Swallow Lane Police Department

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Swallow Lane Police Department
VSB, dark.
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Swallow Lane Police Department

Brooke Hills [40,20]

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Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.



Swallow Lane Police Department is one of 3 police departments in the the NW Corner of Brooke Hills. The building is constructed of cultured stone with a large, old-looking oak door. Since the outbreak, the door has been badly damaged and some of the less secure stones are beginning to crumble. Inside is a bunch of refuse left behind, as well as a still almost full, yet inadequate, armory.

Swallow Lane Police Department is part of the Department of Emergency Management NW division, District #3. See DEM for details.

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Swallow Lane PD began as a small Police Reporting Center constructed in 1910 at a time of high crime rates and a 15 year-low GDP. Unfortunately, the center was completely destroyed in the Great Fire of 1912, which wiped out much of Malton's infrastructure. The land remained mostly vacant besides a small ghetto until 1999, when a proposal for two neighboring police departments was announced. The simultaneous construction of Swallow Lane Police Department and Spence Row Police Department adjacent to one another led to widespread complaints of corruption at Malton City Hall. It was later revealed that, rather than corruption, a low-level city employee had inadvertantly accepted two bids for the same project, and he had simply hoped nobody would notice.

The bid for Swallow Lane was submitted by Henderson Construction Company, and they promised that the architecture would be culturally significant and a benefit to all of Malton. While the construction company delivered on that promise, the expense of building the impressive facade left little money to outfit the station and it was supplied with shoddy equipment and an armory full of outdated weapons, like crossbows. The City of Malton was going to correct this in future budget years, but the outbreak prevented the new equipment from ever being delivered. The outbreak brought many survivors to Swallow Lane seeking food, shelter and protection; ironically, the high turnover of survivors inside the police station did in fact lead to a full and regularly resupplied armory, and the department received the updated equipment it sorely needed. None of the vintage crossbows are still present in the PD and their whereabouts remains a mystery.

Despite the outdated equipment and weaponry, prior to the outbreak, officers stationed at Swallow Lane were able to boast of having one of the lowest crime rates in all of Malton. This was due to a carefully maintained urban legend which claimed that the name of the police department was a reference to a unique form of penalty meted out by officers in this precinct. Just the warning "I'm taking you down to Swallow Lane" was enough to keep most criminal offenders on the straight and narrow. The only crime that didn't taper off after Swallow Lane came online was that of prostitution, as the perps didn't seem to fear the penalty so much.

Has seen many battles and ransacked days, but due to survivors output has become a warzone for budding survs looking for a challenge. Survivors like Randumbs in groups like Unknown try endlessly to recapture the stationa along with its neighbour in an attempt to storm Eastonwood. Both stations will prove to be secure ammo depots and safe houses for survivors looking to hunt in the dangerous suburbs.

Barricade Policy

Pursuant to the Brooke Hills Optimal Defense Plan, the Swallow Lane Police Department is to be maintained at VSB++ at all times. As a resource building it is critical that Swallow Lane be accessible to all survivors regardless of their Free Running status. PLEASE DO NOT OVERBARRICADE.

Current Status

Currently under zombie control. Though has been known to change quickly and dramatically between them and the local suvivor groups. Is an important position resistance.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Randumbs (talkcontribs) at 16:59, 10 June 2008.