this square (even from inside an adjacent building).
  • A flare can be fired into the air from inside the 'cades, as this structure has a negligible roof.
  • The intention is to help out desperate newbs, left stranded due to over-barricading. Nobody would use this out of choice - it would be desperation only.

(Thanks to MrAushvitz & Gene Splicer.)

Left Queue: 02:13, 22 October 2006 (BST)

8th October 2006

Mindless Drive

Timestamp: Basil 20:20, 8 October 2006 (BST)
Type: new skill
Scope: zombies
Description: This is a rework of my previous suggestion on the same subject, not a dupe or reposting. This skill can only be attained by zombies with brainrot, meaning it is beneath Brain Rot on the zombie skill tree. This skill means that a zombie's mind has rotted so much that there is little left to damage. Somehow, the ghoul is now a mindless killing machine, entirely animated by the virus and a strong need to kill and devour. This skill reduces Headshot penalties. Getting headshot if you have the Ankle Grab skill means you now stand up at a cost of only 2 AP. Getting headshot if you do not have the Ankle Grab skill means you now stand up at a cost of only 7 AP to stand. (I severely doubt any zombie has brain rot and not ankle grab)

This enourages the purchase of brain rot which encourages more people to actually stay playing a zombie character. It also gives a little bonus to those most dedicated people by slightly reducing an annoying penalty they have to suffer without taking away the Zombie Hunter's ability to inflict the (somewhat reduced) penalty.

Left Queue: 01:30, 9 October 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 01:43, 8 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Skill.
Scope: Zombie Barricade destruction.
Description: This adds a new skill under Memories Of Life, called "Dismantle." Your Zombie has learned that removing the barricade, instead of attacking it is more effective. This adds a new attack option called "Dismantle" upon a barricade, meaning you remove the barricade instead of bashing it, this always has a 30% chance to hit. What this does is it costs 2 AP per attack, but it has a 15% bonus against barricades. So if you wanted to take a chance with AP, then this is the attack for you!
Left Queue: 08:29, 23 October 2006 (BST)

Scent ?????

Timestamp: Jonny12 12:38, 8 October 2006 (BST)
Type: General improvement I suppose
Scope: Zobies
Description: All I'm proposing is that when a zombie buys Scent ????? (couldn't think of a name); characters on the map with bodybuilding are emboldened. Gives you an idea who to attack if there are two or more characters around you. (like about 5 minutes ago for me, when I thought of this!)

I suppose it could also just be an extra effect of Scent Blood - you decide.

Left Queue: 08:29, 23 October 2006 (BST)

9th October 2006

Body Carrying

Timestamp: --SirBlastalot 00:05, 9 October 2006 (BST)
Type: new skill
Scope: zombies and humans
Description: My idea is that under the BodyBuilding skill, have a body-carrying skill. (obviously, someone needs to suggest a better name) Give the same skill to Zomies to retain balance, probably under that Grabbing skill they've got. While carrying a body, humans and zombies alike use 2AP for each block they move.

The idea behind this is simple: being dead does very little. This way, instead of killing another player and then having them stand up again the next day, it would be possible to have a corral of zombies or of humans (depending on which side happens to be doing better at the time) that could be defended to keep people from leaving unmolested.

It would probably work best if you could pick up sleeping/tired humans/zombies. If they 'wake up' by logging back in, then the human or zombie would just start attacking the player carrying them or run away like they would otherwise. Also, I'm open to suggestions about this.

Left Queue: 05:12, 9 October 2006 (BST)

Auto Reload

Timestamp: Marz'Monkey 3:17AM 9, Oct 2006(GMT)
Type: Skill
Scope: Humans
Description: Basicly, This Is Two Different skills (one for pistol, one for shotgun, for a total of 200XP spent on it). The idea is that you now have so much experience with your guns that you've learned how to pick up a clip and load it in an empty(or non-empty) gun with one swift motion, This would go at the back of both the shotgun and pistol advanced trees, This would help because it wouldn't waste AP loading the gun for the last crucial AP. Feel Free To Comment on tweaks.
Left Queue: 09:28, 9 October 2006 (BST)

Semi-Conscious Crawling

Timestamp: Reaper with no name 19:04, 9 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Innate ability
Scope: Anyone who has been killed.
Description: Right now, killing a zombie doesn't really mean much. Sure, they have to waste AP getting up, but you ultimately can't make them go away, even for a short time. So what I propose is that players have a sort of counter on them that starts at 0 and goes up each time they get up after being killed. When that counter equals 3 (meaning that they have been killed 3 times), they will be teleported to a random block 1 suburb away in any of the eight surrounding suburbs. However, it would not go up when one is being revivified or if they get up while inside a building.

The in-game explanation for this would be that the zombies (like any creature, really) avoid danger when they are weakened, and instinctively crawl away from places where they have been killed many times while their bodies are healing. They don't make this decision consciously, of course; it is their unconscious mind doing the crawling. This is why they are A) crawling to a random place and B) doing it without the player having any control. Of course, there's nowhere to go when they are inside a building, and thus the counter is not affected if they get up inside a building.

This suggestion will actually give some purpose to killing zombies other than for getting XP. At the same time, it can be used to break up large zombie hordes (Big Bash, anyone?) somewhat. At the same time, it won't make much difference against lone zombies because...well let's be honest, they don't have a chance in hell of getting into a sufficiently strongly barricaded safehouse and have enough AP left to do any real damage anyway. So this sort of thing will really only mean anything against hordes. And just for those who will say that this is unfair against zombies, they still have the option of returning and continuing the fight. It just gives the survivors a breather. Plus, since this affects humans as well, it could be used to the zombies' advantage.

Left Queue: 21:50, 9 October 2006 (BST)

10th October 2006


Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 01:00, 10 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Item.
Scope: Silently killing your prey.
Description: This is the first suggestion in a series I will make, this series will be called "Silence Is Golden.".This will add the Silencer to the game, along with its benefits and drawbacks. The Silencer is found at 3% PD's, 2% Mall Gun Stores, and 2% Mansions. The Silencer is a 1 inventory space item. You click the Silencer and it "Installs" itself onto the first loaded pistol in your inventory. The Silenced Pistol takes up 2 inventory spaces, has a "S" In the front to show its silenced, and it has a reduced 5% Hit Probability (I know, a silencer would reduce recoil, but it also reduces Muzzle Velocity) The Silenced Pistol is chosen seperatly for attacking. What does this do? It has a 50% Chance of "Silently" Killing a zombie (Or Survivor) and by Silently I mean no one gets the message "Player A killed Player B (Or Zombie.)" This is a double-edged sword obviously, Survivors can use this to efficiently clear out a zombie building without alerting the zeds within till its too late, while PKers can use this for their dirty Work.
Left Queue: 08:32, 10 October 2006 (BST)

11th October 2006

Face Recognition

Timestamp: Fordham 01:27, 11 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill, improvement.
Scope: Live people. Dead people.
Description: Allows identification of zombies. After all, do people just become faceless creatures when they die? Are you going to forget who they were? Nah.

When you see a zed, if you saw him before as a human, his name appears in parentheses. Ex – “There is a zombie here. He used to be Harvey Wallbanger.”

And in the list of people in the area, the names show up in parentheses.

Ex – Zombie (a.k.a. Harvey Wallbanger), Zombie (a.k.a Jerry Sinewave); Zombie (identity unknown). Zombie (a.k.a Howse, known Gker).

As shown above, it might also offer an opportunity to spot Pkers/Gkers and avoid reviving them or keep knocking them down again, if someone can figure out a way to do it.

One more thing – if this makes things a bit lopsided, we could have a time limit on it, something to take into account decomposition, things like that. Or maybe it would have a probability thing thrown in for headshot victims, rotters, and so forth.

Left Queue: 05:19, 11 October 2006 (BST)

Multi-Tag Feature: Tagging Skill

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 14:41, 11 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Enhancement to Tagging skill
Scope: For some buildings Tagging skill allows more than 1 tagging message
Description: Multi-Tag Feature: Tagging Skill

Tagging Skill Change:

  • Your character's spraycans last longer & don't run out as quickly. XP bonuses are awarded for tagging certain buildings. With Free Running skill: More than 1 message may be tagged onto certain buildings.

Pretty basic, but since human survivors have established a free running network which is considered to be a number of Bridges between buildings, new options are possible for the tagging skill. Often ladders, planks, debris and dumpsters are set up so you can make it into entry windows more safely. Ledges are also set up in such a way to allow survivors in and out of windows so long as they aren't too close to the street (arm's reach of zombies.) Survival in Malton can be a very athletic thing, you'd better be good at jumping and/or climbing if you want to escape quickly.

The enhancement for the tagging skill is this: if you also have the Free Running skill when you tag certain buildings your message will be added as a 2nd or 3rd tag message. This means your character isn't just great at grafitti, they're also good at spraypainting messages at those "hard to reach" places. This allows dedicated taggers to be very valuable to their faction, and their message to not be replaced too quickly.

Game Mechanics Of Additional Messages: I means maximum interior messages. E means maximum exterior messages.

  • Large & Tall Buildings ~ I=2 E=3: Cathedral, Mall, Mansion, Tower, Factory, Hospital, Warehouse
  • Larger Buildings ~ I=1 E=2: Building, Power Station, Cinema, Library, Museum, School, Armoury, The City Zoo (lots of good message spaces!)
  • Excellent Outdoor Tagging ~I=0 E=3: Graveyard (so many headstones, statues, smaller buildings, etc.)

When you use grafitti to write a message at a location that has additional capacity, instead of replacing the old message with a new one your new message gets added seperate from the existing ones (as part of the description.) If this location is full of messages and you write another the oldest message always gets replaced 1st.

  • Those without this additional tagging: whenever they tag a building that has more than 1 tag on it, the oldest message is always replaced 1st. No addition to the building's messages is made, just a replacement of an old one.


Well, there are literally thousands of survivor characters per suburb, often several hundred sharing the same building. It stands to reason that almost everyone enjoys tagging some kind of message every now and again (to be heard &/or represented.) In addition, there are times several factions may share a suburb (human and zombie for example) this allows everyone a chance to mark their territory, and provide information which of course adds to the feel of Malton.

This would also be very cool because you could see 1 message, maybe a 2nd which contadicts the 1st and in some buildings yet a 3rd message. This would be much more prevalent in suburbs where there is a huge population base.

  • Ex. "The Apocolypse Horde Owns Rotwood, Leave or Die!"
  • "See you in hell zombies, we shall overcome!"
  • "Zombie Mistress will not forgive your blasphemy..."

(Graveyards would now be free to have a revive message, and various zombie threats and whatnot.. so both sides are represented.)

And so forth, you don't have to walk to several buildings just to see what is going on in your area. New players may also get more information as to what buildings they should be going to (or not going to.) As well as who is in charge here. This would be excellent for group recruitment as well as giving zombies the chance to have their messages heard.

Left Queue: 12:12, 26 October 2006 (BST)

NT Injector

Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 21:04, 11 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Item.
Scope: holding Syringes more easily.
Description: This adds the NecroTech Injector to Malton. The NT Injector is found at 3% NT Buildings, 2% Mall Drug Stores, and 2% Hospitals. (Being a common injecter) The Injector is a 1 inventory space item that's purpose is to hold up to five Syringes (By choosing the injector on the dropdown menu for syringes) and to tell how full it is it has a nifty little counter to the right of the Injector name. When filled with at least 1 syringe it will behave exactly like a normal Syringe, the dropdown menu, the AP Cost, etc. But this has multiple uses before needing to be "Reloaded." "How can you put a syringe into a Injector?" You say, well, you just inject the liquid into the Injector's Storage vial. "But what about Sanitation?" Well, this is one of those Injectors that uses High Pressure "Mist" of the syringe contents. This would save that pesky Cluttering of syringes.
Left Queue: 12:14, 26 October 2006 (BST)

Blocked Passage

Timestamp: Swiers 22:10, 11 October 2006 (BST)
Type: balance change / skill modification / environmental effect
Scope: users of freerunning skill entering or exiting squares containing ransacked buildings
Description: A simple suggestion; buildings that are ransacked should not be valid targets to free-run into or out of. If a survivor attempted such movment, they would recive a message stating "the building you are in (or moving into) is in such disarray that you can find no safe passage between them." As when attmpting to enter a barricaded building, they would not spend any AP.

The justification for this is as follows. First, it gives survivors a new challenge in thier "zoning plans"- they would need more exit and entry points to compenaste for the blocked passages, or they would need to better defend the entries they are using. Second, it just makes the game more intersting (for both sides) and realistic if survior movement can be impacted by zombie activities. Third, it just makes sense; ransacked buildings are typically occupied by zombies or covered in unstable debris, which would make clambering over a rickety bridgework or leaping into an open window a rather risky proposition!

Left Queue: 12:14, 26 October 2006 (BST)

12th October 2006

NecroTech Pharmaceuticals

Timestamp: Certified=Insane 02:04, 12 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: This suggestion is for a new item that can be found in NecroTech buildings, Hospitals, and Drug stores. Why a NT item in Hospitals and Drug Stores, well, NT could have sold the drugs to those places in an effort to slow down the outbreak before it really took over. The Item I suggest is a tablet container, which can hold up to 9 tablets and takes 2 slots in the inventory (just as other objects that have "ammo"). What this item would do is simple: it would remove infection and heal 2 HP. You can only use it on yourself. Why would this be useful? Because infection can be very deadly, and carrying 10 FAKs with you is not conveniant at all. While it wouldn't cure the wound, it would allow you to act normally and maybe seek a real heal. Why self administered? Because you can't make other people swallow things, and it's main purpouse is to heal infection (which is undetectable), therefore useless and illogical.
Left Queue: 23:05, 26 October 2006 (BST)

Communications Limit

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 19:14, 12 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Anti spam measure
Scope: Anti spam measure re: radio communication & speech
Description: Don't get me wrong we love radio the game was cool before and radio definately made it more interesting & fun in 1 code laden blow. (Thank you Kevan!) Now it does feel a bit more like a seige/community/aftermath of when the sh*t hit the fan (zombies) and everybody got a piece. But, there are annoying people out there who spend 4-9 AP in a row with mindless radio blather, which annoys the entire listening audience. Even the occasional survivor destroys a radio just to take away this feature from a safehouse full of idiots. What is to be done?

Well I am nothing if not persistent, let's see what my twisted, er, creative mind can come up with.

Communications Limit:

  • This limit only affects survivors not zombies (they have more than enough communications restrictions, and that would be griefing.) If you die and become a zombie all of your communications counts go to 0, and don't start counting off again until you are revived.
  • The premise is quite simple, each survivor is permitted a maximum of 30 message equivilents per 100 AP. This is a hidden countdown which counts up to 30 and then stops.. the countdown resets to 0 every 100 AP you spend with your character.
  • When you hit your limit you get a message "Your throat is quite sore, your speech can barely be heard." When you reach your 100 AP and it resets to 0 you get the message "Your throat feels better!" During this time while you are at your limit you cannot speak, or broadcast radio messages.
  • Speaking to up to 50 people: Counts as 1 message towards your count.
  • Radio Broadcasted message: Counts as 5 messages towards your count. this is due to the fact that radio communication reaches a much larger audience and it is the message feature that could most easily be abused (used to spam.) Note: If you have the Radio operation skill, each radio use only counts as 4 messages towards your limit!
  • Phone Communications: Your phone use does not count towards your communications limit, as your phone messages could be ignored if the recipient wishes, so it is not an issue for spam. Even if your throat was sore, you could still text message someone through the cell phone, all good.
  • Tagging: Doesn't count towards your communications limit, spraypaint all you like.. because others can just cover up your work if they wish.


  • So per character over the course of 2 days you could make 6 radio messages, or 5 radio messages and 5 regular spoken messages, or even 30 spoken messages. So even then, your message could reach a lot of people, but now what you have to say does hold a little value because it is counting towards your limit, and you may want to "save a few" for when it counts.
  • These limits are still quite generous, and perhaps down the road after we see if they are too high and don't contribute to survivors being "at risk" we may take them down slightly.. but for now, it is a generous and pretty reasonable limit. If you had radio communications you could make 7 radio messages (28) and 2 spoken messages, even more for radio but that is an additional benefit for the skill (especially to characters who do need to help co-ordinate survivor efforts ex. cops, firefighters, millitary.. etc.)
  • Spammers will still try to spam, and annoying messages may still be posted.. but at least it won't be so easy to do it over the radio unless you've spent the XP to buy the skill. Even then there is still a limit, and that is very reasonable.

My intentions are quite clear, I don't want anyone to get killed or be unable to co-ordinate their survivor efforts.. but if your character is being annoying and spamming you may be "the boy who cried wolf" and pay for it. As well as possibly being PK'd by a fellow survivor, of course!

95% of this suggestion's need is all about preserving the fun, without having to limit everyone to do so! (There are possible server load benefits...) 5% is to make things a bit more fair for zombies, and at least zombies with radios on them won't have to hear so.. much.. crap.

Left Queue: 23:05, 26 October 2006 (BST)

Hand-Eye Coordination

Timestamp: Leif 18:12, 12 October 2006 (EST) 22:14, 12 October 2006 (Correcting time stamp --Funt Solo 23:22, 12 October 2006 (BST))
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivor, Civilian
Description: The idea I had for this was to help those of us with melee attacks as our only viable option. The skill Hand-Eye Coordination would have a prerequisite of Hand-to-Hand Combat. The skill would give a +5% to melee attacks with each successful melee attack (75% cap), and a -5% to melee attacks with any non-hit turn (base percentage cap). In other words, if you have Hand-to-Hand Combat, Axe Proficiency, and Hand-Eye Coordination, you would have a base 40% with an axe, but 45% after one successful attack. A consecutive successful attack would yield 50% on your next attack, but a miss or a non-combat turn after that would bring it back down to 45%. It would never drop below 40%, and it would never rise above 75%. This skill is survivor-only and does not affect zombies.
Left Queue: 23:05, 26 October 2006 (BST)

13th October 2006

Brain Rot: An Invisible Skills Tree

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 20:21, 13 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Brain Rot Enhancement
Scope: Brain Rot skills tree not visible except to owner of character, and Kevan
Description: This is an extension of zombie anonymity, but it also makes DNA scanning zombies by hand much more relevant as in game information.

The entire Brain Rot skills tree, including Brain Rot, should not be visible on your character's profile! The only people who can see your Brain Rot skills tree is you (when you're logged in to your character, or buying skills for that character), and Kevan.

What does it do? Ohhh, what does it do?, it makes Brain Rot just that much cooler to have as a skill! At times, it could even make it a bit more effective. We'd find ourselves wondering which zombies have brain rot.. "does she, or doesn't she?" it takes effort to find out for sure. This allows Brain Rot to be the one skill that can frustrate survivors, a bit anyways.

It makes zombies just a bit more mysterious, and puts survivors a bit more on edge, and isn't that enough? Having Brain Rot would be a bit more fun now.

Left Queue: 23:48, 13 October 2006 (BST)

14th October 2006


Timestamp: Reaper with no name 04:31, 14 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Subskill of memories of life. The zombies are now smart enough to differentiate between zombies.

Basically, zombies with this skill will see each other as "Zombie (name)". NO contacts list or anything is required.

Currently, there isn't much sense of teamwork and community outside of metagaming. Everyone is just a random zombie. I think this wil help with that, and also help one find their allies. It can even help prevent ZKing (which some people dislike as much as PKing).

Left Queue: 09:12, 14 October 2006 (BST)

Body Drag

Timestamp: 29hunter8 14:20, 14 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: "Body Drag" would be a skill falling as a subskill of the Zombie Hunter skill. Using one additional XP per action, survivors with the skill could drag a dead body with them across the board - but not enter buildings - for the purpose of spreading the bodies out. The skill would be like any of the other actions taken against another player - with a drop box by the "Drag" button with "body" or "name". The "Drag Body" would drag a random body. The "Drag Name" would drag the specific named body.

By spreading the bodies out, the newly awakened zombies may be somewhat disoriented and forget that they were bashing into building "x" and go elsewhere. It would prevent a pile up of dead bodies at the entrance to a building. The skill is simple and would aid surivors to a small degree - nothing unbalancing.

Left Queue: 17:35, 14 October 2006 (BST)

15th October 2006

Non-Lethal Rounds

Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 01:23, 15 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Items.
Scope: People who want to get rid of a threat without killing them.
Description: This is a more powerful version of MrAushvitz's "Its Fisting Time!" Suggestion. What this adds is "Bean-Bag Rounds." Which are real life Non-lethal rounds used for Shotguns. They are found at 2% PD's, 1% Armories, and 3% Mall Sports Stores. Bean-Bag rounds are loaded individually, have same accuracy as a normal shotgun, and do 4 damage. Upon getting "Killed" with a Bean Bag round the one killed does not turn into a zombie upon getting up (But zombies killed with this stand up as a zombie) but still stay a survivor with half HP. This would work wonders for getting rid of a Death Cultist, who want to die, or for PKers. The message others get is "Player A knocked out Player B."
Left Queue: 09:27, 30 October 2006 (UTC)

16th October 2006

Undying Lurch

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 23:43, 16 October 2006 (BST) Jon Pyre 01:07, 17 October 2006 (BST) Invalid time-stamp struck --Funt Solo 21:22, 17 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: This subskill of Digestion is designed to make fighting a zombie a little bit scarier by adding an element of uncertainty. Ever see a zombie movie where repeated gunshots do nothing, despite horrific injury the creature keeps advancing? The zombie would no longer be killed when at 0hp, but actually be able to dip slightly into negative numbers without getting knocked down. There'd be no maximum how far their negative numbers could go but for every point of negative damage they take there's a 25% chance they'd get knocked down.

So if you deal 4 damage to a zombie that's at 2hp there'd be two chances for it to get knocked down. Other wise they'd go to -2 (It'd just skip 0 entirely. 0 would only be your hitpoints when you're knocked down). If you then dealt another 4 damage, you'd have another 4 chances to knock it down. Otherwise they'd go to -6. While there's no cutoff the odds of their health going far in the negative is very low. 25% of the time it wouldn't even get to that first negative point. You'd only get to -2 about 50% of the time. -3 would be about 40% of the time. -4 about 30%. -5 about 20%.

The zombie should have to work a little bit for this benefit though. Only a recently fed zombie is tough enough to take this kind of punishment. The zombie would have a new status that'd be listed where their inventory would be if they were a survivor: their hunger level. Base status would be "You are ravenous". With each bite attack it'd rise to "You are hungry", then "A little hungry", then "full". Four levels in total. Each time a zombie is reduced from positive to negative health (but not from a negative to a lower negative) their status would drop a level. Each time they successfully bite a survivor it goes up one. When a zombie's at ravenous they would not be able to survive going below zero. To use this ability the zombie would need to "keep it charged" with few bites now and then.

So it isn't really much of a buff in terms of a combat benefit. You'd beat the odds just getting down to -3. But it would have a psychological advantage. There'd always be the fear in a survivor's mind that as they battle that zombie it'll be tough enough to go a bit into the negatives. That it'll get that lucky boost and require an extra gunshot. Not particularly more powerful but a little scarier. And hey, even a few hitpoints isn't bad.

Left Queue: 08:31, 31 October 2006 (UTC)

17th October 2006

Remove the ability to drop items whilst a zombie

Timestamp: Jonny12 Talk 20:08, 17 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Zombies
Description: Simple - whilst you're a zombie you can't drop items. Why would you need to? I've just accidently dropped a pistol clip because the buttons were all moving around when I was attacking someone
Left Queue: 00:08, 1 November 2006 (UTC)

18th October 2006


19th October 2006

Fascinated Lurch

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 02:38, 19 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: This subskill of Ankle Grab causes the zombie to instinctively move towards loud noise. Next to all groan messages the zombie would have a link that'd say (lurch). Clicking the link would instantly take you to the originating square of the groan, for a cost of 1AP. This would allow zombies to instantly reach feeding groans and save them some AP, especially useful if they've been headshot. The 1AP cost doesn't represent teleportation, but more of the tireless stamina undead sometimes have kicking in. In a way saving advanced undead a few travel AP would make up for the doubled cost of movement early on. This only applies when moving to heard feeding groans, and doesn't provide any benefit if you are just walking on your own. If you refresh the screen or move you cannot click back and use those messages anymore.

This is a powerful skill but not overpowering, joining similar AP saving skills Lurching Gait and Ankle Grab. It's a buff for zombies, but a fun skill and a good way of topping off the zombie movement tree. Since all skills seem to be released with a counterpart for the other side this could be balanced by introducing a new survivor skill. New features are good, and balance is maintained by making both sides more powerful at the same time.

  • Note added for clarification: Since standing up would get rid of groan messages clicking lurch when a corpse should take you to the groan's location standing up but add the cost of standing (plus headshot if applicable) to the 1AP for movement.
Left Queue: 17:42, 19 October 2006 (BST)

More Revivification XP

Timestamp: Reaper with no name 20:25, 19 October 2006 (BST)
Type: XP Improvement
Scope: Players reviving players.
Description: I'm hoping this hasn't already been suggested. If it has, feel free to dupe it from existence. If it hasn't, then it's about d*mn time!

There are few actions in the game one can make that are more important than revivification. It is key to maintaining the survivor/zombie balance in the game. Problem is, why bother? Even Books get you more XP/AP than revivification does! I mean, 7-8 AP on average to find a syringe, 10 AP to actually revive someone, and only 10 XP? That's just ridiculous. Scientists have too hard of a time getting XP compared to other classes. So to help address this, Revivification should give 20 XP. It's still only a bit more than 1 XP/AP, but it's definitely a lot better than what they get now.

Left Queue: 23:37, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

20th October 2006

Emergency Medical Kit (EMK)

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 20:07, 20 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Medical Equipment
Scope: Allows storage of FAK's like ammunition
Description: Emergency Medical Kit

A large portable medical bag, filled with a greater variety of first aid supplies and simple surgical tools. Commonly used by paramedics (ground and air units), firemen, police, millitary medical units, and of course hospital staff.

  • Weight: 2 inventory spaces, bulky, but efficient storage unit.
  • Maximum Capacity: Can hold up to 5 FAK's stored inside it (like ammunition.) When found by searching, the EMK starts with 1 FAK equivilent.
  • Maximum In Inventory: You may only have up to 2 EMK's in your inventory at a time. If you find an EMK on a search and you are already at this full capacity.. you are given 1 FAK instead for your search.
  • Search Rates: Fire Station: 1.5% (replaces 0.5% of Fire Axe, and 1% of Flare Gun existing rates); Hospital 1.25% (replaces 1.25% of existing newspaper search rates, we've read enough news at the hospital.)

Uses: The EMK has exactly the same drop-down menu for healing as does the FAK, and it is considered using an FAK on that target in every respect.

  • Loading FAK's into EMK if you have at least 1 EMK in your inventory all of your FAK's gain another target on their drop-down menu.. the EMK! If you select the EMK as the target, you spent 1 AP to add 1 FAK from your inventory into the bag. (So it does cost you AP to organize your emergency supplies, for the additional inventory storage of FAK's.)
  • Removing an FAK FAK's, once added to the EMK, cannot be removed, only used on a target for healing. Although you can select another EMK as the target of moving FAK's in storage from one bag to another (so you have the option to fill one, then discard an empty EMK if you wish.) It still costs 1 AP to move an FAK from one bag to another.

Inventory Management: For 4 regular inventory spaces, your character could hold up to 10 spaces worth of FAK's. So even if you have 2 of them, it's only the equivilent of +6 inventory spaces.. which are only usable for FAK's. This is a reasonable limit, leaving enough inventory space for other equipment but it doesn't quite make you a walking ambulance of medical supplies.

Revive Needles? I had considered allowing revives to be carried within the unit, but that is another suggestion entirely. Due to the game effect & combat revive use associated with them. This suggestion is purely a medical storage buff, meant to allow characters to specialize in long distance medical treatment of other survivors. "Medic!"

No Free Lunch It costs 1 AP per FAK to move it into the bag, so you're paying for those inventory savings! So in a way, it's not much different from a zombie hunter lock and loading all their firearms before heading out.

Left Queue: 01:06, 4 November 2006 (UTC)

21st October 2006

Improved Body Dump

Timestamp: User:Ignatz 14:28 October 20, 2006
Type: Improvement
Scope: Dead bodies in buildings
Description: Currently 1 AP allows survivors to completely clear an entire building of any number of bodies. I suggest two combined changes to the'Clear the building of bodies' action. I suggest that bodies may be cleared at the cost of 1AP per body and that to compensate for the increased cost each body will be dumped 1 square in a direction chosen by the person dumping the body. This would be similar to choosing which way to look with binoculars(N, NW, NE, etc.) This is not a 'Pied Piper' any more than the current dumping method or Feeding Drag in that any body can only be dumped once, so no more than 1 square of movement will be caused. Bodies can not be dumped outside the borders of Malton from this action.
Left Queue: 01:59, 21 October 2006 (BST)

Feeding Frenzy (revised)

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 08:57, 21 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: zombies
Description: This subskill of Digestion would let zombies that follow feeding groans to help heal any injured zombies that are there already. If a zombie with Feeding Frenzy is at full health and bites a survivor the first injured zombie in the queue would be healed 4hp instead. If the attacking zombie is injured they're healed as normal, and nobody else. This just prevents the bite from being wasted. The bite message would have an additonal section added if another zombie get the benefit:

"You tear flesh out with your jaws. A zombie recovers it from the ground."

Zombies feasting together is thematically appropriate and this is hardly overpowered. If you think about it all this does is prevent Digestion from being a basically dormant skill most of the time. The zombie has a skill that allows 4hp of health to be restored per bite attack. It only seems fair they get an advantage from it more often. Currently most zombies only bite once for infection. If a reinforcing zombie could use bites to help zombies already there that'd make it a more attractive option compared to the hand attack's higher damage and tangling grasp bonus.

Left Queue: 12:15, 4 November 2006 (UTC)

22nd October 2006

Extra XP for Zombies

Timestamp: Reaper with no name 19:18, 22 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Improvement
Scope: Zombies
Description: One of the main problems zombie players suffer from that their survivor counterparts don't is a lack of XP. Zombies have a much more difficult time getting XP than survivors. If a zombie is outside of a safehouse, all a survivor has to go is go out and attack. The only AP they will waste is however many it takes to get in and out of their safehouse. Zombies, however, have to waste their AP taking down barriades. If they manage to get through them, they have so few AP left that they will not be able to get a significant amount of XP. Sure, you would have more left if you are in a horde, but in that case you also have to split the XP between all your comrades. Plus, survivors can do the same thing, and they will still get more XP due to their superior damage capabilities. And all of this doesn't take into account the fact that survivors have other means of XP-gathering besides combat! So to address this, I suggest that zombies should get 2x as much XP attacking survivors. This will not affect the 10 XP bonus upon killing a survivor, and is still less than shotgun-toting survivors will get.
Left Queue: 20:28, 22 October 2006 (BST)

PKer Criminal Class

Timestamp: --Sonny Corleone WTF RRF ASS DORIS Hunt! 22:13, 22 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Class and weapon
Scope: PKers
Description: Before anyone says "But Sonny, we don't want to encourage PKing" I first want to address something. If PKing was not wanted it would have been thrown out like that sucky game Outbreak. PKing is the biggest reason for old players coming back in. It is the only realistic aspect of this game. Zombies being the minority, survivors able to barricade door despite zombies walking in, barricades that are equal to the Berlin Wall, and survivors leaping from building to building are not realistic. At least as a PKer it actually has a sense of danger. Everyone is after you. It is the most challenging part of the game.

Also for those that still think it will encourage people to PK. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Give a person a gun and they won't go on a shooting spree. If the person wanted to kill people chances are he has wanted to do it by himself. So giving PKers a chance will not make some n00b want to kill people out of the blue.

So here it goes.

The new class would be called Criminal, playing as a Prisoner or a Rogue. A Prisoner is a starting class where he starts with identical equipment and skills to the Police Officer. However the Prisoner has some advantages. He has the innate ability to blend in with regular civilians. That means when someone checks the profile he comes up as a civilian. Just like in real life if a prisoner escapes chances are he won't run around still in his prison garb. To counter this the Police Officer class has the innate ability to recognize Prisoners right away. This is a bonus to Police Officers since they're pretty useless when compared to the Firefighter or Private. To top that off Prisoners get full xp for killing other humans. (Maybe half xp for killing zombies. Depends on how y'all feel about it)

The ability to blend in may seem a little unfair but there are a lot of clues to spotting one. One, if you see a level 1 Civilian with shooting and not looting skills that should set off red flags. Two, if you're already a Bounty Hunter you know what to look for and who the known PKers are.

The second part of this is the Gone Rogue ability. Before Kevan implemented the Zombie starting class the only way to become a zombie was to jump out of a building or feed yourself to the undead. I propose the ability to Go Rogue. Now to Go Rogue you'd expect a mental breakdown and what not. So to emulate this breakdown whenever a person around you dies, either by a zombie or another person, you'll have the ability to Go Rogue. It is a button on your Edit Profile page. When you click it it'll change you to the Criminal Class.

There is no real difference in Prisoner and Rogue . It's like starting as a Medic and getting Scientist skills. You can start as a Prisoner, which will say Criminal but for all explaination purposes I'll call it prisoner, or go rogue later on.

This third part is optional, I'm just writing this down so that I don't forget it later on. As a Criminal you'll be able to get weapons that only you can get. The almighty Shank. The Shank would be exactly like the Fire Axe except that it is an assassin tool. Walking by someone and killing them without anyone knowing. You'll be able to get the same accuracy and damage from a Fire Axe except that no one will know it was you who killed the person. To stop people from abusing this by filling a guy full of shells and then using this weapon the only way to be anonymous about this is by killing a guy only with this weapon. Of course you'll need all of the skills to make it as accurate as the fire axe.

Tell me what you think

Left Queue: 23:37, 22 October 2006 (BST)

Advanced Search and Advanced Rage

Timestamp: ShadowScope 03:14, 22 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Way to Spend Extra XP
Scope: Suriviors/Zombies
Description: I have tried to contact Karloth vois on his wiki page, and this suggestion is based on his suggestion on the discussion page. It was a good suggestion, but it never got sent here, so here we go. I hope this is a good idea.

What I propose is 2 new skills, Advanced Searching (Suriviors) and Experience Rage (Zombies). Advanced Searching is a Zombie Hunter Skill (level 10 or higher), while Experience Rage is a Human Hunter Skill (level 10 or higher). Both skills are 100 XP each.

Advanced Search: For a Surivior, when you are in a non-Mall building, you can click on a button called "Advanced Search". When you click on this button, you spend 100 XP and 1 AP to have your next (and only next) search odds be boosted by 5%. (Example: Surivior is in a PD. He uses Advanced Searching, and then finds a pistol clip.)

What this means? (This is taken from Karloth's justification)

  1. 100XP can be spent per search. It increases that one search odds of being successful by a total of 5%.
  2. This results in an average of merely one in twenty searches being affected, for a total cost of 2000XP.
  3. Even ridiculously maxed out survivors (ie ~5000 spare XP) could only use this for one full day's searching, giving 2.5 less "you search and find nothing" results.
  4. Cannot be used in malls

Advanced Rage: For a Zombie, when you are outside the barricades, you can click on the Advanced Rage button to spend 100 XP and 1 AP to have your next (and only next) accuracy for hitting barricades with your Claw Attack by 5%. (Example: Zombie is outside a PD. He uses the Advanced Rage, and takes down the barricade by one level.)

What this means?

  1. 100XP can be spent per barricade attack, and only makes that one attack be succesful by 5%.
  2. An average of merely one in twenty barricade attacks will be affected, for a total of 2000 XP.
  3. Zombies with lots of stored XP (ie ~5000 spare XP) can only use this for one full day's of barricade smashing.

Both these skills help out the Suriviors and Zombies, giving them both powers, but there is a price. They need 100XP to use either skill, and quickly, their spare XP will be depelted (the point of this skill, to give old players a use for their XP). You cannot drop into negative XP, if you click on Advanced Search and Advanced Rage and have less than 100 XP, you get a message saying you do not have enough XP to afford an attack, and do not lose an AP for it.

This suggestion helps out both suriviors and zombies, giving them beniefts that cancel each other out, and encourges more zombie-versus-human attacks (so you can gain XP to use these more powerful Search and Rage actions). I hope this would be a fun suggestion.

Left Queue: 16:12, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

Zombie Walk

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 08:23, 22 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombie
Description: The classic zombie walk. Arms outstretched, moaning, entirely without fatigue. Since zombies tend to start off with some AP disadvantages at early levels like two AP movement costs and being frequently headshot it seems fair to have a few AP saving skills for them to access later in the game.

Zombie Walk would be a subskill of Lurching Gait allowing the zombie to move greater distances for less AP, but over a longer period of time. The player would have a new line for the Zombie Walk on their interface. It'd say:

Lurch [(direction)] [(number)] spaces.

"Direction" would be a drop down menu with the options n, e, s, w, ne, se, sw, nw. Number would be a text box that'd accept any number one through ten. So a zombie could select to lurch ne 5 spaces, or south 2 spaces, or any combination of those.

Lurching devotes half as many AP as you entered for "number" to moving in that direction. Instead of having the AP point added to your counter you'd automatically move in the selected direction two spaces. Essentially the skill lets you plan ahead and save a few AP by moving two spaces every half hour, instead of moving dozens of spaces all at once later for 1AP a space. In the case of odd numbers it'd round up an AP. Since the skill only lets you enter up to 10 spaces you could only devote a maximum of 5AP at a time. If the zombie starts lurching and performs any other action it'd interrupts the lurch, and the AP they'd spend initiated the lurch would be wasted. It's the type of action you'd only perform if you intend to be away for several hours. Likewise if the zombie was killed or revived that'd also interrupt the lurch.

This would let zombies move 2 spaces per AP, but it's balanced by the fact that when performed in any populated neighborhood it's likely to get killed before moving too far. It's also balanced by the fact it'll take an hour just to move four spaces! It's thematically appropriate and it seems only fair that if zombies have a walking penalty placed on them at the start that they get something to make up for it at higher levels. I play both sides and looking at this from the survivor point of view I believe it is is balanced. Zombies in film and cinema tend to walk slowly but without needing rest breaks. The flavor works and giving zombies a bit of strategy and planning-ahead is just what they need to make their gameplay more interesting. It seems reasonable that if an AP penalty early on isn't unbalancing and AP saving skill later on would be equally fair.

Left Queue: 16:13, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

23rd October 2006


Timestamp: Edited Version MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 02:35, 23 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombie
Description: Gnaw:

Sub-skill of zombie skill Neck Lurch, adds no benefits to your human character.

Whenever your zombie scores a kill on a human survivor as a result of a bite attack, 1 AP is stored up towards your zombie's next standing up cost.

Simple enough, you can kill and kill and kill all day.. and sooner or later, your zombie will die. But all those successful survivor kills help pay your AP cost of your next stand up. The computer just keeps tallying them up, until you stand up, then they are all used.

Limitation: The minimum AP cost to stand up is always 1 AP, regardless of how much extra AP you had stored up, or whatever other skills you have to reduce this AP cost. However it never hurts to have "extras" if need be.

This skill is a buff, of sorts for killing survivors using bite. Technically digestion indirectly helps this skill, by possibly keeping you alive longer. And survivors who use FAK's on your zombie may inadvertently be helping you save up for your future stand up after a headshot.

Left Queue: 14:07, 8 November 2006 (UTC)

Point Blank Combat

Timestamp: Kaminobob 09:01, 23 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Zombie Hunter Skill
Scope: Humans over level 10
Description: In light of the fall of Blackmore, i believe that it should be obvious to all that zombie hordes have massive and maybe even minutely excessive power. If enough zombies gather somewhere, that place falls, period. As such, the poor humans should be given SOME way to survive a seige (other than being at Caiger), which is why i make my suggestion.

i propose that a zombie hunter skill be added that grants a small, but noticeable bonus to hit in the face of hordes, which increases indoors. since 50+ is the zombie group size needed to make a suburb "dangerous" in the suburb map, so that is where i will define a "horde"

When confronted by a horde of zombies (50+) outdoors, a zombie hunter with this skill will get a 5% bonus to hit with all projctile weapons (pistols, shotguns, flare guns). If a horde of 50 should get inside, the end is probably near, but the close quarters would make the guns even more deadlier. As such, the bonuses would go up another 5% indoors.

And now, cue the mis-sectioned "superkill" spam votes.

Holy crap, people, especially pinpoint. (take some blood pressure medicine dude)
let me go over this slowly. THIS... IS... A... GAME! wait, this isn't even a game, this is a bunch of people talking about a game! i made a suggestion, an idea, a thought, a flight of freaking fancy, and you are all turning into the rabid zeds you play! oh, and by the way, i was one of the zombies at blackmore. i was never even shot, and it looked to me that combat might be obscenely balanced against humans, who i need to be able to find to level up! If there is no reason to stay and fight, they won't, and low level zombie characters, like mine, stay weak. thank you for your time and anger, spam voters, vote kill if you have an actual game reason to shoot my idea down.
Left Queue: 14:07, 8 November 2006 (UTC)

Computer Hacking (one edit today)

Timestamp: Basil 20:30, 23 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: When in a powered NecroTech building, players with this skill can hack into the computer systems' protected files. There they can read information about the company's secret testing and some backstory for RP purposes. Additionally, there is the option to Instant Message other NecroTech buildings, which would be a bit like using a telephone text message, but anyone in a powered NecroTech building recieving the message would be able to read it on the screen. New messages replace old, like spraypaint. You message an NT building by putting in the building ID number, which is the coords without a comma. For example the NT building at 100,100 would have the ID number 100100. The notice would show from which ID number the IM came from. "An instant message on one of the computers read: hay guyz how is blackmore holding? lol!!!" would be added to the room description of a powered NT building that has recieved the IM. IMs only go to the ID Number you put in. Unpowered buildings recieve no message, and the user sending the message to them gets "That ID Number is currently offline."

I'm sure people would love to volunteer to write the "NecroTech files" that people can read. The files can be long or short, complex or simple, etc.

Here is one edit I forgot: Files would have a % chance of not opening (due to you not hacking them correctly, wrong password, etc.) but the perentages would be based upon the importance or secretive nature of the files, therefor I cannot actually list the numbers here, not knowing what would be written.

Left Queue: 14:07, 8 November 2006 (UTC)

24th October 2006


Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 00:41, 24 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Skill.
Scope: Adds an element of horror to Urban Dead.
Description: In almost every zombie movie we see it, the Protagonist is walking up to what appears to be a survivor, he grabs his shoulder, and the "survivor" turns around to reveal a rotten face! the 100XP sub-skill under Memories Of Life zombie skill called "Disguise" which would do this; when a zombie with this skill is seen by a survivor in an adjacent suburb the zombie wouldn't be listed as a zombie, but instead would look like a survivor outside, this would be optional, as a 1 AP button would allow you to activate this on or off. "But wouldn't a survivor be able to tell?" You ask, well, what this does is that you would be allowed to enter a new name for your character to be used for the disguise. When a survivor enters the square to either warn the survivor or kill the surrounding zombies the survivor would disappear and be replaced with the real person, the zombie! This would add a nice element of fear to the game, ecspecially in real-time encounters, while also adding a suprise addition for zombie tactics. However, those who are Zombie Hunters are able to tell the difference, having seen zombie movements before.
Left Queue: 13:59, 8 November 2006 (UTC)


Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 04:38, 24 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Zombie Skill
Scope: 3 successful claws, or 2 successful bites in a row causes severe bleeding
Description: Bloodletting:

Sub-skill of zombie skill Rend Flesh, adds no benefits to your human character.

Whenever your zombie scores 3 claw attacks in a row, or 2 bite attacks in a row on the same survivor you cause a bloodletting! This bloodletting attracts the attention of all zombies within 1 square that have the skill: Scent Blood.

This is a reflection of your zombie having very sharp claws, and being well skilled at going for the jugular.. or any other important arteries and veins on their living prey.

Game Mechanics:

  • Only occurs for either 3 successful claw attacks or 2 successful bite attacks in a row made against the same survivor. Has no effect against another zombie.
  • The bloodletting sends a message to all zombies within a 1 square radius (indoors and/or outdoors, due to the strong smell of blood) to get the message: "A survivor is seriously bleeding just (X,Y) from you!" But only zombies that have the zombie skill: Scent Blood get sent that message, (so it's a short range, blood scent specific attractor.)
  • The survivor who started bleeding gets the message "You've started bleeding heavily!" so they are aware of what just occurred.
  • This skill could be very handy when you only have a few AP left, and you want to attract other zombies to finish off your wounded victim (2 quick bites, let's hope they hit...)

To simplify, a lot of complicated bloodloss rules and such would only cause griefing of an already wounded survivor... (who may even be dead shortly) however, it is an interesting skill for a zombie to have.

What it does do, is attract the attention of zombies that have bought the scent blood skill, making that skill even more handy.

It is also like a free feeding groan but not quite, you have to earn your 3/2 hits in a row (spending AP anyways), and only certain zombies will get the message. But it is an interesting combat effect, one which could be bad for a survivor who can heal a lot of Life easily with FAK's in close combat.. only to get jumped by 2 more powerful zombies!

Left Queue: 13:59, 8 November 2006 (UTC)

25th October 2006

Coming Out Of The Woodwork

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 21:41, 25 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Yet another very reasonable zombie skill
Scope: Takes advantage of large buildings
Description: Coming Out Of The Woodwork:

Zombie skill, sub-skill of ankle grab. Adds no benefits to your human character.

As an additional pre-requisite you must also purchase Memories Of Life.

(This is due to memories of life helping your zombie to know where & how to hit, and as a sub-skill of ankle grab it implies some degree of skill at climbing as well as Lurching Gait above it, quicker movement.You aren't climbing the building itself, but you may jump in through the occasional window.)

Your zombie is adept at taking advantage of some of the vulnerabilities associated with large buildings. You have a claw attack bonus against barricades when 1 or more other corners of that building are down to Lightly barricaded or less.

Your zombie can't see this bonus when they are attacking the other quadrant with their claws (avoids X-ray vision rules, you have to attack and see for yourself whether or not it's more effective.)

Game Mechanics:

  • +2% claw bonus to hit this barricade, if 1 other corner of this large building is down to lightly barricaded or less.
  • +5% claw bonus to hit this barricade, if at least 2 corners of this large building are down to lightly barricaded or less.

This skill is well suited for zombie hordes working on all 4 corners of a building.. requiring survivors to keep an eye on the barricade levels of all 4 corners of them. (Everyone gets some action, not just that one corner.. for a week or so. Makes seiges more exciting.)

Zombies are still free to attack just one corner if they wish, but zombie with this skill can take advantage of all those windows, doors, furniture removed from throughout the building (that isn't covering every single window) and so forth.

And, true to form, this skill makes it possible for zombies to breach more than just one corner of a building periodically (survivors will have to adapt their coverage tactics if they suspect zombies outside of having this skill.)

Left Queue: 08:21, 26 October 2006 (BST)

26th October 2006

Air Raids!!!

Timestamp: Certified=InsaneQuébécois 01:16, 26 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Event (for halloween)
Scope: Zombies, their victims
Description: It's gonna be halloween! We need something special, not just some boring crates, we need air raids!!!

Here's what I suggest: On october 31st, at 00:01, military helicopters pass over malton and drop chemical weapons on mobs. Every 3x3 square in malton that has over 60 zombies and no survivors would be affected. The result would be instant death and the equivalent of a head shot, with a flavourfull message such as "You hear a deafening roar, following by some kind of whistling sound. Looking up, you see bombs beeing dropped from helicopters". Once that happens, these zombies would now have the status of "contaminated", which would cause all of their physical (aka natural) attacks have the effects of the infectuous bite skill, giving this chemical contamination to their victims which would suffer the same sysmptoms as infectuous bite (doesn't stack), but would be able to transmit it with a sucessful punch. It can obviously be cured by a FAK, which would also remove any infection the victim might have had. Starting at midnight on halloween, characters (zombies or survivors) who get killed lose this status, so that by the end of the week the contamination would have dissipated.

Left Queue: 08:24, 26 October 2006 (BST)

Light Sensitivity

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 10:07, 26 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombie
Description: This is a simple skill. The zombie's eyes have grown more receptive. It can now discern lit buildings from a distance, but due to decay can't focus well enough to tell more than from what direction the light is coming from. The direction towards the closest lit building will be marked with an asterisk in the upper left hand corner of that location square of the 3x3 map.

So if the nearest lit building was five spaces to the North-West, and the building 1 space to the north-west from you was "Mayberry Fire Station", the upper left corner of that square would have an asterisk. It wouldn't tell you how far, it'd just indicate that going NW will get you to a powered building faster than any other direction. It'd show the same thing if the fire station itself was the closest one.

If the building can't be reached by going straight in any of the directions on the map, for instance if it was 3E 1N, it'd just mark East until you went two spaces, and then it'd mark North-East.

If you're standing in front of a lit building then your current square would be marked as the closest one.

This ability does not work indoors, except in tall buildings.

This would be a cross-over skill. While primarily useful for finding targets I imagine it'd also help survivors find shelter.

This is not redundant with feeding groan as it provides tactical information feeding groan does not, and can be useful if there are no recent groans, or if you are entering a new area and have not yet heard groans, or if you're just curious where the nearest bastion of light and civilization is.

  • Note: In the case of a tie between multiple closest buildings each of those directions would be marked.
Left Queue: 12:34, 10 November 2006 (UTC)


Timestamp: 12:53, 26 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Science Skill
Scope: NecroTech Skill Tree
Description: Military satelites keep a close eye on Malton, and experienced NecroTech scientists can hack into the data-stream to view the images. However, judging survivor and zombie numbers from satelite photographs isn't easy.
  • Prerequisites: NecroNet Access
  • Interface: In a powered (running generator) NecroTech building with a radio transmitter, this skill will cause a new drop-down box to appear, listing all of the suburbs in Malton. On selecting one, a display of that suburb is brought up showing all the numbers of survivors and zombies outdoors. However, the numbers are innacurate by +/- 10% (or +/- 20% if the total population of the square is over 50).
  • Cost: 10AP (Carrying out the hack and the data study is time-consuming and complicated.)


  • Allows a somewhat accurate picture of what's happening at street level across an entire suburb - but this is balanced by the innacuracy, and no knowledge of indoor populations, barricade-levels or anything of that nature.
  • The 10AP cost reflects that this is a powerful skill, providing a lot of information. It doesn't nerf NecroNet because that costs only 1AP. 10AP is a serious slice of the daily allowance, don't forget.
  • The prerequisites avoid the danger of early-bird zerging - you need to climb to the top of the science tree to use this skill.
Left Queue: 12:34, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

Wake the dead, take 2

Timestamp: 16:36, 26 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New skill
Scope: Giving zombies more to do
Description: Similar to last time, but with a few changes to address the complaints about the original. As before this skill gives zombies the ability to invigorate their fallen companions by issuing a bloody thirsty scream that excites the undead. Fallen zombies instinctivly respound, raising to fight quicker than they might otherwise have done.

A zombie must already have feeding groan before they can purchase this skill. Each application coast 3 Ap's, and has a 50% chance to work. It can only be used in a square that has one or more corpses in it. If it does work, it lowers the cost to stand up by 3 AP's for one of the corpses. The invigorating zombie will also gain 2 experience points. Corpses are effected in the following order.

  1. Headshot zombies without ankle grab
  2. Zombies without ankle grab
  3. headshot zombies with ankle grab

This ability has no effect on reviving corpses, nor on zombies with ankle grab who have not taken a headshot. Each corpse can only be invigorated once. If there are no corpses that can benefit from this ability, when a zombie attemps to invigorate them, they recieve a message saying "None of the fallen here will stir to your call." The Ap's spent are wasted, but the zombie knows to move on.

Before anything else, this ability is designed to make zombies more fun to play, both at high and low level. Low level zombies are the ones most likely to benefit from this ability, reducing the fustration of losing a large chunk of the days AP to a headshot. High level zombies will also have a new way to gain experience, via strengthening the hoard by invigorating the fallen. This will give them something meaningful to do in the game apart from attack barricades or stalk the streets looking for survivors stranded outside.

The amount of experience that can be gained this way is less than what a scientist with a DNA extractor can harvest. It cost more AP and only yields 2 points, rather than 4.

Furthermore, this skill will not tip seiges in the favour of the undead. It costs the zombie using it at least as many AP as it saves the person standing up. Therefore the net AP available to the hoard will not increase.

Left Queue: 12:34, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

Necrotech Hacking

Timestamp: Basil 20:48, 26 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill.
Scope: Survivors
Description: When in a powered NecroTech building, a player with this skill can use their knowledge so far to hack into the NecroTech computer network and look at classified files. Depending on the importance of the files, success rates for certain files would vary.

These files could be as simple as "You crack an employee's password and uncover a file someone tried to delete in haste. It describes the process of tagging the undead, but it's from before the outbreak..."

They could be as in-depth and revealing OR as mysterious and vague as Kevan decides.

The files could also be more elaborate, either written by Kevan or others - this is something ONLY Kevan could decide, so let's leave that part up to him okay?

You would have a small percentage chance of gaining 1 XP for low-level files, like reading a book. For more rare and harder to find/hack files, you would have an even smaller chance of gaining 2 XP.

As you can see a lot is subject to the type of file, so it is impossible to come up with a list of numbers right now.

This skill would be below all other NecroTech skills on the skill tree, since you would need a lot of experience with the company in order to hack their systems!

A powered down building would not allow use of the hacking skill.

Left Queue: 12:34, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

27th October 2006

NT Translator

Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 22:40, 26 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Item.
Scope: helps with Pesky Death Rattle.
Description: NecroTech Scientists, partially interested in what Zombies are saying, and partially from sheer annoyance, have created the NecroTech Translator. Found at 2% NT Buildings, the NT Translator takes up 1 inventory space, clicking it turns it on (With a OF next to name) or on (With nothing next to name) the NT Translator would allow you to see what a zombie is actually saying with Death Rattle, basically translating. The Translator works when your dead, but can only be turned on or off if the zombie has Memories Of Life.
Left Queue: 06:41, 27 October 2006 (BST)

"Grave Born" Zombies

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 14:51, 26 October 2006 (BST)
Type: A new starting zombie "class"
Scope: "Born" of the grave...
Description: (There is a copy of this basic idea in Peer Rejected, but before you slap up a Dupe vote... the starting skills, XP skill costs, and implimentation of this 2nd zombie starting character class is very different. This is a zombie/survivor based game.. only having one kind of zombie starting class does seem a bit limited (even somewhat boring), so give this some serious consideration please.)

... analysis of the new strain of "Grave Born" zombies is proving both productive yet disturbing. From a scientific standpoint they are not all that different from "regular" zombies in that they exibit almost all the same social behaviour and relentless desire to feed on human flesh. But what differs this "breed" or "strain" of zombies is their method of creation. Our prior zombies were made by killing a living host, and infection with what is believed the viral agent that reanimates dead tissue. Grave Born zombies are already dead human beings that reanimate on their own and start behaving as regular zombies. They differ physiologically, in that the body has been treated with the standard funeral home removal of blood and injection of chemicals to preserve the body.. this has various effects on their re-animated biochemistry. More funding is required to fully understand the entire implications of this phenomenon..." ~ Exerpt from Dr. Killroy, NecroTech Senior Analysist, Research & Development, Necrotech BioMedical Services

Grave Born Zombies:

  • New Starting Zombie Character Class.
  • Starting equipment: none.
  • Starting location: 90% graveyard, 10% any location that has a number of bodies on the ground (5+)
  • Starting skills: Rend Flesh, Brain Rot. (2 skills, but only 1 really helps with XP gains)
  • Zombie Skills Cost: Very "Pure Zombie" class: 75 XP per zombie skill.
  • Survivor Skills Cost: Very difficult to access and purchase, all survivor skills trees 150 XP per skill!
  • Advantages: Once they improve on their basic zombie attacks (claw, bite), filling out the entire zombie skills tree is a much quicker route for this class! This is also an excellent starting class if you just want a "pure zombie" character without having to worry about being revived/commit suicide periodically.
  • Limitations: Access to survivor skills is very difficult (brain rot can prevent easier revives unless you enter a powered NT building, good luck.) Even survivor skills commonly purchased by most zombies (ex. Bodybuilding.) The inaccessibility of equipment (especially the flak jacket) is the primary reason this zombie starting class is easier, faster.. but harder to keep standing for long, so these zombies will frustrate the NT Scientists.. but be a welcome sight to experienced zombie hunters, especially ones that pack shotguns!

Corpse Class Vs. Grave Born Class Zombie Comparasin: The corpse class starts with Vigor Mortis.. so your basic claw attack is 35% and your basic bite is 20%. Grave Born zombies have a claw of 25% and bite of 10%.. their hit accuracy is bad, no better than a survivor recently turned into a zombie (which is what they are.. due to preservatives!) But that is where the disadvantages end for the corpse class per se. Initially they will have a harder time taking down barricades, and getting access to survivor meats.. but once they get their 1st couple of zombie skills they are on the quick path to becoming a maxed out zombie.. after that.. you have to pay through the nose for those survivor skills!

The starting skills of Rend Flesh means when you do hit a survivor your getting 3 XP a slash with those claws (at 25% accuracy) so it definately pays to mob up. Plus Brain Rot (usually not a zombie skill bought off the start) will mean your zombie won't have to worry about revives, until they start hitting NT buildings.

This optional starting class would allow a greater degree of choice as to a zombie starting class, it mainly depends on what kind of fun or gameplay you'd prefer in your zombie character. Both have their merits, and both have their drawbacks.

Background: These zombies are different in many ways.. but they do the same kinds of things nonetheless! The standard funeral preparation of the dead has "stalled" these dead bodies from rising as zombies for about a year since the outbreak.. but now they are all beginning to rise from their graves and leave their funeral homes! Their behaviour is very similar, and no "prejudice" is noted between the 2 types of zombies: all feed on the same bodies alongside one another with a minimum of conflict. But these zombies tend to be quieter, but often physically stronger initially than most other zombies.. not quite as prone to feeding groans until later, but more willing to fight survivors one on one whenever they can. For some reason bodies that weren't buried/treated prior to 1 year of the outbreak aren't rising as zombies.. yet... too far gone perhaps, or maybe they need much longer to rise? This is why there aren't tens of thousands of the dead rising up to overwhelm Malton.. only the more recently deceased.

Appearance: They tend to be well dressed, as they are usually buried in their best suits & dresses with polished shoes and the like. Most have some degree of "mortician's make-up" on them which makes them all the more disturbing to look at. Many of the younger individuals whom usually died as a result of accidents, disease, car accidents and the like have been stitched up in places.. and have noticable devices holding their bodies together (surgical pins for some, steel rods for others.) Most of these zombies tend to be elderly humans who have died of natural causes, most but not all. Every now and again one of them is completely naked, not yet dressed for their burial, this is also disturbing. Most regular zombies are found in the street clothes they were killed in, with all the rips and tears it took to kill them. These zombies at most may have a lot of soil on their clothing from having to evacuate their own graves, with possible splinters sticking out of their knuckles from eventually exacping their coffins. This is why they have such stiffened claws, it is hypothesized by many NT scientists that other older corpses may be too weak to even break out of their coffins yet.. much less claw to the surface...

Intended Game Effect: Yes, they are "more powerful" than regular zombies in many ways off the start, however they do not get Vigour Mortis as a starting skill.. so it will take a while for them to build up their claw/bite skills to the point they can accumulate XP faster. This is why they have the 75 XP per skill deduction, the Corpse class character pays 100 XP per zombie skill but has access to the "dual nature" element of the game, including survivor skills and equipment. Without access to zombie spy tactics, the grave born zombies are just plain killers, with no initial dual nature crossover. In the long run the corpse class is more powerful, but short term these zombies are quite effective (just not so effective against barricades!)

Many survivor classes are better at getting XP faster initially than others, or their skills tree (millitary) is very condusive to easier access to combat XP. The fireman is an excellent example of a survivor class that is very no-frills at what it does, the fast path to power.. although firearms are long term the best zombie killers. And Nt technology and revives are the path to dealing with powerful zombies without having to kill them at all.

This adds a mysterious and frightening element to the game, in that it's not just the regular population of Malton in the fray. Now the undead have joined the living dead in an attempt to bring utter destruction down on humanity!

Zombies are currently outnumbered, so this suggestion may be well recieved.

Left Queue: 06:47, 27 October 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: Capt Baker 1:18 Oct. 27, 2006
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: Can be found in Auto Repair Shops with 1% chance to find. The survivor would then be able to move outside up to 10 blocks with out using any AP. After 10 blocks have be traveled the survivor may use a fuel can to refuel and move an additional 5 blocks. After the full 15 blocks have been traveled a message will appear saying that your motorcycle has broken down and is now useless. If the survivor chooses not to refuel or wants to enter a building they would have to abandon their bike and would not be able to recover it. This would especially useful for recon missions and for new players who do not have the Free Running skill by providing them with a chance to find a safe-house.
Left Queue: 08:18, 27 October 2006 (BST)


Timestamp: Gene Splicer 20:11, 27 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: When searching outside, you have a 25% chance of finding a working MOTORBIKE!!!1!!1! It is unfueled. If it was fueled someone would be ALREADY TEARING DOUGHNUTS THROUGH ZOMBIES WITH IT! The other 75% of the time you find broken MOTORBIKE!!!1!!1!s, or MOTORBIKE!!!1!!1!s that are both without keys and too difficult to hotwire, even for a gun-totin' lone wolf MOTORBIKE!!!1!!1! gang leader like you.

Ok, enough of the MOTORBIKE!!!1!!1! nonsense. Serious face now.

This would be a 3 slot inventory item (Coding issues, AFAIK a double-digit "ammunition" item has to be a 3 slot item). When in your possession, pressing a fuel can fuels the MOTORBIKE!!!1!!1! motorbike with 12 charges. Further fueling brings it back up to 12 charges if any have been depleted. A fueled motorbike has a dropdown menu with the 8 directions in it. Selecting one of these moves you two squares in that direction for 1ap and 1 fuel charge.

If you attempt to walk normally you will receive the message "This will cause you to abandon your motorbike." Same if you try to enter a building.

What it is: A way for Survivors to travel greater distances in a go at the cost of previous preperation, allowing for organised survivors respond rapidly to major zombie incursions and reduce the risk of being forced to sleep overnight in overrun suburbs.

What it is not: OMG FREE AP! It takes about 16AP to find a fuel can in a powered auto repair shop and plug it into the bike, and an average investment of 4ap to find the motorbike (per trip). So 20 AP overall to save 12 ap, or a total loss of about 8ap. The further you go, the more efficient it is, but it will always be less AP efficient than just walking there. So if someone REALLY wants to make it from one corner of the map to the other without stopping, they can stock up on three or four Fuel Cans(day and a bit's work), grab a bike and go pop some wheelies, but you can't just keep throwing fuel cans in and travel an infinite distance, shoot up a bunch of zombies with 50AP, then fly home giving the devil horns to passing zombies and awestruck watchers. 'cos that would be retarded. The absolute maximum distance you could travel in one day while still ending up inside a building is

Why you should vote Keep: If you want vehicles in this game, this is the best you are going to get. It's functional without being the stupidly overpowered deathbikes that get suggested(and therefore shot down). If you don't want vehicles in this game because all the ones suggested are stupid and broken, see above. If you don't want THIS vehicle in the game because THIS one is stupid and broken, that's you're opinion and you are entitled to it. If you don't want vehicles in this game at all on principle, screw you, bizznatch.

Left Queue: 01:46, 28 October 2006 (BST)

Revised Scent Trail Tweak

Timestamp: Labine50 MHG|MEMS 21:17, 27 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill Change
Scope: Zombies
Description: Ok, I've done a bit of revising, and here's the FINAL version (I'm not going through the hell I went through with power stations...) I find it a bit un-likely that when a zombie loses a scent, it's like, gone. Poof. Dis-apeared. When a survivor that recently interacted with a zombie decides it would be better to get the heck out of dodge the zombie would see the general direction that the survivor headed in. If the survivor headed north, and then out of the 10 block area, You would get the message: "You get a cold trail leading North" I hope you like this version better than the previous one...
Left Queue: 14:21, 19 November 2006 (UTC)

28th October 2006


Timestamp: Krimsin 06:29, 28 October 2006 (BST)
Type: New Skill
Scope: humans but also zeds to an extent.
Description: I've looked through the archives pretty thoroughly, and I can seem to find something like this, so here you go. Building-planted bombs. Give survivors something like a demolitions skill so they can plant bombs and disable them. Planting a bomb should be noticable by others nearby, and it should be on a timer, not a detonator, otherwise pkers will hugely abuse it. The timer should be able to be set at about 12 hours real-time. Disabling a bomb should be about a 50/50 (maybe closer to 60/40, discuss,) chance that it just blows up instead of being disabled. Zombies could have some kind of technology recognition skill. Basically they go "Hey, I know what that is. It goes kaboom!" and they can then try to "disable" it (basically they would just bash it a lot until it breaks or blows up. This less-elegant method would probably have a much less chance of success). If a bomb does go off, it should kill the first say, thirty, forty people/zombies. After that, less and less damage is suffered. Those outside the building should also take some very minimal damage just from being near the building. Flak jackets could further reduce damage taken, softening blows from things like debris/shrapnel. After a bulding blows up, all barricades are destroyed and the place is treated as ransacked (or if that is too little for a bomb, maybe there should be like a building damage level implemented like ransacked, then damaged, then decimated, etc.). Oh, and this also makes wirecutters useful again. Anyways, a good last resort if there's like a hundred zombies in a mall or something. Disabling should be worth lots of exp. just as an incentive for people to take the risk.
Left Queue: 09:06, 28 October 2006 (BST)

Rooftop Messages

Timestamp: Blue Command Vic DvB 02:33, 28 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Communication
Scope: Survivors (Those without Free Running, mostly.)
Description: Have you ever been inside a building, wondering what's going on in a nearby building, but you were too low on ammo or supplies to leave the comfort of your safehouse? If you don't have Free Running, your only choice is to stock up some more, or risk a trip outside, where you're not even guaranteed to find safety by the time you run out of AP.

I suggest a system of communication that allows messages to be sent from rooftop to rooftop between adjacent buildings. Whether it's dry erase boards, chalkboards, morse code lights (for nighttime messages), or just yelling back and forth, any form of communicating between buildings would allow survivors to know exactly what is going on around them, without ever having to leave the safehouse.

The system could work like this:

  • 1 AP to get to the roof
  • 1 AP to yell to another person on a rooftop
  • 2 AP to write a message and place it in a spot for someone to see (Example: Write a message for 1 AP, and place the medium facing a compass direction for a 2nd AP)

If someone is on an adjacent rooftop, they can show on the map as if they're standing outside the building, but with an asterisk or other symbol by their name. You then select them from a drop-down menu, and type your message to them.

To remove the possibility of survivors congregating on the rooftop for safety from zed attacks, they are just as vulnerable as those inside the building. The zombies attacking will spend the same 1 AP to climb to the roof, and from there, attack as normal.

There is a 1 AP cost to come down from the roof, or the character may choose to jump off, as some decide to do in tall buildings.

Left Queue: 19:22, 28 October 2006 (BST)

Untitled Zombie Consumption Ability

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 11:50, 28 October 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: Ok, I lied. I think this skill should be called Feeding Frenzy but I didn't want to title the suggestion that to avoid this being confused with the several completely different suggestions that share the same name. Now onto the skill:

A zombie with Feeding Frenzy is a natural leader, making the killing blow before the victim's corpse is swarmed and devoured by the horde. This does not benefit the zombie with the skill but instead acts to heal fellow injured zombies if there are any present. The most heavily injured zombie would benefit as they'd need flesh more to regenerate and be hungrier and pushier.

Different killing blows would heal different amounts depending how effective it is at opening the survivor up for easy feasting. Killing a survivor with a hand attack would heal the most injured zombie present 5hp. Killing a survivor with a bite attack would heal the two most injured zombies 5hp each. Killing an already infected survivor (weaker and less able to resist) with a bite attack would heal the three most injured zombies 5hp each. What the benefiting zombie would see is:

A zombie killed Microman. You feasted on the remains and gained 5 health.

This wouldn't heal more than a first-aid kit spread out, and requiring a kill for each heal keeps it balanced. While it wouldn't help any one zombie that much it'd help ensure that the average health of your horde stays high. This would be useful skill zombies could use to aid their allies, in the same altruistic spirit as Feeding Groan.

Left Queue: 09:16, 13 November 2006 (UTC)

29th October 2006


Timestamp: 17:58, 29 October 2006 (UTC)
Type: New skill
Scope: survivors
Description: Evacuation:
  • Survivor skills, appears as a sub-skill of body building. Costs 200~300 exp
  • As an additional pre-requisite, (and to limit over-use & abuse) this skill also requires your survivor to be at least level 10+ to purchase this skill, and the wounded must be atleast 25hp or lower to be carried off.

Basically, this is a human version of feeding drag, only you'll be able to carry wounded survivors out of the building being sieged.

You'll see a menu saying "Carry -list of names-", and when you press carry, the action log would say "You strap -name- to your back" and cost 1 AP to carry. You can only carry 1 person.

When you carry a person, you'll need 2 AP to move, until you deposit them elsewhere.(Free running is available, but for 4 AP per movement, as it'll be hard to freerun inside with a survivor on your back.)

When you are carrying a person, the others will see a line linking you to the survivor. Such as "You are inside -name- building. Also here are danny lee (Carrier)- random."

You can't attack while you are carring/being carried, but you can "struggle" off the carrier's back if you choose so. Cost one AP.

When you heal a carried person over 25hp, they will automatically "struggle" out of the carrier's back.

Summery: This is a pro survivor skill, as the survivors can move wounded comrades from harms way, and cost a reasonable amount of AP which limits the number of survivors you can rescue.

Left Queue: 01:32, 30 October 2006 (UTC)

Advanced Search and Rage v. 2.0

Timestamp: ShadowScope 03:37, 29 October 2006 (UTC)
Type: Skills
Scope: Humans and Zombies
Description: I have tried to contact Karloth vois on his wiki page, and this suggestion is based on his suggestion on the discussion page. It was a good suggestion, but it never got sent here, so here we go. I hope this is a good idea. This is a revision of a previous suggestion, and all changes are bold.

What I propose is 2 new skills, Advanced Searching (Suriviors) and Experience Rage (Zombies). Advanced Searching is a Zombie Hunter Skill (level 10 or higher), while Experience Rage is a Human Hunter Skill (level 10 or higher). Both skills are 100 XP each.

Advanced Search: For a Surivior, when you are in a non-Mall building, you can click on a button called "Advanced Search". When you click on this button, you spend 100 XP and 1 AP to have your next (and only next) search odds be boosted by 10%. (Example: Surivior is in a PD. He uses Advanced Searching, and then finds a pistol clip.)

What this means? (This is taken from Karloth's justification)

  1. 100XP can be spent per search. It increases that one search odds of being successful by a total of 10%.
  2. This results in an average of merely one in ten searches being affected, for a total cost of 1000XP.
  3. Even ridiculously maxed out survivors (ie ~5000 spare XP) could only use this for one full day's searching, giving 5 less "you search and find nothing" results.
  4. Cannot be used in malls

Advanced Rage: For a Zombie, when you are outside the barricades, you can click on the Advanced Rage button to spend 100 XP and 1 AP to have your next (and only next) accuracy for hitting barricades with your Claw Attack by 10%. (Example: Zombie is outside a PD. He uses the Advanced Rage, and takes down the barricade by one level.)

What this means?

  1. 100XP can be spent per barricade attack, and only makes that one attack be succesful by 10%.
  2. An average of merely one in ten barricade attacks will be affected, for a total of 1000 XP.
  3. Zombies with lots of stored XP (ie ~5000 spare XP) can only use this for one full day's of barricade smashing.

Both these skills help out the Suriviors and Zombies, giving them both powers, but there is a price. They need 100XP to use either skill, and quickly, their spare XP will be depelted (the point of this skill, to give old players a use for their XP). You cannot drop into negative XP, if you click on Advanced Search and Advanced Rage and have less than 100 XP, you get a message saying you do not have enough XP to afford an attack, and do not lose an AP for it.

This suggestion helps out both suriviors and zombies, giving them beniefts that cancel each other out, and encourges more zombie-versus-human attacks (so you can gain XP to use these more powerful Search and Rage actions). I hope this would be a fun suggestion. The changes I made hopefully would make the suggestion more powered and encourge people to use this skill.

Left Queue: 09:51, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

Ichor Attack

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 06:27, 29 October 2006 (UTC)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: This is an idea for a new zombie attack, Ichor. This is also a revision of an old suggestion so don't dupe because many details are improved. A zombie with this subskill of Infectious Bite is rotting and foul, dripping slime and gore as it moves. This foul mixture can drip or smear on survivors during combat and sicken them with mudane illnesses, seperate from the zombie infection. These diseases do not kill but merely weakens.

Ichor would have a base accuracy of 10%. Vigour Mortis would raise the accuracy to 20% and with a tangling grasp bonus it'd rise to 30%.

A successful ichor ichor would have a 50% chance of giving the victim a new Diseased status (otherwise it does 1hp of damage). A diseased survivor has their maximum health lowered 10 points. If they are above the new maximum their health instantly drops down to either 40 or 50, depending on whether they have body building or not. If they are below their new maximum health when diseased they do not lose any health, they just can't be healed above their new maximum. A survivor can only be diseased once.

QUESTION: Isn't this horribly unbalanced by letting zombies deal 10 damage in a single attack?

While it might seem like this does 10 damage in one hit the math says otherwise. At maximum attack a zombie has a 30% chance of their ichor landing. And their odds of diseasing are only 50%. So on average they'll need around 6 attacks or so to be likely to disease, which otherwise could do 9 damage in hand attacks. Ichor would only do 10 damage from disease. This is only 1hp more for the same AP and there are a few mitigating factors: 1) That this is condition effect. So it'd only give a 1hp advantage during the zombie's entire attack. Once diseased a survivor has little more to fear from Ichor. 2) The damage from disease heals on it's own so assuming the survivor is not killed AP will not need to be spent finding first-aid kits or using them, and the zombie will have spent extra AP for nothing.

QUESTION: Wait, what do you mean the damage heals on its own?

Damage from disease does not need to be treated. It isn't a serious enough illness to require medication, it just requires time for the survivor's immune system to work. Once the survivor has more energy and is back on their feet the disease will quickly abate. When the survivor spends another AP their condition would change from Diseased to Recovering. With the first 10AP they spend their maximum health would rise 1hp and their current health would rise 1hp per turn until they were back to normal. This isn't AP wasted on healing, these are action points spent doing whatever the survivor wants. They just recover as they play. When back to normal their Recovering condition would be gone.

QUESTION: So what's the point of the suggestion?

First-aid kits are pretty easy to find, and a single medic can easily heal several people. This suggestion is designed for use when the zombie expects their targets to be healed before another zombie comes. They can temporarily lower their target's maximum health so that they'll be a little bit easier to kill until the next time that player logs in.

Last Question: Is this overpowered?

No. This is weaker on the whole than Feeding Drag, which effectively lowers survivor health by 12 and deposits them outside, or tangling grasp which results in many more successful attacks. You might use the fact that zombies have other good skills as evidence they don't need more but the game gets stale and new skills just makes the game richer and more interesting. The introduction of a new zombie skill is balanced with a new survivor skill and everybody benefits and the game grows.

Left Queue: 09:51, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

Consume Living (unrelated to my past suggestion of the same name)

Timestamp: Reaper with no name 16:46, 29 October 2006 (UTC)
Type: Skill
Scope: Zombies
Description: In most zombie movies, when a zombie kills a person they will proceed to gnaw on the body a little and then leave them to turn into a zombie. This suggestion is supposed to go along those same lines. It's a subskill of Digestion, and has no effects for survivors.

The gist of it is, if a zombie kills a survivor with a bite attack, the zombie gets twice as much HP than it would have gotten otherwise (in other words, 8 HP instead of 4 HP). It's a pretty small boost and won't happen very often (unless the zombie specifically chooses to continually use the less effective of it's two attacks), but I think it would be a nice touch to the game nonetheless. Plus, it gives slightly more reason to use bites.

Left Queue: 09:51, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

30th October 2006

Double XP Day

Timestamp: Blue Command Vic DvB 18:34, 30 October 2006 (UTC)
Type: Incentive
Scope: Donators
Description: Currently, there are only two reasons anyone would donate to the game. One, they feel like they owe Kevan a small token of gratitude for the game, which seems few and far between if you ask me. Two (and the real reason, in my eyes), to get the IP hit restrictions off of one character.

I suggest a new incentive. Double XP Day. Every now and then (whenever Kevan decides it should be done, probably. I personally feel once a year is enough, though.), anyone who donated at least $5 to support the game gets double the XP they'd usually earn for that day. It seems like it'd be easy enough to implement, considering donor characters already have a way of being tagged as such.

If this goes through, I bet Kevan would see a nice jump in his bank account in the week or so before an announced DXD, hopefully using that money to upgrade the game.

Left Queue: 10:03, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

31st October 2006

Share Weapons

Timestamp: Master B8, October, 31 08:16 U.S. Eastern
Type: Improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: Ok, before alot of you say, either this idea is great or it sucks, be sure to put your insight into it. I have been thinking for a while on the option of sharing weapons and supplies. I have come up with a few pros and cons.

Let's start with the pros:

  1. Able to have a better supply of ammuniton (great for group sieges).
  2. Helps put lower level charcters to have a decent chance of living.
  3. Add's to the game effect. Survivors would most likely give a helping hand to others if they knew that it could help save themselves.

Now for the cons:

  1. Zergers would also be able to use this.
  2. Player Killers would also be a bit more deadly (which also adds to the effect of the deranged apocolyptic survivors).

I believe that this skill could go under the Miscilanious skills box. It will most certainly add to game play and in order to transfer weapons or supplies, it will cost 1 AP. The low AP is only sensible for in real life, I don't get strained from lending a friend a pencil. Please think clearly and vote fairly. Master B8.

Left Queue: 15:36, 31 October 2006 (UTC)

Kevan's 10/31 Apology

Timestamp: 16:00 (EDT) 31. October 2006User:Ignatz
Type: Improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: I propose that Kevan add some survivor friendly changes in the game tomorrow or all survivors go on strike.

Today's changes SO nerfed survivors. There was not even 1 survivor positive change! 1.Fog>> Totally on the zombie side. Survivors now have ZERO ways to track zombie movements. Low level survivors and others (w/o GPS) who do not 'metagame' are going to be toast. 2.Billboards>> Useless as boobs on a bull. 10 AP....bite me. 3. >> One Body dumped for 1AP. That would be fine if there were any survivor benefits to balance it. 4. Generator powered buildings are highlighted.>> yet another for the zeds.

Novemeber 1st. (All Saints Day) better have some survivor benefit. Or else I propose a Survivor Strike similar to the On Strike the zeds used.

Left Queue: 21:37, 31 October 2006 (UTC)

Speak Change

Timestamp: Canuhearmenow Hunt! 00:10, 31 October 2006 (UTC)
Type: Game function change.
Scope: adds that depth to the game.
Description: This adds a new drop-down menu for the Speak button (Zombies don't get it, because they don't have the Vocal Ability) And the choices would be "Shocked, Normal, Worried, Angry, Happy, Elated, Suspicious." (Tell me if I forgot any good ones) The normal speaking we use currently would be the choice Normal. This would do the following, lets say I see a known PKer, It would read "Canuhearmenow (Worried) Is that a PKer?" This could add a element of Depth and Emotion to this game.
Left Queue: 10:12, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

Field Researcher

Timestamp: Reaper with no name 21:55, 31 October 2006 (UTC)
Type: New Class
Scope: New players
Description: NecroTech isn't the only company interested in the zombie outbreak. Many companies have hired skilled Field Researchers to go into Malton and study the zombies.

It took me forever, but I finally thought of an idea for a combat-oriented science class that makes some sense! Field Researchers start with the Knife Combat skill, as well as a Knife, first aid kit, and binoculars. Like any other Scientist character, they have to pay 150 XP for military skills, 100 XP for civilian skills, and 75 XP for science skills.

Also, for clarification's sake, think of these guys as the types who would go live out in the African wilderness studying animals for weeks or months at a time. They're scientists, but they know how to survive on their own without civilization (hence their proficiency with knives, as they've been using them for everything from cutting to hunting and more).

Left Queue: 10:12, 15 November 2006 (UTC)