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Nov 3rd, 2006

New Fence Rules

Timestamp: 00:41, 3 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: New Skills, Game Mechanics
Scope: Junkyards, some Zoo buildings
Description: Survivors have started repairing fencing in an attempt to hold off the zombie horde - but the zombies are adapting their tactics to compensate.

  • New Civilian Skill: Fence Repair
  • Prerequisites: Construction
  • Effect: Can repair a fenced building (ie Junkyards, the Lion Enclosure, the Bear Pit, the Elephant House & the Giraffe House) at a cost of 2AP. Those with Free Running can still enter the building from an adjacent block. The fence can be holed again with a pair of wirecutters. (For those new to the game, these locations were originally fenced, which allows no street access, regardless of barricade level, until cut with wirecutters.)

  • New Game Mechanic: Press of the Horde
  • Effect: If there are 10 or more zombies standing in the block that contains a fenced building, with a repaired fence, then any individual zombie may elect to "attack the fencing" with "the press of the horde". This has the same chance to succeed as a barricade attack and, if successful, will hole the fence.

  • New Zombie Skill: Rend Metal
  • Prerequisites: Rend Flesh
  • Effect: This zombie's hands are calloused and practically immune to pain. It can use it's inhuman strength to rend metal, and therefore break through fencing. If this zombie is in a block that contains a fenced building, with a repaired fence, then it may elect to attack the fencing. This has the same chance to succeed as a barricade attack and, if successful, will hole the fence.

  • Roleplay Justification: Once a fence is holed, zombies go directly to the breach, which survivors have barricaded. They don't tear down the whole fence, because their main aim is to feed - and the easiest way to do that is to go through the hole. Survivors naturally know to barricade the weak points.

  • Gameplay Justification: Firstly, a use for wirecutters. Also, this allows survivors a haven against low level ferals. It provides no significant defence against either a lone high level zombie or even a small horde of any level, not to mention griefers with wirecutters. It adds a new tactic for building defence - but only in a small percentage of the total buildings in Malton. It may serve to reduce the Mall-centric gameplay to some small extent.
Notes: 11/17 (65%). There were poorly defined worries about bots and zergers.
Left Queue: 09:20, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Nov 4th, 2006

Selective Hearing

Timestamp: Zeek 18:26, 4 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: Game Mechanic
Scope: Survivors who use radios.
Description: This is a means by which radio spam can be reduced for those who opt to do so. It has two parts;

1) Player's contact lists may be divided into separate categories. This may be as simple as “friend/enemy/neutral” or as comprehensive as allowing players to create their own categories for greater specificity. note: This part of the suggestion is for the purpose of convenience only, and it would not be significantly changed with it's exclusion. So please do not use it as the basis of your votes.

2) The radio's retune menu would be amended to include the following: The option to acknowledge/ignore 'all' transmissions, followed by a list of exceptions, each with the same option (acknowledge/ignore). The exceptions are thus: 'category' (one for each from contact list), 'group' (meaning any player-group the player has listed), & 'player' (one for each player on the contact list). At the end are three buttons marked cancel (self explanatory), accept for this radio, and accept for all radios (also self explanatory). This allows the player to keep separate settings for different radios/frequencies. If the operation is performed on a public radio (ie. a powered transmitter), or if “all radios” is selected then the settings apply to all public radios.

The settings function as such; 'all' covers the general populace of the game, and it's setting dictates the treatment of any message not covered by an exception. Each 'category' supersedes 'all' and covers any player contained in a given category of the contact list (any new players added to a category would have their individual option set to that of the category for each radio). 'Group' supersedes 'category' and covers any player who lists the same player-group as the receiver. And finally, each 'player' supersedes 'group' and covers individual players in the contact list. Transmissions are only displayed if the sender falls into one of the lists set to “acknowledge”, and not superseded by a contradictory setting of “ignore”.

Example: A player may opt to ignore 'all', while acknowledging their 'friend' category as well as their 'group', and both acknowledging and ignoring some select individual players. The result would be that they only see transmissions sent by their friends and groupmates (regardless of what category they are in) as well as a few select others, with the exception of those friends and groupmates who are set to 'ignore'.

note: for ingame/roleplaying purposes, this is not a function of the radios themselves, but rather of the players themselves listening for certain people, while ignoring others.

Notes: 4/8 (50%). See original votes.
Left Queue: 09:53, 21 November 2006 (UTC)

Nov 6th, 2006

Malton University (MU)

Timestamp: MrAushvitz Canadianflag-sm.jpg 02:24, 6 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: Malton University!
Scope: Take one of Malton's suburbs, make 3/4 of it into the "University" grounds
Description: Usually major cities, even smaller ones.. have a university of some sort. All that is needed is for one of Malton's "minor" suburbs to be "converted" into the university/college campus. Simple enough, anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 of that entire suburb would be "re-described" as being the college grounds themselves... color coded a bit differently from the rest of Malton (like the zoo squares are currently brown for example.) This does not include the technical colleges, hair salon schools, and the like.. as well as high schools and grade schools.. those are already distributed throughout Malton. No, this suggestion is just about the university & associated buildings for example Colleges of Education, Business, Engineering, Medicine, etc.


  • With this suggestion, are some guidelines so Kevan has help with certain specifics of what would be a "realistic" campus.
  • 1. Choose any suburb in Malton that isn't too close to the center of the map, preferably 1 or 2 squares from the outermost map edge. (Most universities aren't built that close to downtown.. or too close to the airport... so long as it seems a "reasonable" place that the university was built to start.. and the rest of the city built around it later.)
  • 2. Choose any suburb that currently doesn't have an: Armory, Mall, 4 or more police departments, 4 or more hospitals, 4 or more fire departments. Reason why: so the "conversion" of this suburb won't take away from the more "important" resource buildings in Malton. This way it's fair to both the zombie and human populations throughout Malton as to where it is placed.
  • 3. It's okay if this suburb contains any other large buildings like a Cathedral, or a Mansion.. they might be part of the campus or located right near the campus (historical site?) The same is true of churches, museums, and graveyards.. if anything many of them may be older than the university itself.. or the university just bought the land around them and incorporated them into their location. Many universities have at least 1 church on the grounds.
  • 4. Once you've chosen the suburb (or choice of suburbs) best for conversion to the university: here is what I (and hopefully the voters) propose for building changes/descriptions:

Building Changes/Descriptions: This is true for 1/2 to 3/4 of an entire suburb depending on what you choose the university's grounds' size to be. (Depends on how much of the suburb "should" be converted into the campus.. even 1/2 a suburb is quite a large space.)

University Grounds: Whatever the size & shape of the grounds, all locations within these grounds will have a slightly different color than the regular versions of these locations throughout malton. This would allow you to see whether or not you are still on the college grounds or not. Color choices may be some kind of: Green, Blue, Violet, Orange, Purple (probably purple, nobility, and all that..) The university grounds' descriptions will be different from the rest of the city.. even for open squares.. parking lots, whatever.. the main thing is these descriptions should indicate it is part of the university. For example: This is one of the many parking lots here at MU. The university grounds themselves are all connected as part of the university (color-wise) but you can literally just walk onto or off of the grounds normally. (Not too many universities have a fence around the entire grounds!)

  • Make sure the university has barely adequate parking it seems to be one feature that every university in the world has in common, why should "Malton U" be any different?

So, there are no special rules, or fencing, relating to the university grounds, or any of it's buildings. But it should look and "feel" a bit different from the rest of Malton, as it is part of an entire educational building structure.


  • There should be at least 8 School buildings... but each of them should have names like: "College Of Education", "College Of Business", College Of Medicine", "College Of Engineering", and so forth.. the number of school buildings located within the university should make sense based on malton's origional living population. About the right number of buildings, each of them just for that "field" of education.
  • There should be at least 2 Hospital buildings located within the university. One is Malton University Hospital, the other the Malton Veternary College (the veternary college building, is actually the hospital itself! Because that's how vets learn, they work on animals, farm animals, pets, whatever...)
  • There should be at least 1 Police department, 1 fire department and 1 power station on campus.. for safety & security reasons..
  • There should be at least 1 Stadium on campus, it may not be the professional sports complex.. but damn near. There might be more than one, if so call one of them the College Of Physical Education, or Phys-Ed Building.
  • There should be at least 1 "Club" building on campus, but no arms. Call it the college students' bar/pub or something appropriate.
  • There should be at least 2 "Tower" buildings on campus, which should be named college residences or something to that effect. 1 could be the women's dorm, 1 the men's dorm.. don't put them too far apart from one another!
  • There should be at least 2 "Library" and at least 1 "Museum" buildings on capus.. with appropriate names, or named after someone important to malton's history.
  • There may, or may not be a NecroTech building on campus.. but there probably should be at least 1.. but not more than 3. (Maybe they got in by offering research grants to several scientists? Maybe that's how the outbreak started? Who knows?)
  • There could be regular "Building" buildings, but they should have a reasonable name that implies they belong on campus, named after some relevant dead person or society...
  • There may be a cinema or bank on campus, but it's 50/50 not nessesarily needed.
  • There should not be any junkyards, auto repair shops, railway stations, warehouses, factories or hotels on campus, anywhere...
Notes: 9/18 (50%). It was well recieved but deemed incomplete / changes required.
Left Queue: 10:26, 21 November 2006 (UTC)

Nov 8th, 2006

Power Grid

Timestamp: Certified=InsaneQuébécois 23:34, 8 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: New feature to the Power Plants.
Scope: Power Plants
Description: Malton's 2 power plants used to power up the whole city of malton. With the arrival of the zombie hordes, it is understandable that they are now unable to do so, as they are lacking the trained personnel, their previous source for power, and alot of powerlines have been damaged due to the lack of maintenance, among other reasons. However, I suggest that power plants that are powered should be able to extend their electricity to a few other buildings. Powered power stations will now have the ability of powering adjacent buildings in a radius equal to the number of powered generators it has after the first. Therefore, Tolman Power Station will be able to power the 5 adjacent buildings if it's two squares are powered, and Kirks would be able to power every building within 3 blocks if it's 4 squares are powered. This doesn't change all that much, though it does make power stations a strategic location, though not necessary to hold (such as malls), is quite usefull. It could also serve as an introduction to any further power grid-related implementations. To explain the implementations, a message such as the following could follow it (like the mall stairs update): Helicopters could be heard at night. The military has been seen around the power stations reparing the power systems in the area, allowing them to power a limited ammount of buildings.
Notes: 7/11 (64%). See original votes.
Left Queue: 11:59, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Nov 9th, 2006

Handsaw/Sawed-Off Shotgun

Timestamp: Wfjeff 07:52, 9 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: New Weapons
Scope: Shotguns

The Handsaw

Damage: 2 points
Base accuracy: 5%
Locations: Factories (2%), Warehouses (1%), Hardware Stores (3%/7%), Junkyards (1%)

  • Starting Skill: 5% accuracy
    • Average damage per AP: .1
    • Average damage per 5 attacks: .5
    • To kill 50HP enemy: 500 attacks
  • Hand to Hand Combat: 20% accuracy
    • Average damage per AP: .4
    • Average damage per 5 attacks: 2
    • To kill 50HP enemy: 125

Other Uses:
Handsaws can be used to turn regular shotguns into sawed-off shotguns, which have 15% extra to hit but do 2 less damage.

Comments: Handsaws make poor hand-to-hand combat weapons and are used mainly for the manufacture of sawed-off shotguns. They are melee weapons, so they can be used by zombies if they have them in inventory at the time of death, but they are inferior to unskilled zombie attacks.

The Sawed-Off Shotgun

Damage: 8 points (6 against a flak jacket)
Base Accuracy: 20% Accuracy
Capacity: 2 Shotgun Shells
Locations: Cannot be found, must be made with a handsaw

  • Starting Skill: 20% Accuracy
    • Average damage per AP: 1.6
    • Average damage per 2 shells: 3.2
    • To kill 50HP enemy: 32 attacks
  • Basic Firearms Training: 45% Accuracy
    • Average damage per AP: 3.6
    • Average damage per 2 shells: 7.2
    • To kill 50HP enemy: 14 attacks
  • Shotgun Training: 70% Accuracy
    • Average damage per AP: 5.6
    • Average damage per 2 shells: 11.2
    • To kill 50HP enemy: 9 attacks
  • Advanced Shotgun Training: 80% Accuracy
    • Average damage per AP: 6.4
    • Average damage per 2 shells: 12.8
    • To kill 50HP enemy: 8 attacks

Comments: This weapon is very useful at lower levels because it is the only firearm which can be used with a fair amount of accuracy even without basic firearms training. This reflects the large spread of the sawed-off shotgun, making the ability to aim much less important.

With basic firearms training and shotgun training they are slightly better than regular shotguns but with advanced shotgun training they become slightly inferior. This makes sense because people who know what they’re doing with shotguns would want real shotguns anyway.

Since sawed-off shotguns cannot be found anywhere and therefore must be made with a handsaw—which is somewhat difficult to come by—this weapon is only worth obtaining for lower level characters. Scientists and consumers benefit most from this since it presents an alternative to wasting XP on upper level weapons training for scientists and its higher availability in hardware stores affords the consumer an advantage in finding a handsaw to make them with.

Analysis: Due to the general inconvenience of shotguns in general, let alone the creation of sawed-off shotguns, this addition to the game is not unbalanced. To compare, see the statistics for the shotgun. It adds a new dimension to the game where items can be used to modify other items.

Handsaws have been designed to mimic the crowbar, which has a specific use, namely tearing down barricades, and is otherwise a practically useless item. The only difference between the two is the locations in which they can be found.

Notes: 10/19 (53%). See original votes.
Left Queue: 12:05, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Nov 10th, 2006

Necrotech Tracking Chip v 2.0

Timestamp: Jon Pyre 10:57, 10 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: Skill/Necronet Access Improvement
Scope: Survivors
Description: As faith in their formulas grew and the odds of escape shrunk many scientists began planning for after death. This led to the invention of a tracking chip, inserting under the skin, designed to let off a signal to aid in your revival by others.

In any powered Necrotech building a person with this skill would have a button "Insert Chip (1AP)" You wouldn't need to search for the chip first. Once under your skin it wouldn't do anything until you've been dead for three days. Then it would activate.

An active chip would send out a signal to all Necrotech buildings within five spaces. People with Necronet Access would now have a new list below the necronet map of all chipped standing zombies starting with the longest deceased, giving a profile link, duration of death, and current location. It'd look like this:

Axeman - Dead 5 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes (Now 4 West 1 North)
ZombieGilgamesh - Dead 4 days, 8 hours, 27 minutes (directly outside)


This would allow you to add them to your contact list and then go to their location to revive them. It would not violate zombie anonymity by letting you see zombies any differently in the field or giving away the profiles of anyone without a chip. This just gives you profile links of nearby chipped zombies dead 3+ days via Necronet. It doesn't decrease the cost of revives, just lets those who've been dead longest get revived first. The only circumstance this would save AP is if you are going out to revive multiple people, then this would save you a measely one or two AP you'd otherwise spend on DNA Scans. However DNA Extractors give xp. This wouldn't. (As a side effect this would actually prove helpful to newbie scientists. Advanced players with Necronet Access wouldn't need to scan as much, letting new scientists scan and get the xp they need instead).

Getting revived would damage the chip and require you insert a new one for the next time you die.

The idea behind this skill is to average out the wait time for revives. If you aren't lucky enough to get one in three days then your name will get put on this list and ideally the person at the top will get treated first. It's basically a "Hey, these guys have been waiting patiently for a while" database. This also reduces the need for revive points *gasp* since anyone with the skill can go anywhere within five spaces of a necrotech as still get found by revivers. This might encourage these players to respond to feeding groans, maybe eat a few brains while they wait since preferring to be alive won't require being stationary anymore. Revive points would still be maintained for newer players of course.

Notes: 5/10 (50%). Low voter turnout split this down the middle.
Left Queue: 11:45, 26 November 2006 (UTC)

Nov 11th, 2006


Timestamp: Alan Watson T·RPM 22:59, 11 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: Game flavor enhancement
Scope: Zombies
Description: Only a minor change, but I believe that it would be fun if zombies could use the Ransack skill on monuments, or perhaps other non-building blocks, changing the block description to a pre-set "destroyed" description. Survivors could repair these blocks as they do buildings that have been Ransacked. It adds nothing to game balance but it's a fun way for zombies to "mark their turf", or generally celebrate their war against harmanity.
Notes: 13/20 (65%). Those against felt it was incomplete / useless.
Left Queue: 11:41, 26 November 2006 (UTC)

Nov 18th, 2006


Timestamp: Jon Pyre 00:15, 18 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors
Description: You want to keep your distance from a zombie, naturally. But sometimes there's no choice. We've all seen those scenes in movies where someones wrestles desperately with an undead, holding their chin while jaws snap a few inches away.

The bodybuilding subskill Grappling would give survivors a new attack of the same name. It can only be used indoors and on a zombie at 4hp or less, with 30% accuracy. If successful you manage to push the zombie out a window, killing it. This makes the grapple attack equally effective as the axe, just with the added benefit of getting the zombie outside so it does not have a chance to stand up before you can dump its body. However since you're tossing it out a window and not cracking its skull zombies disposed of this way are not headshot even if the killer has the headshot skill.

This provides the defending survivor with tactical choices. If they're in a live combat situation and don't want to worry about the zombie standing back up inside they can grapple with but it'll stand up outside for just 1AP (with ankle grab). Or they can kill it indoors with a headshot, drain 5AP and take the risk of it getting up.

Notes: 9/14 (64%). See original votes.
Left Queue: 11:07, 3 December 2006 (UTC)

Nov 21st, 2006

Bodies out of Forts

Timestamp: Dickholeguy 13:55, 21 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: Survivor Improvement
Scope: Fortress Defenders
Description: With the new forts being implemented, the dead bodies that are killed inside the fort cannot be dumped outside of the fort. My suggestion is that survivors be able to clear bodies out of the fortress. Obviously in real life, it would take more effort to dump a body over the walls, so I suggest it takes 2ap per dump.
Notes: 17/27 (62%). Those against felt suggestion was too soon/needed some tweaking.
Left Queue: 8:20, 6 December 2006 (EST)

Nov 29th, 2006

‘Terrify’ Skill Tree

Timestamp: Wfjeff 22:19, 29 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: new skill tree
Scope: zombies
Description: Playing a survivor makes for very dynamic gameplay because there’s so much you can do. There’s necrotech, healing, bounty hunting, PKing, searching, radio, barricading, etc. to make the game interesting. By contrast, all zombies can do is attack. This makes sense, of course, because all zombies do in the movies is attack; they are very simple creatures. However this doesn’t make for fun gameplay. My proposal is designed to add another interesting element to playing a zombie without diverging from the genre’s conception of the undead.

Imagine you’re in your safehouse, exhausted, about to drift off to sleep. You gazed out the window at the black sky and BAM a rotting maggot-ridden zombie face presses against the window, gnashing it’s half-shot-off jaw at you, bloodied and covered in dirt-encrusted scabs, before sliding down the wall and falling away from the building. You’re so startled you nearly piss yourself.

This group of skills would allow zombies to get XP from something other than assault without departing from the spirit of pop culture’s idea of undeath. They would create a new ‘condition’ like infected but would be called ‘terrified.’ When a character is terrified they have a 5% bonus to melee attacks against the terrifying zombie but a 10% penalty to all firearm attacks for 5 turns. This reflects the adrenaline rush and immediate hack/beat/pummel reaction when a zombie scares the living daylights out of you as well as the increased difficulty to properly aim and fire a weapon while pissing your pants. Every survivor can only be terrified once per day. It represents getting caught off-guard briefly, like in the movies, where no one gets hurt but everybody jumps a little in their seats.

Terrorize: Targets buildings with a 40% chance to scare only the survivor who hasn’t been terrified that day and is closest to the top of the stack. Each building can only be targeted once per zombie every day. If successful, the target survivor would get one of several messages, depending on the building, saying something like:

A rotting, putrid, undead hand bursts forth from the barricade and snatches at the air briefly, inches from your ankle, before retracting slowly and disappearing from sight. Your heart races and you nearly stumble over your own legs you are so startled and disgusted. You have been terrified.

The zombie would get 3 XP and one of several messages that read something like:

You claw fruitlessly at the air between the barricades and are rewarded with a shriek of pure unadulterated fear emanating from inside. You have terrified Surviv0r88.

Gruesome Visage: This skill would be a subset of Terrorize and is designed for combat. With it, the zombie’s appearance has become so perverted and inhuman from decomposition and repeated headshots that with a little effort they can terrify a victim simply by snarling or grimacing intimidatingly. It works as an attack but instead of causing damage it has a 40% chance of terrifying the victim. The survivor would get one of several messages like:

A hideously disfigured zombie with half a bullet-ridden skull and an exposed ribcage picked clean down to the bone slowly settles its feral, unblinking eyes on you and lets out a hungry moan that shakes you off balance. You are terrified.

The zombie would get 2 XP and one of several messages that read something like:

Your overpowering hunger manifests as an uncontrollable wail that nearly topples your victim. You have terrified hUm0nXxX.

The first skill would primarily benefit lower level zombies who can’t get into buildings and both would add some nice flavor to the game. Also, survivors who are low enough in level to be using melee weapons would actually benefit. It’s all very in line with, if not a tribute to, the movies we all know and love and which Urban Dead is based on. All the numbers are negotiable and more skills can be added to the tree.

Notes: 13/25 (52%). The major concern was attacks through barricades.
Left Queue: 10:28, 16 December 2006 (UTC)

Nov 30th, 2006

Throw Stuff

Timestamp: Hans Gunstche 00:42, 30 November 2006 (UTC)
Type: Mechanic
Scope: Everyone
Description: Scouts and medics have a very limited way of

gaining XP, so I suggest that survivors can throw items at others to deal 1 damage with a 30% chance of hit. It's unlikely that survivors will throw their useless items at other survivors because you gain no XP from throwing items (1 damage divided by two rounded down is zero). This doesn’t make throwing far superior to punching because you have to forsake an item (albeit probably a useless item) to use the attack. Now, why exactly the scope “everyone”? Well, zombies should also have the ability to throw things, though I doubt they ever would use that ability because zeds’ other modes of attack are much better than throwing.

Notes: 15/30 (50%). The major concern was that this would be pointless.
Left Queue: 10:32, 16 December 2006 (UTC)

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