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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.
Trans-Mortal Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses tactics that can be applied if you find yourself on the wrong side after getting killed or being revivified.

editorial note- This article is old and contains some technical errors- for one thing, you can indeed go into negative APs performing revives. However, the "suicide revive" forms the core of the DIRT:NAP concept, so I'm leaving it as is for historic interest. DIRT:NAP takes suicide revives to the next level by combining them with the idea of Lying Low, so that you can perform revives in even the most dangerous areas with no need for a safe house, support team, or anything but your load of syringes and a buddy or three.

Suicide-reviving is the practice of using a players entire AP to revive as many as possible (a maximum of 5) in the one revive point before being left to the whim of hungry zombies. It is essentially a self-sacrifice, a martyrdom to the survivor cause. The key principle behind the practice is that 4 or 5 revived revivers will be more beneficial to the survivor cause than the individual who gave his or her life.


To get the maximum number of revives (5) in a suicide-revive, the survivor must have 5 needles and be in a safe house that is within 9 squares from an RP. The brave fellow must be at 50 AP. From here he or she will step outside, into the revive point. They must then use all five of their syringes and revive the lucky ones in quick succession.

It is possible to go into a 'negative coma' when performing a revivification if 5 revives are made, meaning that the player will need to wait an extra few hours to regain his/her 0 AP state. Five revives can be given from 41-49AP, although the player will receive -1 to -9 AP after performing their duty.

It is strongly recommended that the suicide-reviver know for certain that there will be at least 5 known zombies at the revive point. That is, they have been added to his or her contact list.

Further, the most beneficial suicide-revive will aim to bring back to life known dedicated revivers who have a cache of needles on them, but are finding unlife an obstacle.